Five Nights at Freddy’s Series Episode 1 Based on Five Nights at Freddy’s universe created by Scott Cawthon James, do you read me? Yeah. I read you. Good. You’re in the main hallway. You need to find the security room with the system unit and copy all the data from… Hey, come on Rich. How […]

BoJack Horseman is Beautiful and Traumatizing | Netflix

What is acting?Acting is about leaving everything behind…and becoming something completely new.Let’s start at the beginning. What was your childhood like?You ruined me, BoJack. You better grow up to be something great to make up for all the damage you’ve done. Normal childhood. And then just get right into the “being famous” part.Hollywood’s a real […]

Klaus | The Origins of Klaus | Netflix

(jingle bells) (bouncy acoustic guitar music) (Sergio laughs) – When we started thinking about Klaus, I’d try and find a character who’s established, but doesn’t have an origin story. And I arrived at Santa Claus. – Ho, ho, ho! Ha, ha, ha! – Wait wait wait, time out. Really? That’s how you laugh? – [Sergio] […]

Klaus | Official Trailer | Netflix

(Dramatic music) – (clears throat) Hello. Jasper Johannson, Postman. (cracking) – Ah Mr. Clause. You have a gift. You were meant for making toys. So I figured, if you donate your old toys, I’ll deliver them for free. (wind blowing) – Tonight. I go with you. – There’s no need for you to come with […]

Why the World is Running Out of Pilots

This video was made possible by Brilliant. Learn with Brilliant for 20% off by being one of the first 200 to sign up at Brilliant.org/Wendover. For the longest while airlines treated pilots as a renewable resource. It was long considered one of the best jobs one could have—to make good money flying around the world […]

Quantum Computers Explained – Limits of Human Technology

Quantum Computers Explained – Limits of Human Technology For most of our history, human technology consisted of our brains, fire, and sharp sticks. While fire and sharp sticks became power plants and nuclear weapons, the biggest upgrade has happened to our brains. Since the 1960’s, the power of our brain machines has kept growing exponentially, […]

The Nuclear Waste Problem

This video was made possible by Brilliant. Learn to think like a scientist for 20% off by being one of the first 500 people to sign up at the link in the description. Nuclear energy is one of the cleanest, most efficient, and most available sources of power on earth. To generate one kilowatt hour […]

China’s Geography Problem

This video was made possible by Squarespace. Build your custom website for 10% off by going to squarespace.com/wendover. China is a country both blessed and cursed by geography. On one hand its land has allowed the country to grow to almost 1.4 billion people but on the other hand it really doesn’t have great geographical […]

Why Chinese Manufacturing Wins

At the end of the first millennium, around 1000 AD, China was definitively the most powerful country in the world. More than a third of the world lived within its borders, it’s technology was the most advanced in existence, and its economy accounted for an astronomical 50% of the worlds GDP. The west paled in […]