Star Has A Meltdown Over Wells Fargo Service

Star Has A Meltdown Over Wells Fargo Service

hey there hey there hey there I usually
say good morning good afternoon good evening but uh it’s none of those no
it’s it’s Monday and this is a very impromptu rant session meltdown if you
will we’re all busy on a Monday I’ve got shit to do I’m washing clothes in the
next room right now you’ve got things to do and let me just lay this out to you
so that I don’t sound too crazy too crazy
so I’m sipping my protein shake you’ll one hour ago I just banged myself with
that needle you know getting ready to get my workout on and I decide to call
Wells Fargo Bank pardon me that’s the name of this improv impromptu rent
I really hate Wells Fargo Bank so I decide to call them you know on a Monday
I’m silly me thinking I could speak to a rational
person or at least someone that could assist me now I got a moron on the line
a fucking idiot and I don’t use Wells Fargo Bank that often I mean I’m a
business man I have a 501 C 3 so I have to be very very careful with how I spend
and which cards I use I use Wells Fargo for very small online transactions I
can’t you know just go spend you know any which way because I do file my taxes
I pay my taxes anyway so I call Wells Fargo give me a minute I’m gonna be
sensitive someone picks up morning this is so-and-so
I look at the phone I just push the button to hang up I’m sorry I can’t do
certain cultures on a Monday morning call call me racist whatever you want to
say I can’t talk to Angelo ride you know first thing in a Monday so I hang up on
her I give it a little time I say you know maybe I should just take my dumb
ass to the gym just you know just start working out and just work on my
pecs my upper body and come back and deal with this shit later but I said no
I’m gonna do it now because I subscribed to last night after last
night’s show and also ladies I’m only dating women over 40 no more than 50
miles outside of Alpharetta GA okay let’s just get that straight and if
you’re a DME me via Instagram and you’re in Bozeman Montana or fucking I don’t
know at the bronx new york no no nobody’s jumping on a plane to see you
and nobody’s going half on a goddamn hotel for you to bring your ass down to
Atlanta anyway so I call back I call back someone picks up I’m asking him
said hey um it’s Monday I just want to make sure that you know didn’t
triple bill me because you know Wells Fargo steals it’s not alleged I I got
all my notes well some notes on Wells Fargo you can go to chann uary
xviii Wells Fargo billing glitch infuriates customers so they still all
that shit they put us through about you know the security check and if you’re
traveling you need to start an itinerary you know fraud protection you’re the
ones that are stealing you’re stealing from us I don’t have to worry about you
know anybody up in the goddamn hood of the projects you know going into my
fucking account I mean they still and and and white collar people steal as
well but you Wells Fargo’s won’t worried about give me a second let me just pump
the brakes here there’s also a Facebook group that I think I’m gonna join
something about I hate Wells Fargo on Facebook I may get to them a little bit
later yeah so I’m just I’m in rant mode the young
man I’m speaking to I had to correct him off the rip my first name is Troy last
name is terrain I go by mr. terrain taxpayer law abiding citizen mister
terrain got him Street and then I’m asking him
about the overdraft protection which I don’t want on this one particular card I
don’t want it if I go someplace they run out with a whore or a nice female and
whatever it yeah something is $250 and there’s only a hundred and seventy five
dollars on the card don’t charge it I’ll use a different card I don’t want that
fucking the extra fees and then the the the penalties and interest he tells me
catch this one rule I wrote this down it’s up to the individual bank’s
discretion even if you say I don’t want overdraft protection even if you say to
them I don’t want overdraft protection I don’t want you to cover the cost of know
an item that’s $300 or if if I only have $160 on the card he says well it’s up to
the banksters question so basically he couldn’t help me he couldn’t help me
good afternoon the live chat hey you guys doing yeah I’m just I’m ranting no
it’s not roid rage this is only my third week on the cycle and I’m eating fruit
now for anybody who knows I think fruit is supposed to help with like you know
the workout regimen olestra jazz and I got some protein chips you know for
those who give us you for those of you bodybuilders you know just you’re going
you’re going ape shit on me in the comments I appreciate that but I’m
dedicated to this yeah so Wells Fargo Bank I don’t like them I don’t like the
P Paul stealing selling information this is what they do and they act like they
have to put us through all these different security checks oh yeah we’re
being invaded we’ve got to make sure no one goes in your account well there
ain’t shit in that account that’s a dummy account if you really want to know
it’s got a phone line see what’s going on in the world well I’ll just I’ll just
rant – if I can rant here for an hour and a half on these fucking idiots
idiots Wells Fargo Bank good afternoon talk him out Wells Fargo I hate them oh
you there x17 yes yeah it’s like Boston hey Mike
what’s up man from Beantown are you do you know what’s going on there yeah hey
I just want to make a comment I saw you last night you sliced the end I’ll
explode yeah I mean I tried it I don’t like it because it’s just it made my
head feel kind of light so I’m and now I’ve got some something else HP I have
to give that’s cool but last night’s show the fucking audio in the video is
out of sync so we actually just took it down but yeah I try bad stuff and I got
some other stuff I’m I’m not trying to do too much you know yeah well let me about that I know explodes though that’s
not necessarily the best thing you want to take all on cycle because what that
does is that increases the flow of you know no2 your your blood now you’re on
cycle the amount of blood go to your muscle is increasing substantial you
probably realize I mean since you’ve been working out even noticing an
increased feeling of pump in your arms when you’re working out five sets yeah
okay that’s rock like smashing four bridges a week now funny shit yeah explosive that’s over it so that’s been
maybe to the point where you had too much both your arms thank you should
hurt yeah so yeah right you know but thank you know get to a point in a cycle
where the blood flow is actually going to give it a feel pain and you know in
your back when you do a backward sarted to go buy a weightlifting belt yesterday
can you maybe send me an email and maybe make a recommendation I’m really with
this working out thing I haven’t slacked off yet and I’m going a couple of weeks
now yeah it sounds good man I’d like to hear
you know email you let me know a little bit I like you know what
you know what you got going on with your should I tell you right now what I’m
injecting myself with or should I not do that on the sussed 300 sust 300 that’s
Ramona you know I need that peppermint at the combination that said the work
faster on that there’s a combination hey Mike let me ask you before before I do
too much here um a Wells Fargo any experience with these fucking monsters
that their headquarters is out of San Francisco and they’re always sending me
something about a fucking survey here’s my survey right now to them but any
experience with Wells Fargo I know my wife sees them occurs because apparently
they are all kinds of problems with them I don’t know it’s hard to avoid them
because you know I deal with people that you know they don’t use PayPal or cash
