Tips for Panel Interview

hi this is Alan with interview success formula do you have a panel interview coming up in a panel interview you will be facing one interviewer the whole roomful of interviewers I know this sounds scary is actually good news it means the company is very interested in hiring you here’s some tips to help […]

Interview Questions that Assess Leadership

interview success formula dot com interview success formula dot com presents interview questions that assess leadership if you are interviewing for a management level jobs you are likely to be asked specific job interview questions that assess your leadership an employer needs to trust you with the people they rely on to deliver results so […]

Résumé Basics

Welcome to a video lesson on résumés, brought to you by UVic’s cooperative education program and career services. Today we’ll learn what a résumé is, what to include in a resume, and different resume styles. So, what is a résumé? A résumé is a summary of your relevant experience a tool to promote yourself to […]