N. Korea, U.S. agree to resume nuke talks on Oct. 5

now get it back down to business some would say about time North Korea revealed that late Tuesday that it will resume the long-stalled working-level nuclear talks with the United States in the coming days the north state media report which came out of the blue cited statement from the regime’s first Vice foreign minister […]

U.S., China Trade Talks: Analysis

top trade negotiators in years in China resume negotiations in Washington today the entire world is keeping a close eye on how this 13th round of talks will unfold as there’s a lot riding on the outcome of these talks with significant ratification for not only the world’s two largest economies but the global economy […]

N. Korea-U.S. nuclear talks expected to restart in several weeks: Seoul’s FM

the united states has revealed that working-level discussions with North Korea won’t be happening soon but South Korea’s top diplomat remains optimistic Kangin hua says she believes they will restart within the next several weeks as they’re signs the North is ready to negotiate our Park kitchen has his report South Korea’s foreign minister kanga […]

U.S.-China agree to resume trade talks in October, Asian stock markets rebound

Asian stock markets closed higher today after the U.S. and China agreed to resume trade talks. Investor sentiment was also boosted by the British parliament’s passage of a bill to stop a no-deal Brexit. Yoon Jung-min has details. The U.S. and China are set to resume trade talks early October in Washington D.C.,… following new […]

U.S.-China trade talks will resume “at different level”: Trump

with the United States set to hit China with an additional 15% tariff on a list of goods amounting to 125 billion dollars from Saturday yes President Donald Trump has revealed that the two sides are resuming talks quote at a different level speaking on Fox News radion Thursday Trump did not elaborate on what […]

Top U.S. negotiators visiting China Monday to resume trade talks: Bloomberg

The U.S. and China will resume their trade talks next week. According to Bloomberg, a delegation headed by U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer is visiting China next Monday through Wednesday for high-level talks in Shanghai,… a venue of Beijing’s choosing. The talks will be the first face-to-face negotiations between the two sides since their previous […]

High-ranking S. Korean official believes N. Korea-U.S. talks will resume soon

Washington’s point man on North Korea Stephen Biegun met Seoul’s Deputy National Security Advisor Kim Hyun-chong today before leaving Seoul. From that meeting, Kim got the impression that the stalled N. Korea-U.S. nuclear talks will resume soon. Our Park Hee-jun has the details. It appears denuclearization talks between North Korea and the U.S. will resume […]

N. Korea calls on U.S. to change calculations by end of this year

North Korea is urging the U.S. to change its approach to negotiations what the regime is calling its “calculations.” It’s also reminding Washington that the deadline for their nuclear negotiations is the end of the year. The official in charge of U.S. affairs at Pyeongyang’s foreign ministry, Kwon Jong-gun, issued the statement on Thursday. He […]

U.S. Justice Department to resume capital punishment after 16-year hiatus

the US government has ordered the death penalty to be reinstated for the first time in 16 years Attorney General William bar directed the Justice Department and Thursday to schedule the execution of five inmates in December and January after adopting a new rule for carrying out the death penalty all five were convicted of […]

N. Korea slams U.S. for continuing “hostile acts” and S. Korea for mediating

A senior official at North Korea’s foreign ministry issued a statement this morning slamming the U.S. for what he calls “hostile acts” and Seoul for acting as a mediator. Oh Jung-hee has this story. A strong message of discontent from North Korea over America’s (quote)”hostile acts” and Seoul’s efforts to mediate. The official in charge […]