app so I have to you know send funds to them
you know and it’s just I got it can you send it Wells Fargo so I set this little
account up maybe like two years ago and it’s a fucking headache man fucking
headache yeah what my wife her clients at the
same issue and she can’t fantasy she complains every other day so I I stay
away from my good to talk to you man well um send me an email and I will chop
it up thank you oh thank you me okay Mike from boss on the check-in whoa
Wells Fargo just sent me an email I kid you not let me read this we received
your claim inquiry okay yeah I also filed a fucking claim against Netflix
get the fuck out of here with Netflix everything that Netflix has on there I
can watch on five other free movie websites last night I was talking about
this new documentary American Factory for those of you who
you didn’t see last night’s show oh nickel slick Obama and his wife they’re
behind this I’m not gonna go back into it right now but it’s a really good
documentary about a Chinese company fool yeah I think it’s the correct
pronunciation out of a well out of China but they’re in Ohio and we spoke about
it last night and I it’s on Netflix now but I watched it on a free movie site
anyway okay so uh here’s Wells Fargo did you claim inquiry I’ll get back to you
via email I’m silly me thinking I could call someone and have a you know a
decent conversation on a Monday okay hold on a second okay I’ll get that some
other email get back to you guys later okay what is this somebody sent me
something about somebody getting beat up after talking reckless inside a
restaurant okay I like stuff like that on a Monday just it makes me feel good
about my life you know watching people just you know molly-whopped and the dog
shit beat out of them okay I’ll get to that a little bit later thank you so
much all right more phone lines anybody I’m gonna rant about Wells Fargo Bank
good afternoon 6 1 0 Wells Fargo in experiences
experiences can you come closer to the phone so please I know where you going
come closer to the bottom so we can hear you man come on I want to sense you will
face two white girls in Africa come on lion lion saw let’s go who are you
quoting tell the people who you’re quoting come on it’s Monday
why did he hang up why do you call the father of trolling trolling and then you
hang up he was quoting joke no joke so when I dam – his neck very impromptu rant session here not
necessarily a show I’ll see you guys a little later on this evening for a
quote-unquote show also let me ask you guys in case you’ve had time now to
research or if you give a fuck about Colin Kaepernick will he audition will
he meet with anybody from the Indianapolis Colts and who’s the head
coach now I forgot hey listen let me play up myself I saw something on him
with a TMZ this morning Colin Kaepernick working out get a haircut Colin kappa
you look crazy looks crazy you know everything’s a photo op now he probably
doesn’t want to play football anymore you know okay Diddy defends jay-z stop
trashing hope over NFL deal okay so Judy’s coming to a jay-z’s defense
that’s nice used to take a lot of shots at Jigga man yeah he did anybody okay
here it is TMZ calm Colin Kaepernick it’s Jim after Andrew Luck retirement
staying ready he’s getting out of the car looking dead at the camera I was bad
that was staged exclusive why isn’t he working out in some gym somewhere out in
the fucking woods where he can just focus on working out why is it always
you know a camera needed is there some new sneaker coming out of some some
silly shit pardon me folks I’m due some little extra right now good morning oh
good afternoon talking about Wells Fargo Bank and Colin
Kaepernick good afternoon seven seven zero oh you know Yes No
maybe what’s poppin stars Quan hey what’s up me how you man see you
enjoying the line of shit I came here to get it in man to get that bag you know
and in the meantime I’m gonna like you know just do me a little bit but yeah
you know Wells Fargo man in experiences yeah actually my mother brother man just
got hired there and I hate all the banks because they really wasted time but
Wells Fargo what these are they bought our walk holy I hear right and I hate it
Wachovia my mom that’s my mom’s Bank so anytime I had to go in there like do
stuff for her they waste the most time because I gotta make America that’s one
of the things I got all right be my nigga I’d be here you already know I’d
actually go yeah could add a little college sponsor but yeah well it’s hard
one man really a Wichita man um they really be trying to be our prestigious
but then they really a lot of times his life is slow I’ll be wondering how they
hire my hotel they be Harnish it except my brother he starts Wednesday I really
want to find out like hot actually goes up in there because well listen I’m sure
the people that go in there to work are good natured people but they become
assimilated they become something else you know I was talking to that one of
the guys this morning and he’s reading from a fucking scrap reading from the
script and he was trying to talk through me
and I said excuse me excuse me and he just kept talking I said well the
customer’s always right but you do battle Oh customer’s always right shit
is out the window can you say yeah it’s a photo cuz a they
forget that you human so then when you a cow or you say a curse word that’s their
excuse to get rid of you you don’t actually go I think I’d be better off
talking to a fucking uh an algorithm now who wears before I hated you know I mean
now I’m better off I I mean shit everybody’s ever I could plan about a
little stuff check out at the stone I love you don’t say I gotta bother nobody
I get what I need to do I can read and I know how to follow instructions and I’m
not I’m not the fucking do it anytime you need help from another human then
you know that’s whenever I get you hang on a second you sent me a super chair is
that you Bubba Kwan pack your things taking you looking for that out at the
heatwave oh let’s go let’s go on to Monday maybe
that’ll put me in a better place can you tell the people what is you sent me
thank you things taking you Oh
the trip ain’t no seat uh-huh oh we got hands and feet Nick I’m 29 brother I’m
old so but oh that was this shit that was a shit yeah like my 70s but p’mote
dog Thank You Man thank you for your contribution salute you all right yeah
all right you know joke is too homey I’m not gonna
get into you know how he pulled out the cannon on dame – but damn I started to
text him and say choke you good but I just said let me just fallback him on my
business yeah he went ape shit you’re an ape shit give me a sec I’m coming – all
the phone lines and guys again last night
we had issues with the audio in the video so I just I threw the whole
fucking show away I saved the file but I just no sense of
like you know just having a bad representation about what we’re doing
now the numbers are up thank you you know hey there’s enough good afternoon
sir star be careful getting your heart rate up with all that protein powder and
Popeyes in your system grab some of that Donald Duck orange juice and relax I do go see a doctor I’ve never had a
high blood pressure I don’t come from a family that has high blood pressure but
I only got that Popeyes because of the show in case you didn’t hear me last
night I ate the spicy chicken sandwich and the other one after that shit in the
woods I now got a coyote problem here where I live the Coyotes came back I
threw the chicken sandwich in the woods late Friday night Saturday when I was
driving up the driveway I saw two coyotes just sitting there just looking
to me as if to say what’s poppin bitch nigga don’t make us run up in the house
but thank you for your super chat just notice good afternoon sir hello mr. mr.
