Former unification minister says N. Korea-U.S. dialogue needs to resume soon

a former South Korean Minister is calling for denuclearization talks between North Korea and the u.s. to resume soon song Jae Hyun a unification Minister during the new moo-hyun administration said that while no agreement was reached in Hanoi the talks haven’t broken down completely labeling it a bump in the road he pointed domestic […]

President Moon Jae-in, leaders of 5 political parties agree on need to resume regular meetings

now president moon jaein and the heads of south korea’s five major political parties have agreed on the Yee to resume a key regular meeting to discuss major political issues during a three-hour dinner at the president’s official residence Sunday president moon strongly urge that they got together on a regular basis the ruling party […]

Civilian tours to southern side of Joint Security Area resume

Last October, tours to the Joint Security Area were halted for a while because of joint projects between the two Koreas. But now they’re back on, and tourists say now the vibe is different. Our Kim Ji-yeon went to check it out. A tourist destination that had attracted millions of people a year from all […]

U.S. not to rely on failed strategies to convince North Korea to denuclearize

there’s no change in stands for the US when it comes to denuclearizing North Korea but a top American official says the Trump administration is reviewing various ways to achieve that goal but not through the tactics used by the previous administrations I condemn it reports for the first time since the breakdown of the […]

N. Korea’s vice defense minister blames hostile policies by S. Korea, U.S. for exacerbating tensions

a senior North Korean military official has lashed out a South Korea in the u.s. saying the regime’s efforts to build eternal peace were in vain due to their hostile policies now analyst interpret the remarks as strategy to resume stall the denuclearization talks our kim yusin has the details North Korea’s vice defense minister […]

U.S. focused on addressing N. Korea’s security interests for nuclear weapons: U.S. official

a senior US official has revealed that Washington is ready to address North Korea’s security concerns in exchange for the regime taking meaningful steps towards denuclearization our Kim Jiyeon reports Davis still well the u.s. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific affairs testified to the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on East Asia […]

Moon, Trump agree to quickly resume nuclear talks, maintain current momentum for dialogue

now in the first phone conversation since North Korea’s launch of short-range projectiles this past weekend leaders of South Korea and the u.s. discussed ways to bring the north back to the negotiating table presidents moon Jane and Donald Trump saw eye-to-eye on the need to prevent North Korea from veering off the track of […]

N. Korea, U.S. expected to resume denuclearization talks within few weeks

[ NEWS IN-DEPTH] N. Korea, U.S. expected to resume denuclearization talks within few weeks (인뎁스)다시 도는 한반도 시계, 연내 결실 변수는? The stalled denuclearization talks between North Korea and the U.S. appear to be getting back on track. North Korea said Monday that talks will likely resume within a few weeks. President Moon Jae-in has […]

N. Korea, U.S. agree to resume nuke talks on Oct. 5

now get it back down to business some would say about time North Korea revealed that late Tuesday that it will resume the long-stalled working-level nuclear talks with the United States in the coming days the north state media report which came out of the blue cited statement from the regime’s first Vice foreign minister […]

U.S., China Trade Talks: Analysis

top trade negotiators in years in China resume negotiations in Washington today the entire world is keeping a close eye on how this 13th round of talks will unfold as there’s a lot riding on the outcome of these talks with significant ratification for not only the world’s two largest economies but the global economy […]