Why the World is Running Out of Pilots

This video was made possible by Brilliant. Learn with Brilliant for 20% off by being one of the first 200 to sign up at Brilliant.org/Wendover. For the longest while airlines treated pilots as a renewable resource. It was long considered one of the best jobs one could have—to make good money flying around the world […]

Roger Taylor – rare Prague interview 1994 – Made In Heaven release

Fans of all around the world are going to get the new Queen album with last records of Freddie Mercury probably yet this year The band’s drummer Roger Taylor spoked to our reporter in Ruzyne Airport. Legendary musician and Queen drummer, Roger Taylor, has just landed in Prague. He will tomorrow get an award, Golden […]

Boeing’s China Problem

This video was made possible by Skillshare. Learn new skills from more than 25,000 classes for free for two months at skl.sh/wendover7. To, from, or through China, more than half a billion passengers fly each year. By 2035, that number is expected to be 1.3 billion. It is one of the fastest growing aviation markets […]

Flight operations resume at Jeju Airport, strong wind advisorty still in place

Some relief for passengers currently stranded at Jeju International Airport,… Although strong wind advisories are still in place around the island,… most flights have resumed operations. Seoul-based Yonhap News agency says,… flight schedules have now normalized,… and passengers are lined up ready to board flights home. It will take some time for the thousands of […]

Hong Kong International Airport resumes flights on Wednesday after 2 days of mass disruption

our top story this morning though the chaotic protests at Hong Kong International Airport have cooled down somewhat today with only a few demonstrators in the terminals for now at least the airport was shut down periodically on Monday and Tuesday due to a massive rally over police aggression against the demonstrators for now though […]

Flight operations in Jeju resume, some remain cancelled or delayed

Strong winds and heavy rain pummeled Korea’s southern resort island of Jeju overnight,… disrupting flight services and leaving about 14-thousand travelers stranded at the airport. Although strong wind advisories are still in place,… flights are reportedly started again. For more details we connect to Suejin Choi , a freelance journalist based in Jeju. Suejin, what’s […]