roids terrain did you did you get your ROI pills from what is it who’s this
okay no I don’t want to make anybody’s name sir thank you very much I’m
taking pills I take in Pilsen pay attention so I said sussed 300s us t 300
hey I guess I’m sure on my desk here hold on a second because the people do
give me stuff you’re talking about pills what is this year somebody gave me some
viagra I don’t need this shit never took that shit
cialis the people who gave me that should have like 15 years younger than
me and somebody even said hey get some or they gave me this power loved onei
none of that shit especially not now with this shit I’m working with thank
you for your donation I’ll come back to the super tech show let’s go to area
code three one four good afternoon Oh Wells Fargo Robbin people what say
you three one four hey hey oh you do moving slow okay yeah I love it
hey what’s up man hello how are you I’m good what we tell my with Fargo we’re
talking about Wells Fargo where are you out coming in from three one four what
every code is that okay Jemma the home of young ill a verb young healer pit man
hollow one of my favorite Arab right now haver yes sir yes sir which meant a verb
does B murder move in and look see the King right now you know hey Bert the
King right now in st. Louis okay no battle rap what’s going on what you mean
we talked about well Wells Fargo you had any problems with them I hate them
nah man it’s a if you will well as for goes I got a couple I tease that you
know on sand work for man ah but now I will as far go like that like two on the
st. Louis okay say heaven pharmacy thanks though so I don’t think there’s a
Wells Fargo thing no sir I think it’s Wells Fargo I’m jumping out the window
and I’m saying you know they’re doing a lot and it really fucked
up my morning I’m supposed to be in the gym right now it’s Monday
you know I’m sitting here in the afternoon ranching damn near having a
meltdown its Wells Fargo yeah Wachovia back in the days you know I had
a couple of issues there because you know Wachovia I don’t know how old you
are but while copia was on that shit where they tried to call everybody by
their first name hi Troy hi Mike you know that was annoying
well where I lived in Pennsylvania but you know Wells Fargo is just you know
putting people through all sorts of security protocol in yadda yadda yadda
and then stealing from you yeah man you see we’ll get you a suit box and put
some money on your beer to some store in a closet the phone all right don’t mess
with on banks Thank You Man thank you hey also I mentioned this last night
briefly uh Saturday my fucking day was disrupted and then yesterday I had to
just I had to take it down Wow left the program I don’t know what
to say I don’t know what to say I don’t know what to say good support team of
people sometimes you just have to get out of a certain fucking area sometimes
you have to realize that the people around you are maggots scum of the earth
demons witches and warlocks you have to be able to see them for who they who and
what they truly are I’ll just say that right now you know he and I don’t dump
on each other but yeah he left the program that’s all I can say text him
what motherfuckers all day yesterday lord have mercy hey also a Colin
Kaepernick will the Colts hire him if you have time to call in Colin
Kaepernick well the Indianapolis Colts even entertain him if not tell me why
and can someone check on his girlfriend I was her name
is she up or up on the gram already doing doing too much
didn’t she fuck up the other deal supposedly allegedly with the Baltimore
Ravens hold on a second let me just double-check this I’m just fucked up my
morning Wells Fargo area code 201 good afternoon 201 talk about Wells
Fargo and Colin Kaepernick this is a meltdown showy there 201 no let’s get
you let’s go David code nine three six nine three six good afternoon
are you there this is Ari Gold hey baby how are you it’s frustrating I watch you
all the time and I’ll come here we got oh come on come on I’m listening
come on okay all day um they are crazy yeah when you turn that down in the
background just talk to me on the phone but turn the laptop with a computer down
you don’t hear that echo you know I’m right here I’m right here okay well not
annoying okay so you were saying well ugly you know that’s what I want to talk
about I we had them before my husband defeat and they have my old mortgage and
they did not pay out more fee to a couple times when we had the money in
the bank and everything well so they are going through some changes without
himself because well forgotten we had a lot of people stealing money out of
people account yeah so make sure you check them that’s a fact
are you comparing they are going on fire they don’t even know what they’re doing
over there if I were you I will change bank and take your mortgage and put it
for whatever I don’t know what you’re thinking I don’t I don’t have a mortgage
I haven’t had a mortgage in years but hang on a second stay with me stay with
me they know exactly they know what they’re doing they’re very crafty yeah
they do do they know what they doing oh that’s why they have such a level of
arrogance and when they talk to you know to us that they’re reading from the
paper and don’t you dare interrupt when they’re reading because then they look
at you as if you’re a vet who’s got the problem exactly oh my husband deceased a
year and a half ago and I was the administrator of their account and I had
to go through all kinds of changes with them to get their money out of the bank
and I was the administrator of the accounts and then I had the school do
and tell them what the process was because really all I needed was one
sheet of paper and I had control over everything they still try to make me go
through some changes so I switched bank it took all over them you had power of
attorney but you know truthfully somebody probably uh you know borrowed
or debited those funds to their account and they just needed a little time to
put it back yeah okay I will I was in power of attorney I was the executive in
other words I was his wife so I was picked to apply for a bigger deal space
so I correct that okay there was other people there was also having problems
self problem yeah yeah and they never got it they didn’t they close their
accounts and they got new bank cards and everything but they see where Fargo of
Wachovia still had problems with online debiting and people charging and taking
people money out of their account yeah well I don’t use Wells Fargo that often
it’s not my main bank it’s it’s not even it’s not even my secondary bank I use it
for small online transactions and I which I subscribe to a match calm you
know I gotta start dating women you know you know over forty I said well let me
just call them make sure that you know nobody is you know uh they didn’t double
bill me you know because I know they’ve been on some bullshit too based upon
some of the reviews that I read yes I’m I’m not using them become anything other
than you know fit a fifteen hundred dollar purchase that’s it either way
small a large if I were you I went doable well Fargo
okay listen don’t it’s my chair it’s Monday I don’t hold you up to too long I
appreciate you calling have a great day as they say have a blessed day
and thank you for listening okay in the bar
yes I’m rude Hey okay all right what state you calling from
what state I’m Virginia I’m living just the Virginia about 20 minutes away from
Richmond okay Mary yes you say that your husband
passed are you single what’s going on with you
I’m single my husband passed a year may have to go okay I just thought it’d be
get out and do things I don’t you know with certain situation you know finances
so I’m like do you like to go scuba diving like I used to do horseback
riding or anything like that I do horseback riding I played golf I’d
do some everything you can find me on Facebook okay can you send me an email
and if you come to Atlanta let’s see if we can have a cup of coffee or something
yeah I’ve been alone a few times in the past when I used to do a lot of
traveling before my husband got sick indistinct oh he’s with Jesus now that’s
a good thing you send me an email us unless let’s talk about it I appreciate
you listening okay thank you okay thank you look yes better yes ma’am I don’t do
coffee you have to do a food dinner date and trust me you would be glad to be
seen out in public with me I’m not a beauty spa but I’m getting ready no girl
okay okay I appreciate to go send that email please all right thank you for
taking my call thank you doing thank you for taking my call yes you guys thank
you okay my whole day has been thrown off I got past the whole buckwild thing
from the weekend you know I figured Monday I get back into the groove give me a second what is this another
email from Wells Fargo what is this investigation has been
completed thank you for your patience and the time required to review your
claim we have completed our investigation of this claim and
determined that an error did occur well we have sent a letter by mail with the
details of our investigation okay so I guess I gotta call them again so they
caught Netflix huh may quit Netflix on that bullshit fuck out of here with
Netflix fuck out of here who’s this somebody talking about a workout tip
natural shit no man or ma’am whoever you are listen I’m 55 I had a liver
transplant back in 2008 I don’t believe in love but I’m fortunate to even be
alive I got no time to be playing around with pills and you know hurled herbal
remedies oh no a little silly shit I go right into the fucking bloodline bow
let’s go back to the phone lines here am i doing too much this afternoon area
code nine one seven is Colin Kaepernick I’m gonna meet with the Colts nine one
