C# DataAnnotations explained ( C# Interview questions)

DataAnnotations helps you to do validations in a simplified manner or in a attribute based manner When we talk about validations and let us specifically talk about business validation which are a very important part of any software application Business Validations develop us normally write in a class library or they write it inside the […]

C# interview questions :- Explain typesafe,casting , implicit casting and explicit casting ?

In this video we will try to understand What exactly is Type Safety? What is casting? What is implicit casting? and what is Explicit casting? When we talk about the word safety It means that we are trying to prevent some kind of unexpected accidents What has this word safety to do with C# programming […]

C++ Programming

Well Hello… Internet and welcome to my C++ programming tutorial In this tutorial I’m gonna teach the entire C++ programming language in one video In the description underneath the video you can see links to all the individual parts That should help you get to what exactly you want And I’m not gonna waste any […]