University of Denver | Condoleezza Rice – Alumni Interview (2010)

Sept. 11 was, of course, a day that no American will ever forget, maybe no one in the world will ever forget. But for those of us in a position of authority, every day after Sept. 11 was Sept. 12. You really had a complete change in the way you thought about everything after Sept. […]

L’Odyssée, le résumé en moins de 30 minutes – SDH #20

Queer People 16-65 Talk About Identity | Cut

– [Presenter] What do you think the queer community will look like in 50 years? – We’re all just gonna be data by that point. So, I think that like, the sex can only get better. (ambient music) – [Presenter] How do you identify? – Ooh, what a loaded question? – As of right now, […]

How to Summarize & Critically Respond to an Article

Critical reading is a crucial part of writing strong academic essays. Actually, active reading and writing are very similar. In both situations, you learn by actively interacting with a text. When you critically read, you are never a passive participant, but an active builder of meaning. Enhancing your natural tendency to be critical and curious […]

Using O Net Online to help build your resume

As you work on your resume it can be difficult to find the words to describe your work experiences in ways that are relevant to the jobs that you’re applying for. This is particularly difficult if you haven’t held a professional position before or if you’re changing fields. So I want to share with you […]

Jordan Peterson – IQ and The Job Market

So, here you go. This is from the Wunderlich people They’re a commercial company that makes general cognitive ability tests. And it’s often used by corporations (whispering) Even though it’s actually illegal. It’s actually illegal to use IQ tests. But the Wunderlich doesn’t… promote themselves as testing IQ I think they – I think it’s […]

STEM Transfer Event at IDEA Campus

Recently, Irvine Valley College hosted a STEM transfer fair at the new IDEA campus in Tustin. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The focus of this event was to inform students who are majoring in these areas of their options, so they can successfully transfer to a four-year university. So today, I’m a […]

How to Prepare for an Admissions Interview

There is an admissions process because we want our students to get to know who Hodges is and because we want to get to know the students. Make sure we have the classes that they’re looking for, the programs that they’re looking for, see if they have classes that are transferring in. Make sure they […]