Lily Tomlin Explains Why She Turned Down Coming Out on Time Magazine

You met before– obviously, 9 to 5– but when did you meet? Met her in about ’78, ’79– an AA meeting, I think it was. Right? And she was, you know– alcoholics are so funny. She was really funny. No, I saw her at a show called Appearing Nightly, and I was gobsmacked. I just […]

Queer Magazine X LIFE | Holger Thor Interview

We the People: Diversity, Equity and Difference at the UW

(applause) – Is this working? Is this working? Okay, good. Ross stepped away from the podium. I’m gonna hang onto it for dear life, (laughter) cause it is kind of scary, but it’s also very important. All of you know that this past year has been a very difficult one for all of us who […]