seven hey wait wait a minute wait a minute now are you in the Bronx are you
just from the Bronx living someplace else yeah I’m from the Bronx but right
now I’m working you know I mean I’m working so you know I got one job okay
no but I mean do you still live in the Bronx or are you just from there and
you’re living in a different state okay okay now before we talk about Colin
Kaepernick or anything else did you did you see these niggas run down in broad
daylight and some other platforms
they robbed the jewelry store now I’m talking about in New York oh oh hi I
haven’t been up on the later you know fuckin we going on but uh yeah that’s
his video they’re wearing locks and all sorts of shit in it enemies my
antemasque used because they look like BX niggas different from Brooklyn niggas
that’s it so long anyway okay okay well you know Jay Jay Z is uh you know out
there on the front lines good man jay-z and if I haven’t said this before you
know he’s um in my opinion a man of integrity we may not appreciate
everything he does or how he moves but I think at his core he’s trying to do the
right thing at his core necessary resources to be
able to be the right thing and at the end earth a we’re all kind of you know
at some beatdown caught somewhere altruistic honey so you know I mean it’s
not a big deal you know but anyway you know okay cool
Bitcoin Bitcoin pretty man yes sir sure
I mean fine those bags for a fucking database you need to watch some server
farm in Minnesota and then hackers in Bangladesh you still here for selling
the right back in Brooklyn acres you know ii stay there because you know
people have approached me about bitcoins and like and i just i’m a very
methodical mover i don’t try and just you know do a whole lot of extra shit
too fast you feel me but you know someone was talking to me and a really
really good guy that i know he sent me some really great information and wings
and stuff like that is this your world that you’re trying to
other people i want to send me email if you want to talk about some possible
business if you want me to help you promote your platform you know i’ll work
at a deal with you but i just i can’t really just you know slow the whole show
down about send me e-mail though thank you man
thank you yes sir okay thank you I think he’s an African them Africans
come over here little all sorts of crazy shit you American blacks you just you
don’t you don’t see the big picture let’s go – here we go five six – hey
good afternoon five six – Wells Fargo doing too much five six – are you there
all right let’s get you out of there area code six seven eight good afternoon turn it down the background please oh
hey good afternoon who’s this it’s max from a a hey man chill it was good
Wells Fargo got me all riled the fuck up Manya’s fucked up my whole itinerary
this morning I was going to the gym you know well it’s like the matrix you know
some at some point you do have to at least step in there I mean I don’t use
them for anything too heavy but I have other people that I do business with so
it’s easier if I can just send them a Wells Fargo transfer so that’s how I’m
even you know dealing with them yeah Colin Kapernick any thoughts is he going
to the Colts trying to get how you doing right now how about we start there what
are you doing it’s Monday uh are you doing moving kind
of slow film it down cylinders got a cloudy you brother give it a minute
Oh beauty targets you workout in yeah I’m trying to get just tone I’m not
trying to get to brolic you know but my body’s been through two ish nobody’s
been through too much if I can just you know stay tone
I’m good you feel me yeah yeah you know it’s really good
with the workout finish it sounds gay I’m not really with with that sort of
stuff but uh thank you tell me bust him dig up on the ground but where we going
are we going that’s lava gunshots oh yah yah I gotta go man thank you let’s get
him out of here man up on the gram shit you got a super check in cash yet
brother mo good afternoon sir he says did you do to my money is in a shoe box
with the Blackie and Plan B pills okay okay another Wells Fargo three three
emails already account temporarily credited I’m not gonna get to gas
because I’ve seen that happen in the past and then they fucking take the
money back out but right now they’ve given me a credit fuck out of here I
still don’t fuck with you I still don’t fuck with you did you do everything Hey
everything she said star got all the holes calling them for dates pay
attention well this I appreciate any and everybody you know checking in saying
that they do watch and listen to the show on a consistent basis and it’s not
like I’m married with you know the fucking nagging wife or ex-wife and a
bunch of kids meant to have kids but you know yeah if she uh if he pops up in the
ATL I got time for coffee I’m not one of them Fugazi niggas but
thank you evany for your cash Abdul and thank you so much call in a second let
me make sure they miss me a super judge who’s my water fuck
so to every Co 309 good afternoon talking about Wells Fargo robbing people
blind so I always bitch them in that’s right yeah that’s what I do it’s Monday minute it’s Monday calling
me don’t call me if you don’t like my photo
call me bitch boy okay you want you me you saying that donation here gotta say
get out of here abz 1993 sister I was watching a video clip of that okay you
meant to say light-skinned or skinhead okay Adam 22 laughing and joking talking
about how he only paid Dame Dash 500 to do an interview shaking my head really I
didn’t know that Wow please send me that link please send me that link so the
white boy who got all this motherfucking traction off of that interview that
shipment viral Wow he’s now sitting around ki King and tokuma he gave Dame
500 oh man so I guess my video where I where I asked the question did J’s I’m
sorry did aim – what was that title that video did Damon – exposed jay-z or
himself if this is true is let me looking live
Chad let me check I see my troll baby say is that true anybody see Adam 22 or
is it was the caller gist motion don’t tell me damn took 500 to go sit down
with a white boy and then come at the black man’s neck oh shit Jason Jeremy
says r.i.p – oh no Brian Diaz says it’s true okay somebody else bigwig says fake
news just send me the link please people have a lot of conflicting accounts of
what happened i watch the interview yes I did legendary proof says sus 300 question
mark no anti estrogen estrogen for me blows Fargo is Gorp garbage they’ll
draft your account then five more times back to back
right sir I spelled it out it’s s us T you forgot the T thank you for the super
chat but you forgot the T susta gemstar assist our leave that sweet woman and
her life-insurance money alone you fucker you fucking pimp gem star hey you
know I’m still looking to go on a date in Atlanta um to a church I’m a
non-believer but I mean I enjoy you know certain outings that are you know
peaceful did I tell you guys I am I can’t do the mary j blige concert that’s
tonight I have an early dinner a business dinner I should be able to do a
show tonight but yeah I just I can’t do mary j blige all that like complainin uh
Thank You gem store for your donation Diego good afternoon Diego says I used
to have Wells Fargo until my girls seen all that snitch networks transactions
she thought something was wrong and we changed banks Wow okay Thank You Diego
yeah that’s my one of my company’s the snitch Network it’s gonna area code four
one five is that nomad Nick oh and five are you there home in five hello hello
hello in five pick it up pick it up no good mana do you go to every code eight
six zero eight zero you there yeah sorry hey hey hey Oh can you help me hey can
you hear me Thank You me you good afternoon perfect it’s Terri Cox how are
you hey Jerry how are you a long time I know it’s been a billion years I go back
to work tomorrow I’m glad that I got you nice really quick but I only call I only
caught up for one thing but I did see that that jewelry that’s pick up is in
New York this morning on the news did you see one
of the guys in the corner star with us with the trinny flag yeah did you see
the other guy in the bucket hat looking straight up in the camera yes again yes
yeah right right they just came in to grab some our watches and keep them
moving they weren’t they were trying to hide a thing he’s gonna eat so yeah I
thought fuck you’re not I mean you know they mean so the other thing so I hear
you’re going back and forth with all these dating websites and whatever have
you see if you can check this one out write it down it’s not highly advertised
or anything like that it’s strictly for professionals and it’s called
it’s just lunch it’s just lunch it’s just a lunch so it’s for busy it’s for
busy professional people and you know you you they set up the profile and
whatever have you they make the match and they set up a lunch date or whatnot
for the individuals and you go from there it’s just people who it sounds
like some type of escort thing and I’m that into that I just I just want to
have nice conversation you know go to a concert look up maybe go up a kayaking
or something I don’t hear no bitch talk him out you
know she’s she’s jet-setting and she needs a somebody parent no no I didn’t I
didn’t get that feeling from it and it’s just that the other ones that you’ve
been you know plenty of fishes and trash yeah I’ve had girlfriends who tried them
all and it’s just lunch I mean you know I have friends who just don’t have time
for the okey-doke and it worked out pretty okay so I may check it out but
I’ve already subscribed to so I’ll keep you posted but listen
how’s the teaching going um it’s coping it’s going great I had a great year last
year that I’m looking forward to the new batch you
know next week good times education is is is changing let’s just say that so
