What is volatile keyword , c# (Csharp) and .NET interview questions ?

What of the most unsung keyword not discussed keyword not talk keyword or not known keyword i will say is the Volatile keyword now 90% time you will never use this key word but in case you are developing multi thread application and if you want to Handel concurrency in a better manner then definitely […]

c# (Csharp) interview questions :- What is the use of private constructor ?

Now this is the very interesting dotnet interview question what is the use of private constructor now this question is mainly asked from prospective that you understand the importance and the use of private constructor in a class. now before i go ahead and i talk about this question there are two important point to […]

c# (Csharp) video :- How to debug C# threads (training and interview questions) ?

In this video will try to understand how we can debug threads in C# using visual studio In this program we have a very simple method here called as my method This my method has a for loop which actually runs 10 times While this for loop is running it actually goes and manipulates a […]

c# (Csharp) interview questions :- What is the use of checked and unchecked keyword ?

In this video we will try to understand what is the use of checked and unchecked keyword in C# so what will do is in this whole video what will do is will create a small console application and will try to demonstrate that how checked and unchecked keyword are useful in C# now many […]

c# interview questions:-Prove that only 1 instance of the object is created for static classes?

On of the most discusses topic in C# is static classes and the most discusses point about static classes are how many instant of static class created when static class are invoked the answer is but obviousit’s only one so irrespective of how many clients are calling the static classes static class only one instance […]

c# (Csharp) and .NET interview questions:- What are the different types of collection in .NET and c#

In dot net development community there is lot of confusion regarding dot net collections now this confusion is not from the fundamental aspect in other words people are not confused that what is the collection and what is the benefit of collection etc but they are confused because of the different flavours of dot net […]

What kind of questions are asked in C# (Csharp) and .NET interviews ?

This is the very interesting question and very interesting topic and if you asked any dotnet developer he will quickly zero down to specific question like ASP.NET page life cycle difference between abstract class interface but that is not answer this question in complete totality and when we talk about IT market is very competitive […]

c# and ADO.NET interview questions:- Dataset is a disconnect while datareader is connected.

In this video I am going to focus upon a very important sentence which developers talk about you know when they talk about dataset and data reader whenever developers talk about the differences between dataset and datareader the first thing which developer say is that dataset is a disconnected architecture while datareader is a connected […]

c# (Csharp) and .NET Interview questions :- What are Generics

When we look at difference collection in DOT NET that is Array, Array List, Hashtables, specialize collections etc each of these collection have there own strong points as well as week points for example when i look at arrays array are strong type so because of that there is no boxing and unboxing so the […]

ASP.NET and .NET Interview question video :- What is Authentication and Authorization ?

This is the most asked question the most simple question with a very simple answer Now the expectation of the interviewer here is that do you understand the importance on the difference between these two vocabulary that is Authentication and Authorization the interviewer wants you understand that do you know that what are the different […]