“Zombie Drug” – The Truth About Flakka

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Hello everyone I’m Surbhi Mittal from IT department, 8th semester from IGDTU I’m here to share my interview experience with you. I would like to thank Placement Boat for giving me this opportunity to share and express my views and for what all I went through in my interviews. I’m placed in Oracle and the […]

Krokodil: Russia’s Deadliest Drug (NSFW)

[MUSIC PLAYING] MALE SPEAKER 1: [SPEAKING RUSSIAN] [SOVIET ANTHEM PLAYING] ALISON SEVERS: In 1979, the Soviet army entered Afghanistan, engaging in a brutal 10-year conflict which kick-started the Afghan opium trade. It was sold all over the world to help fund the fight against the Soviets, but the main customers of the opium were the […]