Steve Hilton: The truth about impeachment

Steve Hilton: The truth about impeachment

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  • What is the crime, when did it occur, what is the charge, these things are not in the articles, Democrats had nothing after three years of looking under every rock and braking laws to do so. So they passed Articles of impeachment which are as vague as possible, so they can say that they did something.

  • The validity of this impeachment cuts directly across party lines, on the basis of what people think is appropriate – therefore a Democrat's 'smoking gun' is a Republican's 'absolutely nothing.'
    From an Independent's perspective, it boils down differently:
    Was the President acting within his Constitutional authority? Yes.
    Is the Ukranian corruption investigation in the best interests of the United States (regardless of who is implicated)? Yes.

    That is the only healthy perspective on this issue, and it's why impeachment is flat-out wrong in this case. Like or dislike the man at your leisure, but nothing in this proceeding has made a case for impeaching the President; although I could certainly see a few members of Congress being impeached over it later – specifically those loudly advocating for 'integrity' and 'fairness' while willfully ignoring the corruption and misconduct of members of their own party – especially those on the campaign trail.

  • The proper historical context – Both presidents impeached by the House in the last 100 years embarrassed Hilary Clinton.

  • I'm a Democrat and I love my country. I don't understand what this guy is ranting about. Can we please look at facts and leave the riled up emotions out of it?

  • Hi guys the Dems should be made to pay for the cost to the country's bill
    The Dems are now finish as party USA now have the TRUMP card to win2020 all the very best from England

  • My in-laws all hated Trump and refused to vote for him in 2016, even though they didn't like Hillary. In 2020 they've told me they are ALL voting for him based on how well the economy is and how crazy and rabid the Left has become. I think a lot of people feel the same way as them to be honest. The Dems have shot themselves in the foot with this impeachment nonsense.

  • It's all about A MALIGNING SPIRIT….a spirit of such hate ….jealousy…..deceit…..they hate him because he's good remember the movie Cinderella and the evil stepmother…her explanation to why she hated her so much….BECAUSE YOU ARE GOOD AND I……….CINDERELLA SAID I FORGIVE YOU!!!!IN THE LAST DAYS PEOPLE WILL BE HATED BECAUSE THEY ARE GOOD ..(IN THE BIBLE….GODS WORD…..GOD TRUTH)

  • It is still Obama's shadowy government. Take them down .Trump is president. So all these are terrorists .at the work..Trump needs to hunt the terrorists down and get rid of them .and why are the house letting this happen

  • All we are hearing it talk .make Nancy and all leave they want work the job they have. Fire them.stop paying a bunch of dead beats.and put real people in there that will work with president Trump. And be happy to do so .Nancy and those. With her are making fun of the rest of the house.stop it

  • It's sickening to read the comments section. So many people are closed minded and automatically side with the party that they are brainwashed into supporting. Stop affiliating with one party and vote for the best candidate every time. Stop hating Trump because he's a republican. He's not guilty of anything except being a republican and that's not an impeachable offense.

  • Could you and all the other stop saying that he is impeached. You're beginning to irritate the hell out of me and you sound like morons. The Democrats voted to impeach him. He has to go to trial 1st and be found guilty. Stop saying he's impeached

  • Trump will only be known for his presidency and the Democrats will be know for the impeachment that violated Americans constitutional rights, an impeachment where they treated one of the best American presidents in history as guilty till proven Innocent.
    Trump dictates what he will go down in history for and as bad as the democrats hate it, TRUMP WILL dictate what Democrats will go in history for when it comes to their abuse of power on impeachment, and one of the greatest American presidency ever.
    Democrats next step let's pray not would be to ask assistance from foreign countries to interfere in Trump promoting America status.
    TREASON if they haven't already done this.

  • Democrats/FBI/Clintons/Obama's
    Have tarnished the TRUST of the American people, in ways that puts our standing with other country's at a security risk standing.
    When you have countries standing by on tariff to find out if Trump will be impeached that's passive treason, if you have people in Congress acually directing China to hold off to see if they can impeach (I personally think this IS the case) that is Treason!!!


  • All the thumbs-down voters here just need to further educate themselves, then and then only will they see the truth. Please, switch off all your propaganda TV and look and learn everywhere else, you will soon see the light and also see how DANGEROUS THE ROTTEN BASTARD LEFTISTS actually are — the old Democratic party no longer exists. For example, go review and study JFK, and you'll swear he was a republican, when in fact he was a great 'real' democrat. JFK hated the federal reserve, and you see what happened to him, hmmm.

  • Trump is unconventional, he is unorthodox, he is not a politician by trade, he is a businessman and is trying to run the government as such. He is not politically correct when he speaks, he is Pro America, he is one of us. He is not part of the establishment that's what got him elected. That's what drives the left crazy, he criticizes the media, memes the left, trolls them to no end. Then they complain about his spelling he should be impeached. We don't care about his spelling, we care about getting results and him being pro-American that's what got him elected. Amazing they still don't get it and we are the dumb ones, so they claim the Trump supporter and voters are all DEPLORABLES. Trump 2020…..

  • The question is what the hell do they want, to make life better or worse? Every idea they have is bad so how do they get people to listen to the Democrat's? I hope and pray we the people put the Dems out of business!

  • How can people say Fox News is an unbiased news source after you see all their openly biased videos on YouTube, including this one? Fox is the definition of corrupt media.

