Three Questions to unlock your authentic career: Ashley Stahl at TEDxBerkeley

Translator: Denise RQ Reviewer: Lena Clemente At age 22, I was completely immersed in this world of spying the Pentagon and counter-terrorism. Everything that I did in my adolescent life was to prepare me for my fantasy career. But I’m here, just a few years later, as a career coach to hundreds of millennials. So […]

We’re Close to a Universal Quantum Computer, Here’s Where We’re At

What you’re looking at is a hermetically sealed glass laboratory. Scientists here are engineering special chips that could power the next computing revolution: a universal quantum computer. Chances are you’ve heard of quantum computer and that they’re going to change everything. “So quantum computers have the potential to completely change how we use technology in […]

“Campus Conversations”: Carol Christ and Paul Alivisatos – Fall 2018

– My name’s Dan Mogulof, I’m with the campus Office of Communications and Public Affairs. And really delighted and thrilled to welcome Chancellor Christ and Paul Alivisatos, our Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor to what is the last campus conversation of the semester. I think we can dispense with resume reading. And so they each […]