U.S., China Trade Talks: Analysis

top trade negotiators in years in China resume negotiations in Washington today the entire world is keeping a close eye on how this 13th round of talks will unfold as there’s a lot riding on the outcome of these talks with significant ratification for not only the world’s two largest economies but the global economy […]

U.S.-China trade talks will resume “at different level”: Trump

with the United States set to hit China with an additional 15% tariff on a list of goods amounting to 125 billion dollars from Saturday yes President Donald Trump has revealed that the two sides are resuming talks quote at a different level speaking on Fox News radion Thursday Trump did not elaborate on what […]

Top U.S. negotiators visiting China Monday to resume trade talks: Bloomberg

The U.S. and China will resume their trade talks next week. According to Bloomberg, a delegation headed by U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer is visiting China next Monday through Wednesday for high-level talks in Shanghai,… a venue of Beijing’s choosing. The talks will be the first face-to-face negotiations between the two sides since their previous […]