Watch Me Build A Resume In Less Than 2 Minutes With Novoresume.

Hey guys, do you want to see me make a beautiful, stunning, well put together a resume in less than two minutes? Well, watch this video so we’re in the back end now of Novo resume and you can see I’ve got a number of templates and I’ve got a lot of content here in […]

Jordan Peterson – IQ and The Job Market

So, here you go. This is from the Wunderlich people They’re a commercial company that makes general cognitive ability tests. And it’s often used by corporations (whispering) Even though it’s actually illegal. It’s actually illegal to use IQ tests. But the Wunderlich doesn’t… promote themselves as testing IQ I think they – I think it’s […]

What’s Your Least Favorite Interview Question?

My least favorite interview question Kind of a tricky question the way you asked that What’s three of your worst qualities? or something and I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to come up with those Tell me something about yourself that you don’t like What is your weakness? It like catches me […]

Monday Sucks When You’re Trying to Find a Job

Let’s face it–Mondays suck. And even if you’re the president of the coolest eco-friendly, urban design company that has a pool table and a rooftop with real grass where you can nude sunbathe– even if you’re THAT kind of person, Mondays suck! Why? Because Monday isn’t Saturday. And it’s not even close to Friday– the […]

Apply Yourself: Top Tips to a Great CV

Welcome to Apply yourself: Top tips to a great CV. This is a 30 minute session introducing you to, how to create a successful CV. For more in-depth information and advice, you can attend one of our central workshops on CV writing and cover letters that looks at different types of CV, and how to […]

Preparing for a Job Interview : Job Interviews: Past Experience Questions

Ok now, let me give you a little tip. The person that is interviewing you, or interviewers in general, especially if they’re coming from the HR department, Human Resources, they are evaluation the answers to these, these common questions, if you will, based on a predetermined value. And, what I’m talking about is, what is […]

#EmployerInTheFoyer: Three Pointers for Interview Prep

In preparation for your upcoming interviews I like to give you three pointers. Number one research. That’s right research the company that you’re about to go interview with. Obviously you probably know a little bit about the position you applied for. They’ve contacted you for but i would say research the company, their core values […]

Nick Hewer’s top 5 interview tips. #TheElevatorPitch

Over the last 50 years I’ve been interviewed a lot and I’ve interviewed many, many, people and here are my key tips. You live or die in the first 20 seconds because that’s when the key impression is made. When you’re answering a question answer it slowly, clearly and in a structured fashion. You’re now […]

How to Get a Job : How to Answer Job Interview Questions

Hi, my name is Pat Goodwin with, and today we’re going to talk about how to answer interview questions. You’ve gotten to the interview. You’ve got your resume screened in, they’ve made a call, they’re either phone screening you over the phone to ask you questions or you’re there in person. So this is […]

Preparing for a Job Interview : Job Interviews: Questions to Ask Yourself

Okay, we want to talk now about questions that you want to ask yourself, alright? Some of the things that you want to ask yourself before you decide whether to take this job or not, are these my kind of people? If you’re a very laid back person, is this a very structured and uptight […]