Sudsapda Interview July 2019 : ออฟ-กัน

[ Theory of Love of Off-Gun (How real they are. Let’s find out now) ] [Please talk about kiss scenes in the series] Probably be the kiss that everyone has been looking for. I think It’s the scene that everyone would be…. In Pick-Rome story, 3 years ago. Our lips just pressed together like this […]

Mark GOT7 interview in Sudsapda Magazine

Eat, sleep Tang Mo Pan (Watermelon smoothie) Q&A with GOT7’s Mark Q: The person you’re most thinking of right now? Family. Q: The dish which you think you can cook it the best? Ramyeon (Instant noodles) Q: Your favourite sport? Snowboard. Q: The hobby you usually do? Play a computer game. Q: What do you […]