Simon Sinek, Your Why vs the Company’s Why & Always Being Yourself | #AskGaryVee Episode 226

100 thoughts on “Simon Sinek, Your Why vs the Company’s Why & Always Being Yourself | #AskGaryVee Episode 226

  • I work for a bigger company but also have a side hustle. I feel supported by some people around me on a personal level. Work wise, I am in a grea position because my bosses totally support my crazy ideas and bet on my strenghts.

  • This is one of the best talks I've seen in quite some time (loving both Gary and Simon's work helps of course) … especially love the ideas, "it takes a long time to be an overnight success" and "practice out loud."

  • There is a theme in your videos.. Same talking, talking, interrupting, ego, I wish you wouldn’t do it because I know you have great, positive information to share

    What’s amazing is the question of self awareness and your inability to answer, probably because you’re not very self aware, which is why you don’t know how to answer.. The answer Simon gives at 15m is incredible, and correct, and ironic.. and finally got you to shut up and listen

  • I don't know Gary, so I'm here because I wanted to hear SIMON. Unfortunately, it was a pain to fully enjoy him (Simon, that is) because of the other person's inability to allow his guest to have the spotlight. Simon is popular and people have a desire to listen to him. If anyone decides to bring Simon on as a guest, please allow him to speak fully sharing his thoughts with those who want to hear them.

  • Espero que Gary vea estos comentarios como feedback, sabemos cómo él piensa pero no tanto su invitado, quien le tuvo paciencia. Si entrevistas, tus comentarios no deben interrumpir ni ser más del 50%.

  • I honestly don't see the appeal of Garry Vee, he's so loud and self obsessed, and his voice gives me a headache. During the interview Simon starts talking faster and faster because he knows he's going to be interrupted.

  • It should be title “Interviewing Gary V with guest appearance (name). Let the person there to “interview” talk! 😂

  • about self conscious, i hv found the answer of it for over 3-4 years, i actually found it last year at Taipei, its ur soul, ur soul has many lifes, but u dont, your only a tool with desires to let the soul to finish what he/she need to do – a mission, with is set by god (every soul created by different god, and gods often exchange souls from west heaven to east heaven or the other way around). Ur soul knows what to do b4 they were born, in western, they are called angel, ur soul is with u 24/7, if u dont believe me, u can try talk to yourself to ask about wt u are b4 u sleep, see if u get weird dreams, they are the messages from ur soul.

  • Gery keeps inturrupting Simon. Gary should really listen to the people saying. Stop with this attitude.

  • Simon comes across as arrogant and speaks in huge generalities and no practicality. If I hear him pronounce the word can't like an English person again I think I'm going to throw up LOL Gary V is much more practical love his stuff!

  • Hope in almost 18 months since this was recorded, Gary has learnt some listening skills. BTW..great work Gary demolishing Tai Lopez (and his business model??) at the end.

  • Great to see 2 of my favourite inspirational characters with such contrasting personalities shooting the shit. About 5:08, Gary f*#ked up though – he should at least have had a copy of Simon's book on hand and been briefed about the content! But, I guess we all make mistakes – the key is to learn from them:-)

  • To answer the question of the day. Yes I work for a local RE/MAX company and the I am totally supported and loved my the broker owner. I was impressed that he tells me he works for me, rather than the other way around. He always listens and wants to help each agent become successful. #remaxabilityplus #jimmydulin

  • Gary V and Simon are two of my favorite people. Thank you for all the great information.

    Need help with addition checks out this service.

  • Although they have a lot in common about their beliefs, Simon and Gary have a totaly diferent way to do the things work. I've been watching their videos and I love both of them, but know I have diferent purpose been built inside me with each one of them. With Garry, that I admire a lot for his hard work and motivational way to see the hardness of life, I'm inspired to do more, to understand the things not only through the datas, but through a better observation of the things that's going on in life, business, personal, etc. And Simon, that I admire a lot too, I'm inspired to be better, to know not just what I'm doing and how I'm doing, but WHY I'm doing the things I do.

    I'll never do my professional job as Gary do his one, but he made me understand that even I don't need to do this, if I know it I can be more in control about my goals and how I want my job to be done and reach the goals I want. At the same time I'm giving excuses for not doing because I couldn't find my WHY yet, Gary comes to put me back in the reality saying "do something and things will happen". He's right, cause at the same time I start doing something I found my WHY and now I can, at least but not less important, visualize what I want to do, how I want to do, why I want to do and I'm doing it now!

    Simon and Gary has a totaly diferent way to see the millennials in my point of view, but I thing both of them are right. Simon is worried about this generation and exposes a lot of characteristics of it and gave us a lot of clues about what we need to do to get out of this dangerous vicious circle. Gary believes a lot in the millennials and gives them motivation, putting them back together with our entire society showing what can we do and giving us inspiring strenght to do, calling our responsability.

