Sandra Bullock’s Hilarious Stories from Ocean’s 8 | Cover Stars | InStyle

Courtney, 44: What is that? I don’t understand what that is. An afternoon to myself? I don’t know what that is. But I wouldn’t change that! Hi, I’m Sandra Bullock and I am answering InStyle’s readers’ questions. Didn’t sound right, did it? No. Ruthie, 30, asks: First of all, don’t pretend like you can cook […]

Exclusive Interview With Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon & Mindy Kaling | GLAMOUR UK

[The film was] really really inspiring to watch – one of the main themes was obviously Meg overcoming her insecurities, mm-hmm, what was the biggest insecurity each of you had at that age and how did you overcome it? I did not like the way that I looked, I think, that was a big issue […]

Louis Tomlinson On How ‘Difficult’ It Was To Find His Identity After One Direction | GLAMOUR UK

– Welcome back to GLAMOUR Unfiltered, hosted by me, Josh Smith and today we’re joined by Louis Tomlinson. How are you? – I’m alright, thanks, how are you? – Good! – Good. – So new album, new songs, tour on the way. You are very vulnerable, in your song writing and the music you put […]

Celeste Barber as editor of Vogue Australia for the day | Interview | Vogue Australia

Hey, if Alex Perry calls again, just tell him I’m out at lunch. (phone rings) Welcome to the Haus of Barber, how may I direct your call? – Vogue Australia for Celeste Barber. Sure, just patching you through now. (coughs) You’re on with Celeste. – Celeste, it’s Edwina McCann speaking. Hi, hey, hey Eds, how […]

Ashley Graham Gave Guests Tattoos and Piercings at Her Coed Baby Shower

-Hi, baby! -It’s a lot harder to sit on these chairs now. -Oh, my God. -Oh! -How adorable. Oh, my gosh. How are you feeling? How’s it going? -I am feeling large and in charge. -Okay, that’s good. That’s great. -It’s like a sci-fi film every day. There’s, like, a little alien taking over my […]

Pure Revival Peel by Skin Inc. | Sephora

Pure Revival Peel is a revolutionary non-abrasive peel that visibly but gently removes dullness and dead skin gentle enough for sensitive skin its non-abrasive design allows for frequent use during the week making it the perfect product to smooth skin before makeup application use dry hands to apply a thin layer to clean dry skin […]

Bree Johnson backstage interview at Vogue Codes 2019 in Sydney | Vogue Codes | Vogue Australia

You are worth whatever price you put on yourself. I feel great. It’s always so inspiring and invigorating to be surrounded by such inspiring women. Oh yes, the two things that I would do differently. Number one is I would hire a great CFO and number two I would get my trade mark checked before […]

73 Questions With Taylor Swift | Vogue

How Gucci’s Alessandro Michele Overcame Bullying at School | i-D

Let’s try something. Try to walk. Yes, it’s very similar to the previous one we did. – Nibbled by the mosquitoes. -The legs. Did you have some problems with the mosquitoes? Yeah. They attacked me. It’s crazy, the south of France. I think it’s maybe the most mosquito-y place. In 2018, i-D joined Gucci Creative […]