TRUMP VS MODI – Epic Handshake Battle | Full Analysis

All right. I want to warn you, this is not the kind of handshake battle that you’re probably used to seeing. Yesterday, at the G-7 Summit, Trump sat down with India’s Norendra Mobi. This is a guy who I get requests to do videos about all the time. This is the first one I’ve done, […]

Are you biased? I am | Kristen Pressner | TEDxBasel

Translator: Ivana Krivokuća Reviewer: Denise RQ Let me just get this out there. I have a bias against women leaders. No one can be more surprised about this than me. I’m a woman leader. And on top, I even work in human resources, which means it’s my job to be unbiased. In fact, I passionately […]

How To Read ANYONE

In this video, I’m going to teach you how to read anyone and specifically, what I want to do is give you six things that if you implement and think about these, you’re going to know what people are thinking and feeling, without them even having to tell you, and that skill is amazing. You […]

Winner Mind-Set for interview – Job interview preparation.

Think like a winner! Prepare like a winner! And perform like a winner! Plan your career path. What do you want from Job? Some people want salary and some people want career stability and some people want to work on specific location. Do you know what is Job? Answer is : The work that a […]

Effective Communication Skills Training Video: How to Show Empathy in 3 Easy Steps

come to our live webinars communication training with Dan O’Connor hi everybody this is Dan O’Connor and this week’s lesson is brought to you by the danger phrase “don’t worry” remember that when we say to somebody don’t worry we tend to say that when we want to make somebody feel better however what […]