Pantyhose Art INTERVIEW with LERA DOPIRCHUK (1 JUL 2018) RUSSIAN with CC

– Lera, hi! – Hi ! – see me? hear me? – yeah, all fine! this is my assistant Olga, she’s to shoot the video I’m happy to see you and to meet you. – I’m happy too. we wanted to talk about your work, shortly. Tell about yourself. Who are you? What you do? […]

SVA NYC Features Frank Ockenfels 3

Kai Ryssdal interviews THE TICK creator Ben Edlund

I’m Ben Edlund. I’m the creator of “The Tick”. We’re in my office, house, creative space. That’s an original “Ripley’s”… “Believe it or not” thing? “Believe it or not”. There’s like baby doll heads, and skulls… Yeah, I’m obsessed with skulls… Are you? You know, there’s a lot of grotesque in what I like. As […]

Patti Smith Interview: I Will Always Live Like Peter Pan

(instrumental music) (applauses) [Christian] Welcome to Louisiana, Patti. [Patti] Thank you. I’m really happy to be here. It’s beautiful here. Really special. [Christian] When you’re onstage you are considered as the godmother of punk, but when I read your books, it seems like I meet another Patti Smith. It’s like you were expressing two different […]

Wiz Khalifa : “Curren$y and I created a whole culture together” | Interview

Can you tell us about Taylor Gang ? You evolved a lot musically and personnaly since the beginning… How do you consider those who decide to stay underground As your career goes, you seem to go beyond hip-hop…

“The Letter A Song” by

Alan ate an apple, and awesome it did taste. Ava ate an apricot, and not a bite did waste. Andy watched a little ant crawl along the ground. And Allie watched an alligator swim without a sound. The alphabet begins with a. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray for a! Let’s find the words that start with letter […]

David Hockney Interview: Photoshop is Boring

(Louisiana channel – David Hockney: Photoshop is boring) [David Hockney] The invention of photography was an invention of chemicals and in a way, chemical photography is now ended. It lasted – what? – 160 years. Now, nobody thought chemical photography would end. Nobody predicts that, do they? It ended – it certainly has ended now. […]

8 Best DIY Food Hacks #2 Plus A New Pancake Art Challenge You Need To Know How To Do

John Baldessari Interview: Art is Who I Am

Well my father well both my parents are immigrants and you know they want your children to be successful, which usually means making some money and and then my I wanted to be an artist even back then and My mother trying to make a compromise with my father Who thought I should just get […]

Portraits: Lincoln Schatz Artist Interview – National Portrait Gallery

Well, I’ve been working on this idea of generative video for about ten years. And it’s kind of a mouthful that we haven’t been able to figure out what else to call it. About ten years ago started creating this piece that’s been created, portrait of place over time. Where there’s a camera mounted over […]