Syracuse University Civil Engineering Student Justin Diaz ’23 Founds EcoBamboo Living Company.

“I was working before I came to campus on a business where I can voice for climate change like climate change activists you can say and get the word out of what’s going on around the world people are not being aware of what’s going on in our climate and it might not affect us […]

Civil Engineering: Crash Course Engineering #2

The building you were were born in, the one where you work, and every road you’ve ever traveled, and every bridge you’ve ever crossed – they’re all the creations of civil engineers. Civil engineering is one of the most ancient types of engineering, focused on structures and buildings of all kinds. And it’s the accomplishments […]

7 Most Important Skills for a Civil Engineer to Succeed (updated) | Civil Engineering

civil engineers are professional to design maintain and oversee construction projects like roads bridges dams canals and residential or commercial development projects the profession of civil engineer is well paid and respected as they are a major contributor to our society they must possess a broad skill set from cost accounting to geology many civil […]

Engineering vs Architecture | Architecture Engineering Work | Civil Engineering vs Architecture

In this episode we talked about civil engineering vs. architecture so you can decide the best major for you. What’s up everyone this is Jake Voorhees and you are watching episode 020 of The 1% Engineer Show. Make sure you guys subscribe to this channel so you don’t miss out on future episodes about how […]