How To Apply For A Job Online (And ACTUALLY Get An Interview)

– Hey there, welcome back, it’s J.T. from Work It Daily. And today I’m gonna be talking about how to apply for a job and actually get an interview. Before I begin though I wanna remind you if you’ve got questions or comments make sure to post them down below and of course hit the […]

Job interview questions and answers (Part 6): Why should we hire you?

in this week’s job search tip, we’re gonna go over the scary “Why should we hire you?” job interview question. We’re gonna look at it from a couple different angles and find out what employers are really asking. That’s coming up! Hey guys, I’m Kim with Snagajob, and welcome to Job Hunters, your weekly job […]

My Resume Video – Tina Naert

My resume video Hello there. My name is Tina Naert. And this is me. I recently graduaded and have not only one but two bachelor’s degrees. My first bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Leisure Management derived from my enormous passion for the travel industry And a second degree in International Business Management with specialisation in […]

Top 10 Canada Visa interview questions

Normally students are not required to one for Canadian visa interview, but if at all you are call for a visa interview. The questions that the visa officer will ask you Would be questions like: Why you want to study in Canada? Why this particular University? Why are this particular course? Have you applied to […]

CVs Work experience

The work experience section. Now, this means any work experience that you have paid or unpaid. You can sub-head into sector specific and general work experience and this allows you to put your placement year or a summer link internship above any part-time or volunteering opportunities that you’ve been involved in. All work experience is […]

How to prepare for your Wellcome funding interview

So, you’ve been invited for an interview at Wellcome. Here are some tips to help you prepare. Read your invitation email carefully and ensure that you understand exactly what is being asked of you. Think carefully about what you want to say and how you want to come across in your interview. If your invitation […]

Job interview questions and answers (Part 13): How to explain employment gaps

In this week’s job search tip, we’re gonna be going over how to explain employment gaps while you’re searching for jobs. That’s coming up! Hey guys, I’m Kim with Snagajob, your number one source for hourly jobs and welcome to Job Hunters, our weekly job search advice show. We show you everything from resume tips […]


hey guys welcome to my brand new youtube video today I’m going to show you how you can write a perfect cover letter okay and what is actually a cover letter a cover letter is actually an application text which includes personal information and also experience and qualifications you got another common question is do […]

Résumé Basics

Welcome to a video lesson on résumés, brought to you by UVic’s cooperative education program and career services. Today we’ll learn what a résumé is, what to include in a resume, and different resume styles. So, what is a résumé? A résumé is a summary of your relevant experience a tool to promote yourself to […]

One Thing Every NURSE MUST HAVE To Get A Job!!!

things not to put in your portfolio recommendation letter from your and social media handle so much you want to get paid Christmas wishlist headshot photos of your pet favorite coffee the list of snacks you want to be in the break room selfies don’t put any loose glitter in your portfolio what’s up guys […]