Job interview questions and answers (Part 10): How to explain being fired

In this week’s job search tip, we’re gonna be going over how you should explain being fired in the job interview. We’re gonna look at some examples of what you should say and some examples of what you really should avoid. That’s coming up! Hey guys, I’m Kim with Snagajob, your number one source for […]


Class, stand. Good morning Mr. Muthu Raja. Okay sit. BAD STUDENTS: GREETINGS Alright. Where’s the other half of the class? Hey, Mr. Muthu Raja. Nippon Paint. Selfie. Can you help me throw this? GOOD STUDENTS: PAYING ATTENTION Okay class. Today, I’m gonna explain this new formula PE equals N1S. Alright, now I’m gonna expand the […]

6 Underground starring Ryan Reynolds | Official Trailer | Netflix

How’s it going over there? You’re really ruining my flow right now, you know that? We got an issue. There’s movement, man. We have 15 minutes. It’s time. Hit it. Hello, boys. What if I told you… I know what happens when you die? You become a ghost. No more criminal records. No more office […]

The Laundromat | Official Trailer | Netflix

First you must ask yourself: “Are you wealthy?” Simple truth of the world is that most games, for someone to win, well, someone has to lose. Think of this as a fairy tale that actually happened. There’s confusion over who has to pay. So, they drowned Joe? And 20 other  innocent people? And somebody is  […]

Learn American Sign Language: Beginner conversational words and phrases in ASL

Hello! Today I’m going to teach you beginner ASL signs, so you can start communicating using ASL, or American Sign Language. Are you ready? And that’s the sign for “READY”? HELLO HI HOW ARE YOU? So that’s the sign for “how” and then you point to the person “how are you?” GOOD. Or one-handed: “Good”. […]