Mike Birbiglia Had To Ejaculate Into Tupperware | Netflix Is A Joke

– And then he says, “But I’m not worried about you, Mike, ’cause whatever happens, whether you have a kid or not, it’s not gonna be better or worse. It’s just gonna be … new.” So Jen and I attempt to conceive for eight months and it does not work, ’cause like I said, my […]

Chris Tucker Got Bad Tax Advice | Netflix Is A Joke

(audience clapping) – I haven’t been married I’m scared to get married, I’m scared. I just made some money I ain’t trying to lose this shit right away. (audience laughing) Marriage sometimes ain’t a good business deal, ooh. (audience laughing) I’m looking though, I’m looking though, but you know, I need a woman who gonna […]

Google — Year In Search 2017

(dramatic music) (fire crackling) how do wildfires start (missile roaring) how far can north korean missiles go (ambient voices) how many refugees in the world (slow piano music) (water crashing) how to board up a window how to calm a dog during a storm how to help flood victims – [Deryk] To the families and […]