Job Interview in English #3: Leave a good impression

– Hi, and welcome to Speak English with Christina, where you’ll have fun becoming fluent in American English. And especially welcome back to this third bonus lesson on how to win more professional opportunities in English. Let’s go ahead and start with a little revision of what we saw in lesson number two. Remember, the […]

English Interview – How to Answer Culture Interview Questions

Hi it’s Anita here from Magoosh English Speaking and I’m here today in this lesson to give you three practical tips for succeeding on your job interview in English. Now you’d probably be surprised if you knew just how many people falter at the interview stage, even after impressing with their resume or their technical […]

Answering Job Interview Questions In English For Real Estate Experts

Do you have a job interview coming up? Have you been practicing your English but could use a few tips for a job interview situation? I’m Jennie from Real Estate English Academy. In this video, I’ll talk about three questions you’re likely to encounter when interviewing for a job in English and I’ll give you […]

How to answer tricky questions in a Job Interview – Job Interview Tips – Skillopedia

Let me ask you a question are you a smart capable person? You must be right? That would be your answer. Ok then I have another question for you, how well do you handle tricky questions? is your answer still the same, do you still think that you are a smart person ah-haan I caught […]

Job Interview Question – Tell me something about yourself? – 05 Tips to answer correctly.

Hello friends, I am Niharika and welcome back to a new lesson. So tell me, something about yourself. How many times have you heard this phrase before? I’m sure many times. Especially, when you end up meeting new people. Now, of course, you meet new people when you go for an interview when you are […]

How to do a job interview on Skype – Tips for success

Hi, everyone. I’m Jade. What we’re talking about today is Skype job interviews. So I’m going to give you some tips and advice that I know about… I work on Skype, I’m always on Skype because that’s how I teach on Skype so this is everything I know from my experience of working on Skype. […]

Sneak Peek – Job Interview Preparation – 5 Key points to remember

Hello lovely people, welcome to Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world. My name is Michelle and in this session we are learning how to please your prospective employer. That means how to go for your job interview. Yes, you are going to learn some amazing tips ahead in this session and […]

Job interview question & answers for freshers – Job interview Skills

Hello everyone. I am Niharika and welcome back to a new lesson. Well, so are you straight out of college and looking for a job? And probably you have an interview lined up. In this lesson today, we are gonna help you with some tips that would ace up your job interview. Now you have […]


Today on LetThemTalk we’re going to look at how to answer some common interview questions. Now this video is one of a series I’ve made on interview technique. How to write a cover letter? and all the skills you need to get a job check out the playlist up here somewhere and in previous videos […]

How to answer Common JOB INTERVIEW Questions : Language and top tips.

Hi everybody and welcome back to love English I’m Leila and I’m Sabrah and today’s lesson I think is going to be particularly useful for you guys. Job interviews. Sabrah and I have that had a few job interviews in our time. yes indeed. Quite successfully? Yes I think so. I’ve usually got the job. […]