CV / Resume Haroutioun Derderian – Introduction (English-Spanish Subtitle)

Hi! I’m Haroutioun Derderian, your next enthusiastic administrator. I enjoy to introduce myself as an experienced administrator who has a successful record in NGO, governmental and hospitality sectors. And in another hand, as an active volunteer in Educational field. Actually, I don’t like to be considered as “office robot” so I always try to challenge […]

CV / Resume Haroutioun Derderian – Why Me ! (English-Spanish Subtitle)

Tough question! But easy to answer! Actually, I like to be visible and being around any time as “center point of information” My colleagues in executive level trust on my ability to manage, plan and administer a range of administrative operations across many different departments. My supervision method is always in the shape of teamwork […]

CV / Resume Haroutioun Derderian – Experiences and Skills – (English-Spanish Subtitle)

Interesting choice! I believe in Administration as an art and a science and starting from this point, I shaped during my serve in non-profit NGO, my… Team working & Supervising skills. Time, space, and task management skills. Planning and organizational skills. Nice! And while I was working in the hospitality field, I developed my… Customer […]