Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Family Feud Part 2 – Ep 623 – 4th October, 2017

This story begins at lake Pawna in Maharastra. A man finds a corpse in the morning. The police come to know about two women who last saw the victim. The police go to their home to interrogate them. Does Ankita live here? – Yes, sir. Please call her. We need to speak with her. Sir, […]

The Creepy Real-Life “Men In Black”

– I’m Ryan, that’s Brent. This week on Buzzfeed Unsolved we’re covering the real-life Men In Black, are they real? Are they as charming as their Hollywood counterparts? – You know, watching Men In Black, I never knew it was based on a true story. (laughter) – Today we find out. (laughing) – [Voiceover] The […]

Visiting Area 51

[MUSIC PLAYING] GLEN CAMPBELL: This is as close as we can legally get to Area 51. MATT WEBER: I’m pretty nervous right now. Because I know there’s guys up there, and I know they’ve got guns. And I know that, like, they don’t want us here. It’s kind of exciting. Yeah, It’s exciting. And there’s […]

The Ebola Virus Explained — How Your Body Fights For Survival

What makes Ebola so dangerous? How can a virus overwhelm the very complex defense system of the body so quickly and so effectively? Let’s take a look at what Ebola does. (Theme music) Ebola is a virus. A virus is a very small thing. A bit of RNA or DNA and a few proteins and […]

Snix and Fizzy Welcome you to Kenton McFizzle and Associates – Ep 01

Trevor hold that camera steady this is going on Facebook 3..2..1…Action Oh, I didn’t see you there. No! Are you f*$%king kidding me! Take 2. Hi. I’m Snix. I’m Fizzy. Together we run Kenton McFizzle and Associates. a full service intergalactic branding agency we’ve just won the Earth account and we’re very excited. Now that […]