History Summarized: Ramses The Great

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it another thousand times Egyptian history is long and a lot of people have been Pharaoh over the centuries, but no one quite Embodies the role like ramses ii during his rule in the 1200 s bc he fought a lot built a lot and had a lot […]

History Summarized: Akhenaten

Ancient Egyptian mythology is a complex beast, with hundreds, if not thousands of deities, and a sophistocated bureaucracy of priests overseeing the management of religion across the empire. What happens when that entire polytheistic system gets forcibly co-opted into monotheism instead? Well, one king actually tried to do it, and he would have gotten away […]

History Summarized: Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt, myths and history go together like sugar and arsenic powder, or was it arsenic powder and sugar? Oh oh Crap! What I mean is they can be hard to distinguish and if you do get them confused you’re probably going to have a bad time. Egyptian history can get really complicated and […]