  • The truth about impeachment is that Rudy Giuliani has the EVIDENCE of Democrat corruption through his independent investigation for the President…and Steve Hilton is taking the Marxist bait against Rudy and attacking him!!! Steve Hilton wouldn't know the TRUTH about impeachment if Rudy Giuliani slapped him in the face with the TRUTH!!! Steve Hilton is LAZY, and he falls for Deep-State propaganda worse than CNN viewers fell for the Russia HOAX!!! What a joke this Englishmen is…he should put on a red coat and go join the Marxist Dems!!!

  • Excuse me, Senator, but who are you trying to kid? The House has been violating the Constitution ever since they started meeting behind closed doors.

    AMERICA, isn't as DUMB as you LIARS in D.C. think it is.


  • The epitome of ignorance: When foreign citizens know more about American hoaxes perpetrated by Democrats in the current attempted coup than American liberals. THIS is America's reality. Liberal Democrats are America's biggest threat.

  • Tyranny never stops tyrannizing.  It can only be restrained (to shackle, handcuff, isolate from further depredations).  To restrain the lawless, we must first straight-jacket the tyrants who trespass the law into asylums for the criminally insane for a 10-year "therapy" session.  Deem them cured of the delusions that caused the criminality when they surrender all assets they swindled from the taxpayers and confess all their crimes.

  • Wake up stupid trumptards..if he was innocent he would show the documents andlet people testify!!!!…plain and simple

  • Sorry nobody supports Trump more than me but the border is WIDE OPEN .. .. the Deep
    State rulling class is making to much money to protect America….(lots of corrupt RINO Republicans too)

  • Look at Mike Rounds squirm … so many Republicans are corrupt they will lock arms with Democrats & dismiss the impeachment w/out demanding testimony from Biden pelosi & Kerry or their children.. WHY ?.. Bcuz they're as dirty as the Democrats..
    Term limits now

  • You are absolutely right Steve Hilton. That's what exactly the Democrats do from slavery to today's corruption party. Only small minded can trust the Democrats.

  • Steve I agree but it won’t happen cuz half the republican congress are corrupt as well so we will need 2 terms of Trump 2 terms of pence and 2 terms of Trump jr all in a row so we can drain the swamp and keep it drained

  • Doing the right thing isn’t hard. And trump done it. But they want it torn down bc they’re criminals. What’s good for all of us isn’t good for them. That’s all it is

  • Democrats: We need to impeach President Trump.
    President: Why? I didn't do anything wrong.
    D : But we think you did.
    P: Evidence?
    D: We don't need evidence, we only need feeling !

  • Why are the candidates running for President against Donald Trump not being impeached or removed from office. They are using their position and abusing their power in congress and the House of Representatives to investigate. They are using tax payer dollars to investigate their political rival President Donald Trump!!!

  • "Campus Free Speech Defended", Are you FN joking.
    The left right paradigm is a farce.  Big Corporations control both sides and their interests dont line up with the large majority. Democracy is a fictional illusion, that offers the ignorant a false sense of agency.

    It is incredible easy to sway 51% of people one way or another. The large majority are ignorant and emotionally driven. Furthermore, you dont have to sway 51%, simply offering a plausible possibility of 51% in favor of a particular policy or action. This is the media job, to manipulate, pervert and subvert the people.  When you add the internet/social media, it basically gives them a digital crystal ball and stranglehold on information. Information is power, control/censorship of information is tyranny.

    To understand what is really going on in the world, watch documentary called "Europa- The Last Battle". Its heavily censored on Utube, but can definitely be found on bitchute. Try and debunk claims made using only factual and unbiased sources. Then share what you have learned with anyone and everyone who will listen.

  • I want a quick end to this charade, enough waste of Taxpayer money, let the report from Durham and Barr bring the indictments or this will never stop.

  • I don't understand how the American Dem people can possible follow Pelosi, and Lying Schiff, Schumer, and Nadler? I can't understand why they can't see it is wrong.

  • Nothing will happen to the Dems and their criminal Kabul because nothing has happened to Hillary, Mc Cabe ,Eric Holder Barack Obama , Debbie Wassermann Shultz …. and this has embolden them! They know what we all know…laws and the Constitution are for little people and Republicans , not them! They live by a different set of rules and use our wish to abide by the law against us!

  • It is easy to see that this democrat's people hate the idea that Donald Trump is president. and don't care anything to eliminate him. Donald Trump opposite then since the first moment. sometimes against all the world. He is a brave man. maybe whit a particular personality. but brave men.

  • Having Watched this Farcical Process for the Last 3 Weeks. I personally, can see ANOTHER ASASSINATION In the Final SCRIPT. Because it appears to ME, that President TRUMP. Should ROMP HOME IN THE NEXT ELECTION.And the DEMOCRATS should be PROSECUTED to the HIGHEST DEGREE. ….. Hope it I AM WRONG. This PRESIDENT is working for HIS COUNTRYMEN.!!!!!!!. I wish we in ENGLAND, HAD a LEADER LIKE PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  • They believe his ideas are dangerous cause of how many people are now government independent. Also alot of the foreign deals that made the politicians rich with our money is starting to be exposed.

  • Pelosi and Schumer are way more transparent than they'd like to think. We can see right through them. Every time they speak, we know, and everyone knows, it's a be political game. And they're playing like losers.

  • There was no Russian collusion and that was proven based on the two fake articles of impeachment the Democrats were even afraid to stick that in there because they had no proof of Russian collusion end of story tell your Democratic relatives to go climb under a rock


  • Completely agree with the Senator!!
    Send a message to the House from this point on do your Due Diligence and do it fairly. They can not continue on with the route they have chosen.

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