How to Answer “Tell me About Yourself” for Self-Introductions and Job Interviews

Tell me about yourself. This can be one of the most nerve-wracking questions, but when you have an opportunity like a job interview or even networking or Socializing you are going to be asked this question and you need to know how to respond So let’s stop hesitating Let’s stop the anxiety and let’s talk […]

How to Answer Tell Me About Yourself—Job Interview in English

Hi, I’m Annemarie with Speak Confident English and welcome to your Confident English Wednesday lesson. This week we are focused on one of the most popular topics on the Speak Confident English website. It’s also one of the most common questions I receive by email or from my students, especially those who are looking for […]

Write A Winning Resume (for Job Hunters)

So what do you know about a resume? It’s a list of jobs you’ve done, its highlights the professional development you’re interested in and lets people know that you have the skills that they want. So it’s a pretty important document and therefore needs to be done just right *music* Before you start writing up […]

Exclusive Interview With Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon & Mindy Kaling | GLAMOUR UK

[The film was] really really inspiring to watch – one of the main themes was obviously Meg overcoming her insecurities, mm-hmm, what was the biggest insecurity each of you had at that age and how did you overcome it? I did not like the way that I looked, I think, that was a big issue […]

David Foster Wallace and David Lipsky – Original Road Trip interview recording (1996)

Sit. Sit. Good dog, now you stay, you hush. Um, and then I got a job—this is the worst—I worked as a towel boy at something called the Auburndale Health Club in Watertown. Which was a very chichi … They called me something other than a towel boy, but I was in effect a towel […]

Love, art and stories: decoded | The Age of A.I.

[turns off engine] Here’s one: are there certain qualities that are untouchable for AI, or at some point, might it be able to emulate everything? Even the stuff that we consider to be distinctly human, like instinct. Getting here on time took some of that, right? Or creativity, actual emotion, making a connection. We’re gonna […]

Xbox Series X Has 12 Teraflops, New Technical Specs Revealed – IGN Now

New tech specs for Xbox Series X have been revealed. Xbox Series X will have 12 teraflops of GPU power. It’ll support backwards compatibility all the way back to original Xbox games. It will include hardware accelerated ray tracing support up to one hundred twenty frames per second and will support quick resume for multiple […]

Merit: Your Online Résumé

>>NARRATOR: Did you know Chadron State College provides a free online platform for students to compile academic successes and other accomplishments? Merit is a free, online résumé that provides you a quick and easy way to record your college experiences in one convenient location.>>MIKAYLA: In today’s society, the online résumé is a very big deal […]

The Making of Ragnarok: Ep 6 | The Premiere of Ragnarok

We’re sneaking a peek. -Hey, beautiful! -Hello. -You’re so handsome. Mashallah! -Thank you. Jesus fucking Christ! Today? I think we’re doing… It’s promo stuff for social media, I think. -Want some moisturizer? -Yeah. …each other, how was it back then? Alright, so, sound please. -You were so cute! -Oh, look at that cutie pie. I […]

Translating your skills

– I’ve seen one recurring point of failure for professionals who try to translate their skills to a new industry. That’s focusing on a narrative around what they don’t have. (light music) That’s no surprise, either. You’ve likely found this yourself speaking to HR, recruiters, after a finding a job opening, and this is exactly […]