The Beatles on Finishing Filming A Hard Day’s Night – Interview

Q: This is Gene Loving in London; with us right now, a member of the fabulous Beatles, George Harrison. George, a lot of your fans are discovering you’re singing some of the songs that they originally thought were done by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, ’cause they always saw them singing when you made your […]

Open Bar – Dan Lellis (Official Music Video)

Levantei Com a cabeça fora do lugar Parei pra abastecer E de quebra lancei a “bud” Pronto pra incendiar Me toquei Tipo todo início de rolê Bate aquela fadiga E essa vida bandida O corpo pede pra viver Ultrapassando 1 hora Não da mais pra dormir O Espírito da rua Vem Falar mais alto aqui […]

Animatics for Motion Design

– Hello, everyone, this is Evan Abrams. And in this video, we’re gonna continue our journey into the pre-production process. Now, we’ve finished our storyboards, so we have a collection of images, still images, they’re not moving anywhere. And we need to convert that into an animation. But before we do, there’s a middle step, […]

S. Korea and U.S. resume discussions on deployment of additional THAAD launchers

Seoul and Washingto resumed discussions to swiftly deploy the U.S. advanced missile defense system THAAD to Seongju… some 300 kilometers southeast of the capital. Defense ministry spokesperson, Moon Sang-gyun , says the two countries will decide upon when and how the deployment will take place. This comes after President Moon gave instructions to resume the […]

US to resume executions of federal death row inmates after 16 years

US to resume executions of federal death row inmates after 16 years The US government is to resume after a hiatus of 16 years. Lethal injections have been scheduled for five convicted child killers, beginning in December. Across the United States there are more than 2,600 people on death row, but the vast majority are […]