Trump’s Immigration Speech Summarized: Immigrants Are Going To Murder You – The Ring Of Fire

Yesterday Donald Trump decides he’s going to head on down to Mexico, meet with the Mexican president. They talked about some things. According to the Mexican government, the border wall did come up, and it was made expressly clear that they would never, ever, ever pay for it. Donald Trump came back, told a different […]

Dems are concerned and worried about IG report: Former DOJ official

Zero Tolerance: Ronald Vitiello Interview | FRONTLINE

>>So, Ron, I know we talked a little bit about 2013, comprehensive immigration reform that’s happening in the Senate. We talked to Sen. [Dick] Durbin yesterday, who said that was really sort of the moment that they were really close to getting something passed. I know you’ve got some feelings about how much Congress has […]

Magazine Hid Explosive Interview With Adult Film Star Alleging Trump Affair For 7 Years

The White House has been relatively silent about the recent accusations made by several porn actresses that Donald Trump had affairs with them, or at least attempted to have affairs with them. Now, one of the actresses, Stormy Daniels, has been at the center of all this. She is the one who allegedly signed a […]