you know it so when I see you again we’ll definitely have you know a mini
conversation on that because it’s very disheartening sometimes I’m sure she
talked to other folks in the industry another thing that’s pretty
disheartening star apparently you know we always talk about you know every
nominally when I get to talk to you about what’s going on in my homeland and
Jamaica right I’m telling you yeah the the gay thing is just it’s just it’s
wide open out there as you said there’s no one that can walk around saying we
don’t believe in this we don’t believe in that it’s a wide-open star no one is
hiding anything anymore everyone has been a dress and a wig and makeup just
the other day I don’t remember I know that you watch a lot of documentaries I
don’t know if you remember the documentary with with the gay guys
living in the gutter I spoke about that maybe last year I forget the name of
that but those guys are they out of the gutter now just all over the place so
the so the United States offered a lot of them asylum here are right there in
on New York mmm-hmm and they’re carrying on yet they their arms they got their
food stamps and they got their own apartment the whole nine yards and
they’re just and dressing up that night and and and going out into the city and
doing what they do and and I’m just waiting for them to contribute to
society well listen I have no problem with how people live their lives you
know it’s it’s so layered that conversation I mean I’ve interviewed so
many different Jamaican artists and different writers from Jamaica as well
so you know times are changing I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing but I
appreciate you you know keeping me at the speed is capable can still go in ten
toes down or is he singing a different – now he and I sat down he was going he
wasn’t with the fucker II haven’t heard a thing but you know who told that who
said that you know that reggae is at a point where everyone should come out of
the closet now Islam is uh oh my god he’s uh he’s a mate with Queen I frico
Tony rebel Tony remember Tony rebel from the nineties yeah yeah he said and then
he come out he came out husband on IG and in his makeup in his wig and his uh
co-signing GG mine business co-signing it huh yeah yeah a couple times I mean
like you said you know you know power to whatever they choose to do I’m just
saying if you if you get an opportunity like asylum and you come and as soon as
you get here you get all these benefits and whatnot it’s time to go figure some
things out now you said this the conversation is layered in the sense
that it’s hard for trans people to get work right hang on a second before I let
you go hold on okay yeah that conversation we can come back to that
did you see or are you up to speed on Ziggy Marley saying that his father Bob
Marley allowed him to smoke you know marijuana as young as being nine years
of age did you see that no we can hear that the hater misses
nothing if you go to the griot comm I think it was the griot yes okay Ziggy
Marley I mean I don’t know what he’s trying to I don’t know I don’t know
cloud chasing them maybe he’s just saying you know he I think he said he
wishes he hadn’t started smoking weed that early Ziggy Marley said that about
Bob Marley so that by week or so ago yes you know those I honestly sorry I think
those boys keep their pinky toe in the house of Bob and the rest of their body
like out in the world at this point you know I I feel like there’s so many holes
that we can poke in their situation at this point to say that they sold out so
you know it is where there’s as far as Colin Kaepernick
we don’t care if he please or not anymore no one cares anymore it’s oh
fuck yeah I guess you know it’s either you get a job or you don’t and if you
don’t get a job it’s been a couple years now go find something else over it
Terry good talking to you dollar thank you for your support as always take care
they probably pick your size I know yadi Queen very nice woman we had a
lunch myself and her and number nine mmm a couple years back homeless English again if you missed last night’s show I
spoke about this new documentary called American Factory I recommend it for
those who like documentaries um the Obamas are behind it former President
Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama Barack Obama who was
waving the flag heavy for a global economy
mm-hmm Paris check let me just double check something missing guys so we’ll double check something come
back to that every code four and five that’s a little poem 500 you there yes
hey afternoon how are you hello hey alright alright I just want to speak
about Wells Fargo please a lady called in earlier and mentioned
that she was the administrator of her estate yes what she’s saying yes can you
turn that down the background please so it doesn’t feedback turn down please
okay okay you were saying what now officer yeah 40 yeah in the Bay Area San
Francisco and I haven’t had a problem if you if you have an account with Wells
Fargo and anything and you are create the account with PLD pay on their
beneficiary you have no problem getting your money okay and these days with all
I’m thinking I mean you can check your account as much as you want find out you
know what’s going on I caught so many errors on my account but was able to
have them you know correct my everything just online banking some people oh I
don’t want to do online banking but that’s the best way to go these days
yeah notice I hear what you’re saying and we have been forced into online
banking you know but I don’t know that the details of that female who called in
about her situation but I’m griping oh yes I’m raping I’m ranting because I
have seen I have I have been on the end a Wells Fargo ditional manhandling me
forcing me forcing me to set up an itinerary because I was traveling and
because I didn’t want to tell them what state I’m going to then well you know
somebody could take your card and use your card
you know just it’s too much you say you’ve been with them for 40 years Wells
Fargo yeah I try what happened to me I had an experience about that travel
thing they have now I was in Miami for three days then I was in the Bahamas
Cindy and I was up in northern Florida and they called me they locked me out of
my account but the good thing about it if someone had you know if there had
been a breach so I understand that with me traveling sometimes my credit card
I’m a credit card person and they’re called me a lot me a lot in there so
just give me your I can’t worry which I do and then there is no problem because
my car was stolen recently with some personal information and I have to keep
tabs on what’s going on why hear what you’re saying but you know
everybody doesn’t want to give out their location and tell what it is that
they’re doing and they don’t want a corporation such as Wells Fargo to know
every goddamn thing sometimes I like to hang out with the scandalous whore and I
want that whore to be everything she wants to be and I don’t know nobody
knowing you know what it is that me and her may or may not be doing it’s
nobody’s goddamn business well when we using debit cards and
credit cards they keeping up with everything you do they know your
location my mother train I like to take cash out
of the ATM machine and just you know slide off nobody’s goddamn business but
sometimes I go get the cash that I can’t get the cash that’s part of my problem
and here is the last thing I’ll say you know respectful you still work there you
still work there no I’ve never worked I’m just a customer I’m just a customer
but at 40 years but don’t you work there I thought I was talking this man who
worked in no never worked for I wouldn’t want to work
for Wells Fargo I’m just a customer if I said over 40 years and I’m just saying
some other things my personal experience that I have in today’s technology they
track enough in everything we do yeah I again that’s part of the problem
or a big part of the problem with many people it’s a privacy issue and it’s not
that I’m it’s not I’m sneaking up doing anything you know I’m not committing
crimes or anything I’m just just saying hello everybody my god Barrett you’ve
accepted that that’s that’s wet that’s that’s part of the problem you’ve
accepted that that’s said I’ll give a last word though I have nothing I can
what can I do about it what can I do about it I mean in today everything we
do it but digital right now okay I mean I was talking to I was talking to
someone on the phone about a situation they had with a brief and these title
companies not someone tried to steal their house what type of work do you do
ma’am if I can just jump here because I thought you worked at Wells Fargo what
is it you do I’m retired okay yeah okay but anyhow well there is
something that you can do about it and I just again right now I’m just ranting
I’m not trying to find all these solutions how to take down Wells Fargo
I’m just venting my frustrations but I thank you for my right and help people
there’s not able to stand up for their you know help them know so there you go
so that’s what I’m saying it’s you know there’s nothing wrong with standing up
how old you can I ask 65 65 do you remember the movie with Norma Rae with
it’s called Norma Rae with Sally Field was a 78 79 you should know that one
what was the name of him I think the film was called Norma Rae
Sally Field she did something she stood up member held up that sign Union no how
do you out for sure there you go yeah don’t accept every goddamn thing but
listen I gotta go Donna thank you so much for calling thank you thank you
okay get that donation here she retired she get that check what I think she
worked at Wells Fargo I’m am i doing too much hey Jennifer thank you for your
donation darling she says boss nigga when is the meet-and-greet I will have
