Shakespeare Summarized: Titus Andronicus

So some of you might have picked up on the fact that I tend to use Macbeth as a ruler to measure overall goriness of various texts; for example on a scale of 1-to-Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet would be maybe a 4 while something like Hamlet would be a solid 9. Now, this is a […]

History Summarized: Scotland

In researching this video I very quickly learned a valuable lesson about how little the Scots mess around. “Okay”, I thought “the Scots in the English hate each other, sure, but it can’t be THAT bad, honestly.” So I took a little peruse to see how many times the two actually fought each other and […]

History Summarized: The Maya, Aztec, and Inca

All righty! Let’s cover the great civilizations of the New World, from the time before the Old World made the New World New by killing most of the New World and reconstructing it to be way more Old World-y. That’s a mouthful. Anyway, three great civilizations: the Inca, the Aztec, and the Maya. The Maya, […]

History Summarized: Hatshepsut

History Summarized: The Wild West

The Wild West is an alluring yet tricky historical setting, partly because despite how comparatively recent and familiar it is to most of us, the lines between the realistic and the fantastic are astoundingly blurry. A lot of that confusion can be attributed to the emblematic character archetype of the cowboy. In real life, they […]

Legends Summarized: Arthur’s Knights

I’ve already talked about how King Arthur is so interesting because even though everyone kind of has a feel for the mythos, it’s actually a huge pain in the butt to find anything concrete about it. Who’s who, what’s what, who’s related to who and how, are all things that tend to fluctuate from writer […]

History Summarized: Persistence of Judaism

All pay heed! The Lord, the Lord Jehovah, has given unto you these fifteen *tablet crashes* Oy…. Ten…Ten Commadments for all to obey! (Blue) Every culture, religion, and empire in history seems to have one glaring misconception that it just can’t shake. Much like final exams and the common cold, it’s an annoying and largely […]

Legends Summarized: King Arthur

[Red] Everyone knows something about King Arthur, whether you watched Sword in the Stone as a kid, listened to Camelot as an adult, or just existed in a part of the world where Britain was briefly in charge, you know about King Arthur. But if you ever tried to look into King Arthur to try […]

History Summarized: Brazil

This video is brought to you by Squarespace. It’s a website, and so can you! I messed that up. With all of my talk of empires throughout world history I messed that up. With all of my talk of empires throughout world history, it’s easy to forget that colonies have feelings too. Not only is […]

History Summarized: Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt, myths and history go together like sugar and arsenic powder, or was it arsenic powder and sugar? Oh oh Crap! What I mean is they can be hard to distinguish and if you do get them confused you’re probably going to have a bad time. Egyptian history can get really complicated and […]