Why Do Interviewers Reject a Resume Without An Interview? | JobSearchTV.com

I’m Jeff up in the big game hunter a coach who helps people professionally and here I’m going to answer one of those fun questions I received from someone– “Why do interviewers reject the resume without an interview?” Wow! And I can only say that because I think you a bright person I don’t know […]

Why Did The Hiring Manager Personally Call to Reject Me? | JobSearchTV.com

hi I’m Jeff Hoffman the big-game hunter I’m a coach who helps people professionally in a variety of different ways and I’m here with my video about job hunting and in this particular case I’m answering a question from someone who wanted to know why did the hiring manager a person with more than 25 […]



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Interviewing: Preparation Isn’t Just for Job Hunters | No BS Hiring Advice

Hi, I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I’m called The Big Game Hunter because I coach people to play their professional and personal games big. That could be as a manager, a job hunter. . . You know, someone who’s got career issues, a small business owner, you get the idea. I’m helping people […]

The story behind my brand messaging

Hello and happy midweek to everybody there. Today I want to talk about brand messaging and the story behind MY brand messaging, and the story behind some other brand messaging, that we often come in contact with, when we’re trying to figure out who we are, what we’re trying to accomplish in our business. And […]

Medical Trainee Job Application and Interview Preparation [Short]

My name is Dr Anthony Llewellyn and along with Dr Neel Gobin I’m the founder of AdvanceMed we run workshops designed to provide medical doctors in training with a chance to get an edge on their job application process. In 2015 there were 45,000 applications for just 3600 training positions I think the data suggests […]

Why Is It More Difficult to Search for a Job Than Do a Job? | JobSearchTV com

I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I’m a career coach who helps people with their job search finally more effectively managing and leading doing a variety of things related to workforce success why is it more difficult to search for a job than do a job is the question I was asked. It sounds […]