an update tomorrow Jennifer I have a producer working on it here in Atlanta
we had to switch locations you know this I’m looking for something
very very particular and the place that we had it just wasn’t it Paper Planes
good afternoon sends in a super chat star Adam 22 gave Dame – 504 haircut and
hide what haircut and ride to interview whoa let me be this again you guys you
have to send me the link Adam 22 gave Dame – five hundred for a haircut and a
ride to the interview stop it stop it damn come on my man okay okay thank you
uh hey Tamika Thank You doll okay Tameka just sent me the link thank you guys I
have the link please don’t a bunch people send me the links no what is this
now I get Apple ID talking about my Apple ID has been locked I don’t have a
fucking Apple ID you see you start fucking around with Wells Fargo you
start getting all sorts of other’s shit what is this
I’ll come back to some of the email psych oh good afternoon sir he says fuck
Wells Fargo in the banking system 911 – that’s what I’m talking about malleus
chop this up psycho good afternoon sir how are you psycho yeah man listen I’m a
little Aggie you know I’m ranging I’m damn gonna having a meltdown
Wells Fargo just got me really fucked up this morning what do you want to start
first I want to start in paying everybody for forward when own people
was still in epilation let me send me a bullshitter and check like you know you
stole all my motherfucking personal information or do you think I’m supposed
to get a $20 back saying thanks immediately man really called out over
the chair fucking bankers man because you know we will never win with that
shit unless unless we just go back to gold or some bullshit like that you know
but on I want to say I’m sorry about buck wild man but but you just got to
let him find his own way no well I’m not gonna speak on what’s going on but you
know he always tells me to keep people up to speed
he tells me that so it’s not like I’m just he just talking you know I fucked
with the big home the AOP psycho at the beginning that’s a home it was when it
cooked it yeah well it come to that kind of shit here to be like people need to
be solitary sober and celibate yeah that’s probably what fuck need to follow
that man and then either help he’s not a whole lot that shit helped me in the
past well I’ll let him call in if and when he
wants to call in and tell you guys again he always tells me you know tell people
I said what’s up and I say you sure man you want me telling people what you
doing he said yeah man go fuck him but I’m not putting his business at the I’m
just saying what he said to let people know you know in terms of as well be
good so yeah yeah right with regard to colin kaepernick do you think the Colts
are gonna fuck with him or what they’ll need to fuck with that’s all fast maybe
you know chop it all right yeah yeah oh no only hi-yah god fuck what they do although fag oh I hope you get a job but
maybe we did you get that job we need to know how much stuff okay shut the fuck
up that we need Aloe yeah you know I think he’s already got a job with night fucking like you good like you still
make all the Jersey yeah you know please and thank you cut all that hick man get
off me you know I’m gonna watch that video right right after we finish your
show here cuz I’m gonna try and make it to the gym before my for my dinner
meeting but I’m gonna watch that video man thank you for your call yeah good on
how old are you how old are you I’m 35 man well I’m 34 be 35 in January so I
didn’t say 35 and then shit all over this y’all would he go all right yeah
Thank You Man thank you I’m up stuff yes I’m up a lot hold on this all slow days
down here hold on a second let me see you maybe I can just turn the volume
down don’t tell me to why boys now clowning
Dame – okay okay Adam 22 my Dame – interview went viral
reacting to the hate okay this is 12 minutes Thank You Tameka
I’ll check this out after the show is he is he clowning Dame or what’s going on $500
now respectfully respectfully and I forget what Dame had an issue with Vlad
something about monetizing Yatta Yatta Yatta and so maybe maybe maybe the 500
is you know maybe Dame just said I got some shit to get off my chest and it’s
not really about the money just you know just pay for drinks and some food and
transportation not necessarily hurting for $500 maybe sometimes you know people
say it’s dark can we get on the phone I’ll see them send $150 you know now
I’ll find the time to talk to you something like that you know but I gotta
watch this unless you guys tell me different if you say no start he’s
clowning game I won’t know what to say I’ll check it out tonight though hold on
a second okay someone sent me a new banner Hey
good to go Publishing thank you I got your email see if I can get this on the
show hold on guys hold on give me a second see if I can get down on one
right after we finish here it’s go to area code nine five one
good evening nine good afternoon pardon me nine five one talking about Wells
Fargo Bank I hate him what say you hey good afternoon all right hey after
dad actually was employed with us with them I live in Minnesota with them from
2007 2013 okay okay yeah so I was a part of the phase where they had really high
pressure um sales tactic and what they’re called
is daily solutions and as a result of that happen yeah hey you guys you were
touching on a little lady that is retired but has been active with them
for 40 years yeah what they do is that when they find out
people are going to be traveling even a connoisseur constantly around the
country it’s not the world they would say they wouldn’t pressure us to set up
multiple banking accounts that would be kind of titled as travel
accounts and those who go for daily solutions so what they would do is they
would have us find out if there was a vacation coming up or some of the
businessman is always out and about penny has a joint account with his wife
we would then the pressure to set up an individual account and you know say
basically it’s been a safe it’s going to be a safe harbor for you to not have to
worry about any type of fraud detection if it doesn’t affect your main account
site and God willing if they did have any brought we would have to completely
set up a whole new banking account for him and wife yes there’s a lot of things
that Wells Fargo has done for a while result of that I don’t know if you’ve
been into a Wells Fargo within the last couple years well I mean none of this
surprises me and again I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer but you
know it’s I don’t use them for any real heavy traffic I just I have a small
personal account there and I have a very small online business that I use Wells
Fargo for it’s not my my primary bank I would never use them for like you know
very very heavy traffic but um I’m not surprised at this I mean I was trying to
buy a refrigerator here in Atlanta a couple of months ago and the goddamn
card was declined now there was a lot of money on the card not gonna say how much
but you know they wouldn’t let me charge $600 they twisted my arm to tell them
how long I was gonna be in Atlanta before they would let that purchase go
through yep they consider it all suspicious activity on the account so
you contacted some ways and now they’ve kind of had to restructure the way that
they do their daily failed and so forth so now they don’t focus on the baling
solution they more focused on the customer service aspect so they won’t
throw profits under throw but they will do their best to get you kind of going
in conversation so they get up cross sale that’s what they try to do now
there was a huge major lawsuit that a guy was talking about might have been
related to him but my my future in-laws received like two hundred dollars about
a year or two ago from what Wells Fargo was turned
WFTS which is called fargo tiller services an auto program and they were
actually found guilty of the the information for all of their
customers that have applied and been approved for auto loans
yeah yeah yeah the biggest commodity is information so I have no doubt that
they’re that they are at the forefront of you know sharing information I have
no doubt about that but how long did you say you worked there for close to three
years over three years yeah I worked there for hum and I’m in Minnesota I
work up there Twin Cities region’s from 2010 points are teen I myself okay had a
bank account established at them in 1992 and in 9 2013 about a year after close
to a year after I was on employed I was out of the victim of a check tighten
that was done incorrectly it was all Fargo something called dual control were
requires a manager level presence all ever heard of that before he did catch
you yeah so I I had someone that I trusted provided me a cashier’s check
and like I said I’ve got a bank account with him for over 15 years
they were my only bank that I went through a multiple products attendant
and they’ll be messed up on their back end come to find out a guy was do any
job tighten my process with his friends I
was one of the victims and I think they took about $26,000 in the cashier’s
check which you know should be a guaranteed negotiable I’m sure you’re
aware of cash again and I lost about four thousand dollars in the process and
had to go to court and had to fight it and spend additional one so I mean did
you get your money back in the worst way by them absolutely not do so the only
thing that I was able to do is not because they were going to try to go
after me as far as the carding process goes what I found out because I worked
there I knew their internal services the person was caught on camera all the
liveness themselves so they did an illegal act that person was fired and
