English Interview – How to Answer Culture Interview Questions

Hi it’s Anita here from Magoosh English Speaking and I’m here today in this lesson to give you three practical tips for succeeding on your job interview in English. Now you’d probably be surprised if you knew just how many people falter at the interview stage, even after impressing with their resume or their technical […]

9 tips for acing your next job interview ( Job Interview skills)

Hello and welcome to yet another lesson and today’s lesson is going to prove to be very valuable real it’s all about your job that’s right I’m very much and I’m gonna be with you I’m going to talk about these that you can use to eat your job interview and come out with flying […]

How To Improve Your English Writing Skills | Tips For Intermediate And Advanced English Learners

Hey guys, what’s up? Stefanie the English coach here from Englishfulltime.com in this video we are gonna talk about how to improve your writing in English. First there’s four things that you have to do. 1. Ask questions 2.Do research 3.Practice and 4. Get feedback That’s it, but we’re gonna break that down and talk […]

7 Most DIFFICULT Interview Questions ANSWERED | Business English Course Lesson 5

– Hello everyone, and welcome back to English With Lucy. Today I’m going to be talking to you about the most common job interview questions and how to answer them. (tearing sound) (upbeat music) This is the second part of a two-part lesson. In the previous lesson, we discussed seven of the easier and more […]


Hey guys! Welcome to my channel. As we agreed on Instagram I’m doing this video about 50 common phrases in Business English. Business English is something that I do every single day. Writting emails, talking on the phone And meeting investors. So, if you’re interested please continue to watch this video. Phrase number 1.

Professional cover letter phrases for a Job Resume – (Interview Skills & Business English Lesson)

Hello Everyone, I am Niharika and welcome back to a new lesson. In today’s lesson we are gonna look at phrases to write an effective cover letter. Now when do you write a cover letter? When you are applying for a job. And what’s the most important thing that you have to send? It’s your […]

Job Interview Skills – 09 tips to write an effective Job resume.

{ 09 tips to write an effective job resume` } Hi , I’m Tash. I welcome you to a new lesson. Friends, we have spoken so much about preparing you for a job interview, how to talk, what to talk, what to wear and what not to wear. But, today I’m going to help you […]