NICHD Spotlight Interview with Cathy Spong: Summarizing the Pregnancy and Weight Gain Study

Dr. Catherine Spong: This was a study that was undertaken in the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development’s Maternal Fetal Medicine Unit Network, which is a network of clinical sites across the United States that does studies and trials in pregnancy, especially in high-risk pregnancies. One of the important things […]

The Last Man of Mahana

we are not a community anymore. Things change i understand that. But sooner or later families will come again. will want to live this kind of lifestyle, you know? No one is home. It hasn’t happened yet, but you never know. That guy is the one who burns down the houses. The Last Man Of […]

*Very Real* Thoughts You Have During A Job Interview

Where do you see yourself in five years? Ha? Mamaya nga hindi ko alam saan ako pupunta eh. Five years pa kaya!? Uhh I’m a twentysomething who’s still trying to figure out her life. My talents include online shopping, stalking dogs on Instagram, and watching one full season of K-drama in two days. Minsan na […]

Ways to Prepare for the Medical School Interview –

Voiceover: Top Test Prep. Will: So you’re at the end of an interview that went really, really smoothly, and your interviewer pops the dreaded question, “Do you have any questions for me?” Well, some people really stumble on that, and they say, “No, I’m good.” I don’t think you should do that. My advice is […]

Tell me something about yourself interview question | How to introduce yourself in a job interview?

Tell me something about yourself Tell me something about yourself – interview question: Which is also asked as introduce yourself in interview: In this video I will teach you the tell me something about yourself job interview answer so you can stand out in front of hiring managers and land more job offers. This interview […]

12. Tip No.12 on interview preparation. Is the STAR technique good to answer interview questions?

Hi, today’s tip is number 12 and it follows from yesterday’s tip number 11, where we were talking about using the STAR technique to answer interview questions. Yesterday we talked about S for Situation. This means that you should clearly explain to the interviewer the situation of the example you’re sharing when answering the question. […]

Doyle is 138, Gore Noir Magazine interview

Ready? Hey this is Mitch with Gore Noir Magazine and I’m sitting here with Doyle. How’s it going Doyle? Great, How are you doin? Doing good, so we are about to see your show, what are we in store for? Uh.. An Abomination An Abomination? So uh.. We want to talk a little bit more […]

Interview Questions And Answers – Tell Me About Yourself

in preparing for an interview it’s important to know how you’re going to answer what’s often the very first question they ask you an interview tell me about yourself well there are many schools of thought and how to answer this question so let me share with you three of the most popular approaches so […]

TEDxOakville – Judy Thompson – Three Secrets You Need to Know About Spoken English

Translator: berat güven Reviewer: Peter van de Ven Hi, my name is Judy Thompson, I teach English as a second language, and I love my job. Today, I’m going to talk about what everyone needs to know about English. So, English is a tricky language; the letters and the sounds don’t go together. So no […]

14. Tip No.14 on interview preparation. Is the STAR technique good to answer interview questions?

Hi, welcome to tip number 14 of our interview preparation series. I’m talking today about the STAR technique which you will know from my previous videos is about structuring your answer to an interview question, so that it’s clear and structured well for the interviewer to understand. The S in STAR is Situation, the T […]