the manager was crushed and heavily over at my good friend of mine knew the
manager yeah so it was a big problem with them internally but you know I
guess my point of men who say they can’t be trusted specifically yeah I think
that they’re too big of a corporation they’re 167 years old founded in 1818 52
they’re too big they’re too greedy so they’re never gonna you know connect to
you know then the real needs of the the smaller working class you know I’m
saying if you ask me by me you know thank you for calling it thank you yeah
thank you have good yes sir all right I lost money fuckin around with them twelve hundred dollars a couple years
ago I don’t even get into the details of it I got caught slippin know some online
shit it had to do with some car parts I got the parts I’ll just say that I took
the beating us you know what fuck him rondell um good afternoon sir he says
power love question mark oh no star Thank You Man
what is it somebody’s sending me something hey dawn thank you for your
email what it’s just uh okay I’ll try and watch that a little bit later on
this evening thank you doing okay Rhonda what are you talking about ma’am I’m a
little confused he sent another catch up thank you so much okay what is this Dame
– again oh wow I’m something starting to see a lot of stuff here day my nigga –
tell me you’d tell me – why pudding give you 500 to sit there and say all that
stuff damn come on my nigga Wow even if game would have taken $2,500
would it have made a difference that’s the question
2500 as opposed to 500 would that even look crazier shit
I’m not gonna play the audio on the show here because I don’t play that game at
YouTube fuck hey Ronnie Thank You Ronnie sent me a uh an email says yeah I’ve
heard about that in the past a Wells Fargo fined five hundred and seventy
five million dollars by all 50 states back in 2018 I’m not surprised
I’ve heard the horror stories over the years so I I know what I’m dealing with
don’t get it fucked up I knew what I was dealing with so to some degree I’m
ranting and I knew what it was I knew what it was but again I was just calling
them to say about hey you know I just subscribed to and I don’t want
to get caught like you know some fucking triple billing fucked up my Monday yes
they did Oh Ronnie sent me another email Thank
You Ronnie Wells Fargo find one billion dollars for
insurance and mortgage abuses I believe it quad deer am i saying your name right
sir quad dear peace nice name fuck Adam 20 to end aim call me Q from
BK pick up nine away okay let’s see if we can get Q on the line hey Q was that
you 908 from became peaceful oh yes sir a peace how are you man thanks for your
account yet no man listen I just want to sound man you know when you see
something attached you will star and the first thing you think of first thing I
thought it was like damn Dave Bing gave this negative platform yeah
so then I dare not get him watching the whole interview thing looking for
charters you know I mean not service heartedly name looking crazy happens
it’s in there and I watched him interviews he look at black man crazy
he always manipulator to be honest he probably did take the 500 from Dane Dane
probably desperate to get some type of clout and doing a lot of clout shake
hang on a second you said he probably probably did take two 515 I thought Adam
22 paid aim the 500 nothing I said the aim probably probably misspoke but
that’s about it that’s okay okay he probably definitely
put some probably different physics or change we wanted to give them a couple
grams that are dust go weed at the end gave him nigga shorts but those niggas
shorts right at the end of you was trying to be honest and I know I know it
had to hit everybody does come in their name wasn’t on the rata rah-rah birthday
and it’s like there’s a he’s looking crazy a Coronel I just really don’t like
I won two women speaking with the brothers or the black men really trying
to get off stormy out there ice bat boy see you said he went really well I will
say this Adam 22 is consistent because you know he he pulled out the middle he
stuck a knife and DJ academics back you remember he did a story he had academics
picture up there talked him out taking money in college in there on the law I’m
not calling him a racist no just to be burnt I think he you know might just
look down on black girls cuz it was a point where game actually how much
making of this might be no like again until combo with businessman at a prior
interview he was talking through what I could do about this it’s like yeah I’m
not doing that we make 400 assumptions and when he first started straight up so
damn like a Wonderbread like Anjali wasn’t
our money which is my right absolutely the bar by God or the photo of you don’t
feel like I’m not even subscribed says I really have a subscribe samples of my
hair about from back then you actually heard because I haven’t watched a video
yet you actually heard I have Adam 20 to say I gave Damon – $500 you heard that what I’m saying is he probably did and
dang probably did take the end of people 5 on it ok
listen man thank you for your cash app I’m gonna get some my on the line that
can confirm because otherwise I gotta play it during the show man but thank
you peace ok ok Lord Jesus I don’t have time to listen
to it right now you know I want to put that audio on my
show but can somebody confirm calling to confirm don’t white boy now stick the
knife and Dame dashes back hey Cody is at you every code six for six
good afternoon Cody yes I’m good man what’s poppin with you yes sir can you
turn that down the background please turn you down no right I know what about
that that’s been yeah okay so you had a more you know you had a mortgage
situation and Betty yeah we dealing with the underwriters and what I want to go
you know you go through the process of getting the down payment down or
whatever the cases I took a loan out or what the FERC um excuse me and they want
to know where I got the money from yeah so they’re like we need you we need you
to prove to us that you are you I don’t understand well the first time
homebuyers all right well I spend on my hard drive is like there’s no they can’t
we know that this is you but we need you to
Shuman so I’m like what do you want me to do so there wouldn’t call it the
forest service card should give me 18 driver’s license
oh the security card everything yeah still the same thing now mind you I came
in so when you put this loan to go through also from them but the
underwriters are holding me up where basically you know if the people want to
get out of the loan with you I mean other than our mortgage crisis which you
know the homeowner make if you keep that 20% okay so I’m stuck between a rock and
a hard place so I’m sitting up there Mel and all this
stuff I had to actually go to my Union I have the people tell them why do you
keep asking us do I ever ask them what is it that you’re looking for this is
his money from when he thought it okay okay so I I after that I get into a new
home and I left them alone what another totally different Bank they want me to
get back into the mix with them again yeah no you’re now in the system we’re
gonna figure out another way to get you deeper into the rabbit hole no no no no
I’m saying that’s how they look at you but um so they look at you oh absolutely
anybody anybody sonic dual motors ball don’t touch okay any thoughts on now
colin kaepernick do you think that the Colts are gonna fuck with him or is he
gonna try out her thoughts back in the clear I guess if you wanna call with
that okay Thank You Man thank you for your call
okay salute Cody on the check-in hang on a second guys
someone sent in a super chat black racist he says star the white boy was to
pay Dame for a haircut and my driver which
was $500 the white boy was trying to be funny
okay so it’s not that deep okay it’s not that deep it’s not that
deep but we’re talking game – black racist you know that type of interview
unless you know unless damn – sit down need your money I’m really stressing
like that maybe maybe that was Dame’s you know position I need you money like
that you know I just want to sit and smoke some of your wheat or my weed and
talk a few more calls here area code 443 good afternoon four four three are you
there hello star what’s up now hey how are you
star what’s up can you hear me yes sir just a few things Dane – man charity
fatty but I think you got a right anytime the rock they sold Rocawear for
22 million and then Jay turns around to sell the company for 200 okay so they
sell it to him they gave them brought them out for 20 and then sell it that’s
a hell of a flip also some sort of way about that
I’m comes out that he sat down with Adam 22 when you turn around and talk about
Vlad and Leo and all these other people being culture vultures you should only
be sitting down with quote-unquote young people but this is the first time I
actually see him like blatantly disrespected cold and how I’m people
does ever say anything like that about Hamlet yeah that’s on him I wanted to
tell you they leave this say this on that saw club record with Drake I’m what
meat should have been what supreme didn’t become powerful dense and it’s
niggas would be like young I mean I remember that I was like oh yeah he’s
older he’s yeah he told them a different type of fuck you name it think he like
yeah I’m separating myself when you guys I’m better than so I think that’s that’s
crazy what Fargo well hang on a second because that’s
always gonna be a discussion with regards to hip-hop urban media and
beyond you know Rockefeller Dame – jay-z I mean
I’m in from time here a big thing yeah I time in from time to time but I mean I
try to show both guys respect you know but um well I I don’t know the full
depths of it you know I’ve heard a lot of inside things and all yeah I’ll be
