My Origin Story – Why I’m passionate about helping others in their careers

A lot of people ask me what is it that got me interested in careers and helping people with deciding on their careers, changing careers or that type of a life journey. What is it that got me interested? I mean to answer that, I have to go all the way back to where my […]

How to Create an Effective Job-Search Plan

Hello everyone welcome back my name is Amanda Augustine and I’m a career advice expert for TopResume, the largest resume writing service in the world you can request a free resume review at any time by going to and I’m so excited that you can all join us for our monthly installment of Office […]

Ice Pick Strips for His Secretary (Mark Teller) — Part 3 of 3

Pia? Uh… Phoebe… Prudence? Pinky, just bring me my commission report and make it snappy. What’s this? Your nameplate. That’s not funny. I guessed that twice. Oh, wait.That’s not me. That’s not who I mean to be. I guess I put my guard up sometimes… you know, self-protection… But it can make me seem indifferent. […]

How to Change Careers – 4 Tips to a Successful Career Change

Hey Ambitious Professionals, it’s Linda Raynier of career strategist and intuitive purpose coach. I help driven professionals like you to enhance your personal brand, so that you can pursue a career you’ll truly enjoy. So in today’s video, I really want to talk about a topic that has been asked quite a bit in […]

How to Change Careers Successfully: Live Office Hours: Andrew LaCivita

I’m going to be giving free career and job search advice, and taking your questions. So, hopefully … Now, we’re on our about fourth or fifth one of this, so hopefully you guys are enjoying these. I just want to say thanks again for attending, I love doing the live stuff, I really hope it’s […]

#CareersAndCoffee with Andrew LaCivita | Changing Careers Fast!

Hey Everybody! It’s Andy! Welcome to my careers and coffee Tuesday morning show where we talk about you guessed it careers great to have you wait great to have you hanging out my screens going haywire hey I hope everybody’s doing great this morning love to be here in this time slot it actually you […]

TopResume Answers Your Career Advice Questions

Hi everyone thank you so much for joining me for this monthly installment of Office Hours presented by TopResum,e the largest resume writing service in the world. My name is Amanda Augustine and I’m a career advice president at TopResume what does that mean? I’m a career coach and certified professional resume writer and I’m […]

Ice Pick Makes His Point (Mark Teller) — Part 1 of 3

Peggy? Patricia? Pam? Pumpkin, send in what’s-his-name. Hi, how are you? Have a seat. So, have you heard about our client? They are notorious, aren’t they? They expect the crème de la crème. That’s why we have an exclusive business relationship with them. To bring them the kind of talent they need to run that […]

Get the Right Resume for Your Career Change!

Hey, everyone! Adam with Johnson & hill Staffing. Today, we’re talking a little bit about career change resumes. Maybe you have been working in a super hardcore career for many years and now you still want to keep working but it’s time to step away from that and take something a little bit more of […]

How to Write a Perfect Resume for Career Change

how to write a perfect resume for a career change writing a resume for a career change can be a daunting prospect how do you prevent your past and current experience in such a way that it appeals to hiring managers in a totally different field would be career changers often get discouraged and give […]