State Department Official Resigns After Investigation Reveals False Claims | NBC News Now

State Department Official Resigns After Investigation Reveals False Claims | NBC News Now

100 thoughts on “State Department Official Resigns After Investigation Reveals False Claims | NBC News Now

  • Trumps stated good people working for him, yes they are all in educated and no experience at all. That's the trumps organizations for us. Enablers to all his criminal acts.

  • If Trump can claim that Rudy's " Internet Security" specialized skills is the best when he butt dials and locks himself out of his own phone only to go to a AT & T cell phone store to have it unlocked, I think it's time to do background checks on all Trump's staff or contractors by a legitimate private investigator service that offers this type of work. We all know Trump " hires the best " but the best in what, I never figured that out myself. Has anyone?

  • Seems the Trump job description includes evening gown and swim suit size. Must be able to independently handle a sash and tiara. Have a talent for fibbing.

  • Another day, another embarrassment in this Administration. Grifters and suckups welcome. Qualified people need not apply. How many more cases that aren't this obvious?

  • Trump and Trudeau ended up at the same Barbershop. As they sat there, each being worked on by a different Barber, not a word was spoken. As the one who had Trump and his chair finished his shave he reached for the aftershave but Donald was quick to stop him saying "no thanks my wife Melania will smell that and will think I've been in a brothel" the second Barber turn towards Justin and said "how about you Mr Trudeau ?" To which Justin replied "go ahead my wife Sophie doesn't know what the inside of a brothel smells like"

  • Do we know if she could be a Chinese agent revealing secrets? I mean if she lied her way into the State then where’s the guarantee that she wasn’t a foreign agent?

  • The sum of all government scandals together over the years does not make up 1% of those generated in Trump's administration

  • How many of Trump Administration's people have resigned or made to quit because of appointing them without first verifying their experiences and backgrounds and qualifications? Just like bozo Trump, the so-called stable genius, knows better than his military generals, and never take down notes or read and understands his cabinet's comments and recommendations. Trump only understands ''one liners but adores praise-related comments to the max. Can you imagine, he honored a dog with a medal? What about the guys who fought with ISIS? RESIGN NOW, bozo TRUMP!!!

  • If a complete buffoon like Adam Schiff can be nominated to run the impeachment hearings, then it doesn’t matter who the trump White House hires.

  • Convictions, resignations, etc… impeachment on the way. Trump employment application: Will you lie for me? Yes……No.

  • Well, Trump wasn’t screened or properly vetted for the President’s job at all! The job has proven way over his head! Putin has made Trump look like a Russian implant! And Trump is still in the WH. GOP has turned into a group of willing lieutenants for Trump’s mob organization!
    The lady was obviously hired for her good looks until her cover was blown. And Trump’s cover is about to be blown next.

  • Sooo…just like Dodging Donny…smoke and mirrors used to make it seem like they are qualified. All BS. Surprising. Not.

    Make America Grateful Again!

  • Trump had 3,500 LAWSUITS BEFORE he became appointed President. He is a Conman and Fraud. His finances were massively in the ditch (at one point he was $900 MILLION in debt and he had 6 Bankruptcies that his Daddy and Foreign governments had to bail him out of cause American banks would no longer give loans to him.) Yet he got to pretend he was a brilliant businessman who he claims made millions of dollars in Real Estate on the "reality" TV Show The Apprentice. He convinced people to buy his fake persona. He has told more than 14,000 documented LIES to us and you think he cares about someone faking a resume???

  • She has a fake Time magazine cover and so does Trump. Two peas in a pod.

  • Why was it so hard for him to state the fact that her resume was a fabrication and that she is a total phony. He makes it sound like it was slightly overstated. Don't get me wrong, she's in good company with the worst of the worst at 1600.

  • WHY doesnt this hold true of Elizabeth Warren & other liers in office… how can trump vett potential employees when those doing the investigation aren't trust worthy & most never Trumpers…?? He personally cant know all the millions if employees in the government.

  • No wonder republicans love there crime boss Putin, they’re so unbelievably corrupt it’s like I’ve never seen in all my 63 years. The amount of denial that’s required to believe in republicans must be exhausting!

  • This administration continues to dumbfound the average person. Everyday gets more and more ridiculous. Trump was never meant to be president.

  • and…caught and goes back to her wealthy husband.there is NO such thing as karma or meek inheriting the earth. Cheaters keep cheating and others like M. Cohen go to jail.

  • Trump would probably say she is a 9 so she passed to get the job.
    Sad that she felt the need to lie and cheat in order to get ahead and not surprisingly she will probably be hired before next year despite this exposé.

  • If she had been ugly she wouldn't got hired. Goes to show attractive people get hired quicker and ugly people get overlooked but in the long run catches up with you if you don't have qualifications and talent sometimes.


  • Imagine that people that trump has picked someone unqualified and that had lied on her resume. Why do you think that is. It either says he unfit and doesn’t know what he’s doing, he’s too stupid, or intentionally picks liars cheats and corrupt people.

  • The problem is most of this administration's appointees and nominations are based on how much money are you going to pay Donald Trump in the Republican Party. It is not based on the college you went to or experience if you want to really do a report on something why is Jared Kushner the president's son-in-law working on Farm policy immigration prison reform when he paid for his college education didn't even go to classes his father went to jail behind that scandal he inherited his father's business doing business deals with Saudi Arabia and Russia didn't even pass a security clearance was flagged by the CIA that he's a security risk but yet he's working on foreign policy that's only one other person in the administration people getting ambassadorships because they donate $1000000 this President and this Administration is so corrupt and so inept they trample all over the Constitution the Bill of Rights because they don't know the law and all the safeguards that have been put in place did they get rid of it by the second of order or they just disregarded do whatever they want and you have 40% of the country the says that everything they do is okay they were picking on this Administration I'm an American who loves my country a decorated combat vet wounded twice in combat and I see that the president and now the Republican Party is involved in a criminal conspiracy Lord help us all that's the story

  • This is just deplorable…and I cant even get considered for a job at the State Department..even though my resume is not fake

  • Trump definitely overstated everything about himself, he should resign as well. That's the new Republicans for you. Incompetent at best.

  • Fake people being reported on by Fake News outlets.
    How are we supposed to know what to believe?
    TRUMP 2020
    Look @ all the TDS ‘sufferers’ below!

  • She is pretty and was probably used that to her advantage in manipulating people well enough to fake her way through the screening process.

  • Trump didn't clean the swamp he just added his own cesspool connected it to waste-plant and then built a wall of manure around it. This has to be the most corrupt administration in American history.

  • Why screen anybody? This administration takes whoever they can get, and right now anyone worth their salt is staying far away from this trainwreck.

  • How did she get in??? Look at her…just like super ditz Hope Hicks…Trump likes women to look at and sexually abuse around him at all times. dirty dirty dirty mob administration putting us all at risk..Tump is a national and international danger to us all. IMPEACH…V O T E!!!!!!!

  • Trump says that the media is the enemy of the people, that's because they keep uncovering his and his administrations lies

  • I guess the real question is, was she doing a good job? If making a false claim is the standard, someone should tell Elizabeth Warren!

  • As long as she's gd looking, lies well and lays well you can bribe ur way ahead of others who are more deserving in this country, but especially so in this administration. Just dont come crying Me Too.

  • Drama in United states an United kingdom democracy make someone like me very happy because it's shows how their democracy so stupid and hope African leaders take notes of this people's they're worship like they're God.

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