c# and .NET interview questions and answers :- How are interview questions asked in .NET interview ?

In the previous video we discussed what kind of questions are asked to dotnet Professionals so if you remember right in previous video we talked about 4 important sections the first one is .Net basics where absolute fundamental things are asked then second one is new technology where people query about WCF, Silverlight, LINQ those […]

Anonymous methods in c# .Net step by step – Interview Question.

In this video we will try to understand what are anonymous methods Now anonymous methods are very much connected to delegates So what we will do first is first will try to understand how a normal delegates looks like you already talked about normal delegates in the previous part of the video but we will […]

C# Tutorial – Face Detection for NET using EMGU.CV in C# | FoxLearn

Welcome to FoxLearn In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to detect face in image using the Emgu.CV library After you finish creating the Windows Forms Application project, you need to open your form designer then drag the PictureBox and Button controls from the Visual Studio Toolbox to your form designer. You can create a […]

SQL Server interview questions and answers :-What is CDC( Change data capture ) ?

In this video will try to understand what exactly is CDC CDC stands for Change Data Capture Many times in projects we would like to go and maintain audit trail for a table On the screen you know I have a simple sales table here I have two records here Shiv and Raju Somebody changes […]

ASP.NET Training :- Can you explain ASP.NET Masterpages ? (ASP.NET Interview question)

In this video will discuss what are ASP.NET Masterpages? How to apply the same in ASP.NET projects? In order to create a professional website One of the most important thing is standardization or consistency Consistency in terms of look and feel, consistency in terms of structure of the website When we are saying we want […]

What is volatile keyword , c# (Csharp) and .NET interview questions ?

What of the most unsung keyword not discussed keyword not talk keyword or not known keyword i will say is the Volatile keyword now 90% time you will never use this key word but in case you are developing multi thread application and if you want to Handel concurrency in a better manner then definitely […]

c# (Csharp) video :- How to debug C# threads (training and interview questions) ?

In this video will try to understand how we can debug threads in C# using visual studio In this program we have a very simple method here called as my method This my method has a for loop which actually runs 10 times While this for loop is running it actually goes and manipulates a […]

c# (Csharp) interview questions :- What is the use of checked and unchecked keyword ?

In this video we will try to understand what is the use of checked and unchecked keyword in C# so what will do is in this whole video what will do is will create a small console application and will try to demonstrate that how checked and unchecked keyword are useful in C# now many […]

What is the difference between UNION and UNION All ( SQl server )?

In this video my papa will explain you what is the difference between UNION and UNION All I know This is a tough question in the interview That was my kid Sanjana As she has said that in this video we are going to talk about what is the difference between Union and Union All […]