My Origin Story – Why I’m passionate about helping others in their careers

A lot of people ask me what is it that got me interested in careers and helping people with deciding on their careers, changing careers or that type of a life journey. What is it that got me interested? I mean to answer that, I have to go all the way back to where my […]

4-Step Interview Preparation for Success: Common Interview Methods

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Success is all about ample and thorough preparation and in this episode we are going to discuss how to do it in your different stages of interviews. Let us first talk about the basics. There are 4 simple steps to prepare for your upcoming […]

How to Business | Resumes

Oh hi there. I’m Brad. And I’m Cassandra. We both graduated from the CU Denver Business School a couple years ago. We learned what it means to business and now we’re here to help you start your dream career. Step one to landing a job is to fix that resume. Resumes don’t get jobs, they […]

How to Change Careers – 4 Tips to a Successful Career Change

Hey Ambitious Professionals, it’s Linda Raynier of career strategist and intuitive purpose coach. I help driven professionals like you to enhance your personal brand, so that you can pursue a career you’ll truly enjoy. So in today’s video, I really want to talk about a topic that has been asked quite a bit in […]

How to write a functional style resume.

Hi there! This is video 9 for 30 days of resume. I had questions after a previous video that I had. And, the previous video somebody asked what is this functional resume that I am talking about? So I’m going to show you an example of functional resume. And it’s actually a resume that I […]

Video Resumes

– Welcome back, Terry O’Reilly here, founder of OBP Australia. Today we’re going to look at video resumes and why they’re a bad idea, stay tuned. (lively music) So what is a video resume? Well, it’s a resume on video, it’s usually professionally produced, it has background music, title pages, it will have interesting graphics […]

How To Explain That Gap On Your Resume | Fast Company

(upbeat music) – [Announcer] Gaps in the resume happen, sharing them with a potential employer, however, can feel intimidating. So here are four tips on how the approach this conversation. Number one, be upfront. Whatever the reason for an employment gap, take five to 10 words to explain it on your resume. Otherwise the hiring […]

Who is Linda Raynier? My Story & What I Do

Hey ambitious professionals! It’s Linda Raynier of, Career Strategist. I help driven professionals like you enhance your personal brand so you can pursue a career you’ll truly enjoy. In this video, I really want to pull back the curtain and give you a raw glimpse into who I really am and what I actually […]

Quick Tips to Get Your Resume on the Top of the Stack from MyComputerCareer Career Expert!

– Excited to be sitting here with Jerrett Richardson, our Director of Human Resources. One of the reasons I asked Jerrett to take a seat and talk to us today is because we have experienced an abundant amount of growth here at My Computer Career which is awesome. However, that means that Jerrett spends a […]

How to Speak Confidently and Communicate Effectively (3 Tips)

Hey Ambitious Professionals! It’s Linda Raynier of guiding you to a career and life you’ll truly enjoy and in today’s video I’m going to walk you through three tips on how you can communicate more clearly and effectively especially when you’re at work in a meeting or you’re going on a job interview this […]