Dave Chappelle, Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart & More In Best Of: Def Comedy Jam 25 | Netflix Is A Joke

(crowd applauds) – Women go to restaurants and lose they goddamn mind, man. They got to order from that expensive side of the menu, the side with the steak, and the lobster, and the Dom Perignon. Guys like to give them that little warning too, huh? Ooh honey, you understand that’s the fuckin’ side of […]

Chris Tucker Got Bad Tax Advice | Netflix Is A Joke

(audience clapping) – I haven’t been married I’m scared to get married, I’m scared. I just made some money I ain’t trying to lose this shit right away. (audience laughing) Marriage sometimes ain’t a good business deal, ooh. (audience laughing) I’m looking though, I’m looking though, but you know, I need a woman who gonna […]