without people well I’ve heard a lot of inside things that I will never get up
on the microphone and talk about because that would be that would be me crossing during those times and I I said be
intertwine I’ll say with all those people Mike Keyser Dame – his brother
Leo and all those people Kevin Liles but I hope that it works out but yet to your
point I don’t know why he sat down with Adam 22 but if it worked to his
advantage and I think maybe we should just say he did what he did and it’s not
that deep do you think that things like I’ve had this conversation with other
people where it’s almost like he comes off like they passed Godfather it’s
definitely it looks funny with all these dudes that I’m not saying even can’t
growing just move on but it looks funny with Jim Jones standing next to him
certain people were just and look funny and they’re like all like hold it they
like let me get in stand next to you get a picture like relax and then it’s like
I’m trying to understand your question you asked me something about jay-z can
you say that again yes as far as them being like almost like hip-hop Godfather
okay I would listen to the other day you some I’ll kiss the ring yeah it comes
off that way and like a lot of these jeans that of course people grow they
move on that don’t mean that we got to do business together that don’t mean
that now you’re my boss it almost comes off that way to your question if I
understand your question correctly you know when I when I talk about when I
talk about and I’m sure you’ve heard me grimy Brooklyn niggas and I’ve lived in
Brooklyn for a lot of years so I mean am i shitting on them no I was one of those
grimy niggas even though I’m born and raised in the suburbs I seen a lot of
years living in Brooklyn so I’m pointing out the cutthroat backstabbing conniving
nature of those people in that area that I’ve known over the decades but at the
same time I’m giving them the respect and to see jay-z how he evolved and how
he put his Mac down I respect it so when I asked right some of you people that
you know you’re looking at jay-z as if he’s something other than a smart street
guy that turned it into a fucking Moghul Empire I’m wondering why you’ll get in
the same goddamn credit that you give John Gotti who was a fucking murderer a
fucking murderer well I’ll definitely give him I’m using the the credit
because I do think at the end of the day it got to be one person to do it
you can’t just always complain about shit they not giving us a chance and
then when they do give somebody it but don’t ride the dicks of the Italians you
know Lucky Luciano all don’t get me started ranting on Italians because that
goes someplace so sorry don’t ride their tips glorify their behavior have both
posters of a Scarface and all this other shit but then when it comes down to it
comes down to your own you nitpick and you got a problem you’re trying to
spread it the man I said the man he told you what it was and that’s just what it
is I’ll give you last word yeah yeah bit me a businessman I’m not a businessman a
business man I wanted to touch on something real quick I know this might
be off the subject but I know you so much the Wells Fargo but Omar conspiracy
theories I said allegedly that equal not see what he was like
or we stole your data doing the taxes and the loud stuff come fill out that
form and then we gonna give you back I check out social copy that was the setup
to hazard nigga take information because you have to put your last for your name
hinges in order to see if you qualified and
then the shit will say yeah we saw your information you qualify sir oh that’s
light right now we’re gonna get to a point where they’re gonna scan your
retina and they’ll really find out just who the fuck you are but thank you me I
gotta go oh shit we do right now is light l-l-l-l-like hang on a second a
few more super chats I’m gonna try and get to the to the gym okay a couple
people sending me uh this stuff now with Dame – Adam 20 – okay I’ll check it out
after the show summer somebody else something with Paul
Mooney Richard Pryor what is that about oh Jesus that looks crazy I’ll try and
get to that Wow Thank You Ronnie Ronnie you sending some real hardcore
information here yeah I just I woke up Ronnie in case you don’t know got off to
a good start I was headed out the fucking door going to the gym jumped on
the phone shit went left right left right left and I said what the fuck and
then I had to go back and check my what is it Doug account daddy that
hasn’t even processed yet so in reality I was calling Wells Fargo to premature who is this here universe cell one says
22 is paying for Dame’s haircut and gas money okay so it’s not a big deal it’s
not a big deal if I understand your super track correctly Adam Reed chance
and Stark all requests a chance the rapper I’m confused can you send me an email if I understand
what you want them trying to understand what you’re saying
chance the rapper or are you trying to get a call with me I’m confused
so thank you for your cash yep hey again Jennifer she says all banks all banks will KP your money if the
economy shuts down sy om thank you darling Thank You
Jennifer that pics let me see okay check that picture out it’s gonna every Co 201
pay – oh one I’ve been ranching a I’m not having a meltdown about Wells Fargo
this afternoon you know 201 yeah bootleg right yes not that’s one of your
throwaway accounts yeah do you probably have to have a
significant amount of money in an LLL consider you VIP just to give you
regular service that they should have been giving you from the start
well if I think like that then what about the what about the regulan other
people that can’t necessarily get VIP status or swims what about them why are
they treated like shit well that’s why that’s why they’re
complaining because if you’re treated like did you feel you’re like trash like
most of you think feel that they’re doing you a favor by doing something
that they should already be doing you know that’s that’s most of the problem
with a lot of institutions nowadays you know you know like everybody you know
I’ll just McDonald’s as an example you go there most of that pool is smashed in
it’s been under the heater it’s not freshly cooked you know but they feel yo
you come in here you know we don’t need you doc that’s where they’re at you know
you look at looking Nike sneakers Mike you think this is retro and speakers
from the early ages they haven’t really thought of anything new on all that it
most of the new designs are ugly so they keep the organization going upon putting
out Jordans that was out at 93 well so you shot a career here you just dumped
on McDonald’s and a nice customer service is no I like to I like my box to
go along way too but that whole thing with name dashing
Adam ‘less in what is Adam 22 and 20 yes see this people think that some people
have a have a have a bottom their nonsense and you’re looking at somebody
– ain’t got no bottom like there’s no way that at the only time that man
should be speaking about jay-z regardless of whatever whatever is going
on like you and him have not had ties in all these years and you’re still talking
about him like you did something to you last night like that’s that sad
that’s what about your business what are you doing what would would you know why
are you still talking about him he’s gone in terms of your relationship and
your link when you’re gone it’s over I just don’t you know I think it’s I think
it’s sad more than anything else like when uh somebody asked him a question
about the NFL deal and he just went in like yo he’s an artist and he’s not like
so emotional about it like where’s your life like what’s your children doing
what what is easy can we not talk about children please let’s not bring his kids
in right right right right I gotcha I gotcha yeah but it’s just it’s sad at
this point like nobody should be especially in them in the eye of the
media breaking down on making it look like you have a nervous breakdown there
you know and like the caller just said about you know Jim Jones and and that’s
the jay-z yeah it doesn’t look like after everything that y’all been through
and now that he’s going somewhere and your organization did it you standing
next to the enemy you know according to what came out of your mouth once upon a
time yeah okay not your mouth foot his mouth revotron my friend hey man thank
you for the call salute the vote yes sir okay – one on the check-in I think we’re
done here I’ve calmed down you know in case you joined the Sholay I just
again it mistake what ticked me off is the I wrote it
down the overdraft protection that I don’t have on one of my cards because I
don’t want something to be charged on that particular card if because I keep
that account very very low you know many of you who have heard me over the years
you’ve heard me say that I just III have a certain budget I don’t go
over each month I don’t give a fuck if if your foot gets blown off and you need
five racks if I’ve passed my monthly spending I can’t help you if your kids
get locked up down south somewhere like you know and you need 1,800 you know for
fucking bail money and I’ve gone past my monthly spending I can’t help you
so that’s why I was pissed off with Wells Fargo for those who didn’t catch
the show earlier Khalid good afternoon sir okay
thank thank you man thank you thank you sir
thank you for your cash yet alright guys I’ll see you possibly tonight I do have
to go to UM a business dinner and I should be back in time right have a good
evening oh good day what’s left of it and I will
see you guys hold on a second me get that banner I’ll keep you posted on my
Twitter page actually with regards to whether I can or can’t do a show tonight
okay Troy terrain take care good night you

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