Interview Practice | Aged Care

Hi, I’m Vanessa and I’m head of HR. I’m going to take you through a job interview for the aged disability sector. I will ask you some common interview questions and I ask that you pause after each one and think about how you’d answer it at a proper interview. Say your answers out loud […]


Hi there everybody. It’s Richard McMunn again from the career guidance company, And in this video, I’m gonna give you my top 10 interview questions and also the answers. So if you’re going for any kind of interview whatsoever, I strongly urge you to watch this video from beginning to end because it’s certainly […]

How To Become A Teacher Part 2 – Teaching Interview Questions

This is part two of the video brought to you by For part one, one please click the red link here. Well that certainly worked, you did get a fair number of interviews. Were there any questions at the interview that kept cropping up? Can you recall any questions that were asked fairly commonly? […]

How to Prepare for a Job Interview: 10 Steps for Success: Live Office Hours: Andrew LaCivita

Hey everybody. It is Andy. It is 11:00. It’s Thursday, 11:00 Central Time, Thursday in the US, and you found my YouTube channel and my live office hours, and I am giving free career and job search advice, and with a wonderful heart and a little bit of a sad face, this is the fifth […]

How to Answer Tell Me Something About Yourself Interview Question?

Hi friends Welcome to myTectra career question & answers videos in this series of videos We are going to talk about different questions which are asked by the HR in freshers interviews So specifically in this video we will talk about how we answer to the question. Tell me something about yourself If you ask […]

How to Answer Questions in a Job Interview

Hi everyone, it’s Andy LaCivita, founder of milewalk, and the milewalk Academy, and award-winning author of The Hiring Prophecies, bringing you this three part video and email series titled, Three Keys to Acing Any Job Interview. This is video two, so if you haven’t seen video one, you might want to pause me and check […]

Interview Practice | Admin Assistant

Hi, I’m Dale and I am going to take you through a job interview for an administration assistant. I will ask you some common interview questions. I recommend you pause the video and think about how you would answer those questions. Say your answers out loud so you can practice what it will be like […]

Tell Me About Yourself – The PERFECT ANSWER to This Interview Question

“Tell me about yourself” – this is usually the first question you will hear in an interview. Giving a good answer means that you will create a strong, positive impression on the interviewer. In this video, I will give you a three-step formula to give the perfect answer to this question every time. So let’s […]