Negotiations resume for TPP talks TPP협상 재개-목표는 내년초, 타결은 불투명

Negotiations for a regional free-trade agreement for twelve countries, known as TPP or Trans Pacific Partnership, have resumed in Washington. The six-day working-level meeting, which started on Sunday, follows last month′s APEC summit in Beijing… in which leaders reaffirmed their will to conclude an agreement as early as next year. The TPP countries are expected […]

Civilian tours to southern side of Joint Security Area resume

Last October, tours to the Joint Security Area were halted for a while because of joint projects between the two Koreas. But now they’re back on, and tourists say now the vibe is different. Our Kim Ji-yeon went to check it out. A tourist destination that had attracted millions of people a year from all […]

Russia, Ukraine, EU to resume talks ahead of gas bill deadline

Talks between the EU, Russia and Ukraine have yet again, broken down over a gas price dispute ahead of a looming deadline. With more on this story, we now turn to Paul Yi at the New Center. Paul, tensions between Moscow and Kiev continue to strain any diplomatic solution to the crisis in Eastern Ukraine. […]

S. Korea seeks to resume family reunions, as N. Korea protests upcoming military

There′s a tug of war going on between the two Koreas,… acting as a drag on the momentum for dialogue. The South wants to hold a round of reunions for war-separated families,… while the North is protesting upcoming joint military drills between Seoul and Washington. Hwang Sung-hee reports. South Korea says its proposal for a […]

S. Korea, Japan resume sexual slavery talks today

Korea and Japan are currently holding talks in Seoul… on the Japanese military’s forced sexual enslavement of women before and during World War II. It marks the first such meeting since Tokyo released the results of its review of the Kono Statement, in which the Japanese government apologized for its wartime atrocities. The Korean government […]

U.S. not to rely on failed strategies to convince North Korea to denuclearize

there’s no change in stands for the US when it comes to denuclearizing North Korea but a top American official says the Trump administration is reviewing various ways to achieve that goal but not through the tactics used by the previous administrations I condemn it reports for the first time since the breakdown of the […]

N. Korea’s vice defense minister blames hostile policies by S. Korea, U.S. for exacerbating tensions

a senior North Korean military official has lashed out a South Korea in the u.s. saying the regime’s efforts to build eternal peace were in vain due to their hostile policies now analyst interpret the remarks as strategy to resume stall the denuclearization talks our kim yusin has the details North Korea’s vice defense minister […]

U.S. focused on addressing N. Korea’s security interests for nuclear weapons: U.S. official

a senior US official has revealed that Washington is ready to address North Korea’s security concerns in exchange for the regime taking meaningful steps towards denuclearization our Kim Jiyeon reports Davis still well the u.s. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific affairs testified to the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on East Asia […]

Moon, Trump agree to quickly resume nuclear talks, maintain current momentum for dialogue

now in the first phone conversation since North Korea’s launch of short-range projectiles this past weekend leaders of South Korea and the u.s. discussed ways to bring the north back to the negotiating table presidents moon Jane and Donald Trump saw eye-to-eye on the need to prevent North Korea from veering off the track of […]