    They are amazing! Both of them have been helped me a lot to understand the changings we're passing by nowadays. I'm from Brazil and we're a little bit out of context because we're late in so many aspects, but we can see this rain is not gonna stop now and it's getting worst, the storm is coming. I'm amazed with both of them. People that do. Congratulations for you guys… Gary and Simon! 😀

  • I would love to hear Gary and Simon debate on the hiring and firing theme! I have heard your différent ideas on the subject and it would be so interesting to develop them together!

  • Oh wow… Simon saying that he won the internet lottery… how humble. I love hearing Gary talking about deploying positivity. Thank you Gary, another AMAZING episode!!!!

  • Brilliant thoughts on self-awareness. I think I've just realised how much I DO NOT appreciate my other half when she sometimes tells me the painful truth about me – not to put me down but to make sure that I know…

  • As a person who studies leadership I knew Simon first, going on a couple years. I just found Gary in the last 2 weeks and he has derailed my life because I watch too much of his

  • #AskGaryVee Can you try to listen more? Oh my god! You shouldn't interrupt him so often. People come and watch your video because we want to hear what Simon Sinek think, not watching you talking more.

  • Pffft, this could have been such an inspiring interview. Both have great visions and Gary says some really interesting things but they way he constantly interups Simon…ULG. Is this about Simon or about him? If you don't want to listen to what Simon has to say, don't invite him to the show!

  • Who's watching in 2018???

    Still cringing seeing and hearing "by the way by the way by the way"
    But that's just Gary. So were seeing his natural self.

    AND! Were seeing who Simon is and he's walking his talk. He's listening and leading (he eats last).

    This vid brings out the best of each and I admire both

  • been following Gary for a while now and i am just watching this episode for the first time. and let me just say daaannnng look at Gary's guns!

  • When he says the test of someone when something is going wrong and when your true colors show what does that exactly mean? Could someone please elaborate on that thought?

  • 12:54 – 15:33 you just had to chuckle at all of Simon's "subtle" hints
    15:33 when someone asks me what 'deflation' means i show them this

  • I thought SELF-AWARENESS, Is knowing WHO YOU ARE, and What you are connected to.

  • Watching this because Simon hates phones. Gary uses phones cause that’s where the attention is at. So “use your phone” vs “put your phone away”

  • 15:33 – Simon got real butt hurt real fast when he got a little cut off. Hangs on angry for like 15 seconds just to shut Gary's point down after that. "Ok"

  • I worked for 3 companies in a row where I was forced to have my guard on and I couldn't trust anyone.

    First, I was bullied several time at work (my fault never complaining to our Team Leader), and our Boss was someone who just won the lottery and had no real clue on how to run a Business.

    He just showed his face from time to time, so he wasn't trustworthy.

    Second one was working for my uncle, who unfortunately made false promises about the payments.

    This job wasn't even healthy for me.

    The third one, I couldn't trust the people o worked with.

    It was at this job where I started my way to become an entrepeneur so people laughed at me a lot.

    My Boss I have a splitter opinion, first one I respect him because he kinda understood me.

    Once he wanted from us to write a letter to him with our opinion about the company.

    What is good, what is bad and where we see ourselves in the next 5 years.

    I told him that I have dreams and goals I want to archive and realize so that probably I won't work for him anymore in 5 years.

    He loved the letter and we had a nice talk.

    But then, 6 month later, he asked me if I would work for his second company, and there I also was taken advantage.

    False promises and wrong payment.

    It was a 24/7 job, but at the end he told me that I had still the old contract (again my fault that I didn't made a new one) so I didn't received all the bonuses other people normally get.

    But finally I found a good company, in a retail Store.

    The store manager is also my Mentor, the first person who saw the real value in me and is the first time that I don't feel abused at work.

    In fact, she worries often about me when i work to much.

    And even the extra hours i do, she tells me that she is just the store manager and that i can't get more paid or I can't save those extra hours.

    I told her that I get paid with expe6and since then we got an awesome strong relationship.

    She can count on me everytime the company need someone and I can count on her and trust her.

    By the way she was the one who offered me that job and she knew that i will not work for her forever because o told her about my dreams.

    So yes, it is really important to find a job where people value us.

    It indeed makes a huge different

  • I watched this video a year ago, didn't know who Gary was, but saw the TED talk by Simon and thought his insights into businesses were very insightful! I watched like 10 mins of this video and just couldn't stand Gary with how dominant he is during the interview.

    This time around, I watched the whole thing and I love it, Gary is just being his authentic self, he is loud, fast and explosive while Simon is the opposite. Sure Simon had to adjust himself to keep up but both got good space to get important points across to help all of us.

