Question Tags: The Grammar Gameshow Episode 22

Hello, and welcome to today’s Grammar Gameshow! I’m your host, Will! Just try and contract me, you’ll see what happens! And of course, let’s not forget Leslie, our all-knowing voice in the sky. Hello, everyone! Tonight, we’re going to ask you three questions about… Question tags! Those little auxiliary verb plus pronoun combinations for checking […]

Extended Interview: Nikole Hannah-Jones on the Resegregation of American Schools

AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!,, The War and Peace Report. I’m Amy Goodman, bringing you Part 2 of our discussion with Nikole Hannah-Jones. As students return to school across the country, we’re going to look at the resegregation of schools, particularly in Alabama. A new article in this week’s New York Times Magazine […]

Geography Now! NEPAL

You know after I made the India video, I got a lot of Nepalese people saying: “You made a mistake. Buddha was not born in India. He was born in Lumbini, which is in Nepal.” Too, which many of the Indian subscribers were like: “Yeah, but Buddhist texts say he grew up in Kapilavatsu for […]

Java Interview Questions & Answers | Java Interview Q&A for Freshers | Learnaholic India

Hello everyone and welcome to Learnaholic India. So in today’s session we are going to cover Java interview questions and answer these are the most frequently asked interview questions regarding Java. So here is the list of today’s interview questions and answer. We will see all the questions One by one. So Let’s start. The […]

c# Fragile class problem ( .NET and c# interview question videos)

In the previous part of the video We saw what exactly is a Fragile classes problem and how to solve them In this video We will talk about How .NET Framework handles automatically some of the fragile class issues In order to understand the same What I have done is I have created two classes […]

What are Portable Class library in c#? (C# and .NET interview questions)

The hole point of creating a class library project is re-usability now we want this re-usability not only within in a .NET project or not across .NET project but also across different types of .NET projects now different types of .NET projects means which are created by templates of WPF windows, Silverlight, windows phone etc.. […]

This Special Ed Teacher’s Real-World Lessons will Inspire You | Class Act

Noah : My name is Noah. I give coffee to teachers. Cha Ching!! *laughing* Sadie: As a special ed teacher you have on average kids in three different grade levels and within those grade levels depending on what students you have you are planning for each of those students. “You are each going to have […]

Prepare yourself for a job interview , be more fluent in English

Hi and welcome to our course , Today is our third session and also we were so long in between with no videos but we were preparing for this one this one actually we are going to focus on some tips that many people asked me why we cannot speak English in a fluent way […]

OOPS Interview Questions & Answers | Most Frequently Asked OOPS Q&A

Hello everyone and welcome to Learnaholic India so in today’s session we are going to see most frequently asked object-oriented programming systems interview questions and answers Here is the list of today’s questions that we are gonna discuss in the tutorial these are the very basic questions which are asked in the interview so let’s […]

12 Types of Students During Recess

Good morning friends and teachers today for show-and-tell I brought something special This is a pot. This pot is special because it belongs to my mother She used to cook in this and if you guys listen close enough, you guys still can hear her voice? Okay, thank you Ren Yi Xiang please take a […]