Bree Johnson backstage interview at Vogue Codes 2019 in Sydney | Vogue Codes | Vogue Australia

You are worth whatever price you put on yourself. I feel great. It’s always so inspiring and invigorating to be surrounded by such inspiring women. Oh yes, the two things that I would do differently. Number one is I would hire a great CFO and number two I would get my trade mark checked before […]

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Debra Messing on ‘Will and Grace’ Revival: “We Didn’t Have to Apologize” | Close Up with THR

(upbeat music) – You have a show that’s back now after… (drumming on table) (laughing) The line of what’s funny, has it moved? Are there different things that make people laugh now than there was then? Do you feel that, as a cast? – I think that because 20 years ago, when we started, the […]

Genie Idol – UNB [KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH3 / ENG,CHN / 2018.06.22]

K-RUSH viewers, here’s our hello. Let’s be UNB! Hello, we’re UNB! Make a wish! What’s this all of a sudden? From what I hear, the first to try out for Genie-Idols is us guys, UNB! How is this going to work? In this segment, fans interested in Seoul get to pick out new places to […]

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73 Questions With Gisele Bündchen (ft. Tom Brady) | Vogue

– [Interviewer] Gisele! – Oh, hi! – Hi, I’m stopping by for a 73 question interview. – Yeah, sure! – [Interviewer] I cannot wait and first of all, I must ask, what are you doing right now? – I am signing some pages for my book. – [Interviewer] That’s a lot of signing and what’s […]

Emma Roberts Has Guilty Pleasures, Too | Under the Covers

– Hey everyone, I’m Emma Roberts, and today I’m getting Under the Covers with Cosmopolitan. (gentle music) The last time I stayed up all night, well anytime I have girlfriends come over we obviously stay up all night. Most recently it was binging The Bachelor. I’m obsessed. I thought he was picking Cassie from day […]