News Wrap: New cases of novel coronavirus in China slow

JUDY WOODRUFF: In the day’s other news: The coronavirus outbreak in China may be slowing, with new cases falling below 2,000 for two days running. But, so far, some 2,000 people have died, including the head of a leading hospital in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak. China is enforcing mass quarantines and stepped-up surveillance, […]

Connor Summarizes Drago’s Castle

Use our Magic to open portals to other worrlds. As long as they say the beginning words to a Fairy Tale I DECREE, I am King. Come Come As King I declare, a whole prisoner will be released as long as they solve simple puzzles and see how well they can do. MMM Come As […]

U.S., China agree to continue communicating on N. Korea issues

with the North Korea nuclear talks stalling the US special envoy for North Korea is in China to discuss related issues and emphasized the importance of close communication between Washington and Beijing Eason J has more the Trump administration special representative for North Korea Stephen vegan met on Thursday with the Chinese official in charge […]

U.S., China reconfirm gaps in views on N. Korea sanctions

your Special Representative for North Korea Steven vegan sat down for talks with China’s Vice foreign minister Beijing once Washington to ease sanctions on Pyongyang so that dialogue can resume but the visiting official stress pressure help bring the regime to the table despite high hopes there were no surprise meeting with North Korean officials […]

[NEWS IN-DEPTH] U.S. “ready to be flexible”, but urges N. Korea to stop provocations

the UN Security Council held an open meeting in New York on Wednesday local time upon the request of the u.s. the meeting was triggered by North Korea’s latest provocations including a test of great significance according to the regime today we go in depth on the latest developments surrounding the stalled nuclear negotiations between […]

History Summarized: Hong Kong

Well, now that I finished my China series, I guess it’d be fun to take a little bit of a closer look at the history of Hong Kong. So, I’ll schedule that one in for a side video after Rome goes up. Yeah, that’s a good plan. Nothing wrong with that. Hundreds of thousands of […]

The Great Revival – Episode【17】English Subtitles [2007] HD

You are back, officer Where is the king? He went to Huiji camp Why? To deploy troops 0h no 0fficer It is not the crucial moment Two kings will have an interview I think Fucha will agree to it It is a false front A false front for me to see He is having a […]

The Great Revival – Episode【04】English Subtitles [2007]

Field Marshal Censor Field Marshal, come with me. Let’s go to the king I’m no longer the Field Marshal But if you don’t see the king now, you may never see him again Your Majesty… What happened to you? I did wrong Not your fault I will fetch the best healer Don’t bother Leave us […]

U.S. “ready to be flexible”, but urges N. Korea to stop provocations

we start with the UN Security Council meeting that was triggered by North Korea’s test of quote great significance the US which convened the meeting called the North’s provocations a violation of UN resolutions but at the same time said it’s ready to be more flexible with its approach towards denuclearization China and Russia on […]

History Summarized: Ancient China

This video is brought to you by Squarespace. More on that later. The Empire, long divided must unite – long united, must divide. Thus, it has ever been. So opens the famous Chinese tale “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, or to put it another way, China is whole again! Then it broke again! And […]