  • Agreed, I love Simon and a huge fan, was kinda upset that I saw Simon with him. Gary just seems like a try hard, while Simon is genuine and actually cares about others thoughts

  • Let it be known that REAL alphas and real leaders don’t ever talk about how alpha or they are or even call themselves leaders, they just are… akin to how Tom Brady doesn’t walk around saying I’m this I’m that he just is.. Gary is always bringing the story back to him and drawing similarities to HIS life, Simon doesn’t, see the difference, and I like Gary vee just being honest.

  • I interrupted my boss many times during meetings, lucky she didn’t mind but this is very bad habit I would like to change.
    If I had the success Gary has I would be a pain in the ass talking constantly just like him!!!

  • To be hounest, my guard ia always up. The worth of the sport I am training is so small and that's what I am changing at the moment. It's herad course i always need to choose between ignoring the others to hold my focus and between seeing Tham and give props for what they are doing. Becourse if i am supporting other I their ideas they support me. I don't like to Juge. But I have to separate from the people with no goals, so I have to Juge. Bacourse you are the average of the 5 people you most spend time with.

  • I got a strong doubt that if I should follow this guy Gary's a very basic common sense to allow d guest to speak and express his views and shut down …he is just boasting abt himself and Wats d point of inviting a guest's d insult…had huge respect for him but not anymore

  • Gary i share the same criticism . Cutting people off " so yeah it's crazy. Simon's a Day Dreamer as well 👏✌

  • Ok,simon's explained his why clearly,but whats the why of Gary?whats the cause he believe in?anybody has any idea?

  • GaryVee has an ego problem, he always invites stars and start talking about him…. Really if u interview someone, talk about him and his succes, vision, not about you… Do a monologue if u want ppl to listen to u.

  • Dude…. Simon is literally one of the best speakers ever. Gary, though a millionaire and by some standards "successful" is a dipshit. This video just proves it I wonder if this pompous dipshit could jerk himself off anymore. He literally didn't listen to anything that was said. Things that he opposed he changed his view as soon as Simon made it clear that it was wrong and why. Like normal…. its like monster energy drink had a baby with vape smoke while a money clip watched from a chair of entitlement and jerked off… I can't believe people pay attention to Gary Veejay.

  • Please @Gary, let your guests speak, you already have so many solo videos where you are the Rockstart, let your guest share some of his openions. THATS WHERE THE VALUE LIES for me

  • Gary I love u . But please respect the guest and don't be an asshole interrupting everytime they have something to say. You are a great speaker ..but I doubt whether you are a good listener.

  • HEY EVERYONE! SO I HAVE WATCHED AND LEARNED FROM THE BEST CHANNELS OUT HERE! So now after i have grown my other channel to over a million subscribers and have made a lot of money i am very blessed and unlike other huge channels im greatfull and generous and most big channels dont even make videos on how they have done it and help others and very few that even do don't give out the real key techniques and game changing strategies which the greed and selfishness in this world and in youtube is very sad now im already a very nice guy and help other so being i have been blessed and fortunate to grow an amazing channel i have decided i am going to start a whole new channel which i am going to be Vloging my day to day life all while Teaching you how to grow your channel with Very Key Techniques and Incredible Game Changing Strategies which apply to not only youtube but all social media platforms even which if you don't have over a hundred thousand subscribers you probly dont know about them so if you would like to grow like the best it is absolutely possible because ive done it and will be doing it again while teaching how to do it ill be uploading my first content Soon

  • Gary thought he was winning but Simon was waiting with patience and did this 14:29 amazing K.O!! I'm kidding, they're really spectacular!

  • just fortune hunters brilliant at getting attention of people down on their luck just to benefit themselves at your expense! Ratings, Views, subscribers etc all lead to money for them.

  • Gary is a good talker but not a good listener ,his incessant interuption really makes people feel patronized ,again no disrespect to this guy a excellent guy with the intelligence and wisdom touching up the sky but i think he needs to give time to his guests to articulate their messages.

  • Book: the seven habits of highly effective people. Habit 5: seek first to understand. Then to be understood: principles of mutual understanding. Gary could introduce a talking stick/token, so he and his guests could talk without being interrupted.

  • I actually thought the flow of conversation came out naturally. Good volley back and forth even at the point of disagreement at first.

  • Simon sinek is a real mentor he is a beast if you dont know who he is then you are actually living under a fukin Rock so get the fuk out and listen to him you stupid fukers he will teach you about selfawareness in such a amazing way.Gary vaynerchuk is a monster in the business world no doubt.

  • Gary just lost Simon‘s book that he had send him, the book which got released on the day of the interview and was full of pictures and to inspire – I think Simon was a little disappointed about that

  • Gary works at a million miles an hour lol watched the Tony R video this was a great night!. I absolutely love Simon these men are both very clear. Tony is macro Gary is Micro and Simon is all logic. All of them a great men with great hearts and learning from them through YouTube is awesome! I'm 34 lol not 84 just grateful

  • "Hi I'm Gary Vee this is Simon Sinek, how are you today brother? "

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