Bain & Company Careers vs working at McKinsey BCG

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work for Bain, instead of McKinsey or BCG? Now, a lot of people will get offers at multiple firms and will go through the full sales process at multiple firms. But there aren’t a lot of people who actually know from an insider’s perspective, what it’s like […]

In Demand Corporate Training Topics

Corporate training. It can be one of the most useful periods of time for your team, or the biggest waste of time. And what’s the differentiator? Well, number one, the differentiator is just the topic. What kind of skills are you training on? Number two, it’s the skill of the facilitator. And number three, it’s […]

McKinsey PST

The McKinsey PST. It’s enough to strike terror in the heart of even great test takers. And McKinsey PST is really the ultimate test of whether you’re ready for the case interview process. I’m Jenny Rae La Loux, the Managing Director of Management Consulted. And I’m here today to talk about the all-important McKinsey PST. […]

Perfect Case Interview Framework Example (Market Entry)

Have you ever wondered how a perfect framework looks like? I mean a framework that a real McKinsey consultant would use to structure a case? Our goal with this channel is to teach you effective techniques so that you can stand out in your case interviews by thinking like a top management consultant. So because […]

Accelerated Case Interview Prep – MC Black Belt Program

The search process for consulting is grueling. Only 3% of people that apply succeed in getting offers at top consulting firms. But that’s different at Management Consulted. 55% of our Black Belt candidates, who go through a very structured accelerated program – succeed in getting offers at Top 10 firms. The way that we do […]

Fit Interview Prep

How you ever wondered how to prep for the fit interview portion of a consulting interview? Well, I’ve got some great insight for you today. We’ve have three main types of fit questions that we’ll walk you through. So that you can be ultimately prepared for what seems like the sneaky piece of the consulting […]

Case Interview Prep

Case interview prep. We get hundreds of questions a year. And all of them start like this. “I am different. How should I prep for my case interview?” We have a lot of great guidelines and there is nuance to case interview prep. But it’s important that you understand at the baseline how we, at […]

Part II w/ Chris: Management Consulting Sample Case Interview Question (Market Sizing)

let’s break down the steps that define the u.s. diaper market annually so you’re going to have to go ahead and think about three things first your total population in which all your customers lie your actual customer segmentation and then the number of diaper is that each of the segments would purchase so the […]

80/20 Rule Explained

The 80/20 Rule, otherwise known as the Pareto Principle. Is an important workflow management tool to help get the most out of the least amount of effort. And the Pareto Principle was begun, or conceived, or at least articulated about 140-150 years ago. This overall principle was evaluated by an Italian economist. And he noticed […]


– Hi, I’m Enguerran Loos. I’m the founder of CaseCoach. I’m a former interviewer with McKinsey and a head hunter for the top three global management consulting firms. Structuring is probably the most intimidating dimension of the case interview. In this video, Rose will tell you what structuring is. She will reveal, how it is […]