Schiff Summarizes House Democrats Case For Impeachment In Opening Statement | NBC News

Schiff Summarizes House Democrats Case For Impeachment In Opening Statement | NBC News

32 thoughts on “Schiff Summarizes House Democrats Case For Impeachment In Opening Statement | NBC News

  • Schiff for President!!! He’s schooling Trump and his Reputation cronies. Their arguments are laughable at best and their attorney got his degree from Trump College.

  • YEAH ❗❗❗

  • 🔥👹🔥. 🤣😂🤣

  • The word for today is “presumed“. This masterminds plan to make the elected Democrats look like total morons has to be the best laugh Trump has had in week @realDonaldTrump … yes he had to endure some mud, but the outcome was well worth it. Thank you Trump, well played

  • Still waiting for that evidence Schiff promised on Trump being a Russian puppet. Farticus Swalwell, you too! Where is it?
    Just lie after lie. These are the worst leaders the DNC has ever produced.

  • This upload is NBC news wanting the American public only to hear one side of this circus show from a proven liar…..Im still waiting for the proof from him on the evidence he told the American public that he had on the trump Russia collusion…that mueller himself couldn't find.

  • Schiff should loose his job for wasting Millions of tax payer's dollars on the selfish witch him and the Dem's created. same with the rest of these idiots.

  • I don't think this will dissuade those who admire the "Great Leader".

  • Civility and critical thinking seems to be missing from our American culture for many of our citizens.  Insults are unnecessary and only reflect character flaws.  Read. Listen. Verify information from many sources. Then talk to (not judge or berate) your fellow Americans about the state of our nation and our policies/politics.  My hope is that most of the crazy insults I see posted are from Russian bots and not my fellow Americans. Honor, Integrity, Hard Work, Pride of Country, Generous Spirit, Love for others.  These will feel better, try it.

  • Here's the Democrats case : Hillary lost so we made up a story about Russia interfering in the election , then when that proved to be hot air , grabbing at straws , devised an Impeachment investigation based on presumption & hearsay , because they knew Joe and Hunter Biden were up to their neck in corruption with Ukraine Gas company Burisma . Trump found out and was starting to investigate . What a crock . I don't even like Trump, but the Dems are making fools of themselves .

  • If 12 person Jury was picked w/ Independents, Dems and Republicans by proportion:
    Independents = 5
    Republicans = 3
    Democrats = 4

    I really think the Democrats do not take this into consideration when their 100% bias pre-judged decisions keep coming from their 4 jurors vs. the 8 that make the proper decisions based on facts. Those 8 vs. those 4 is all you need to know to figure it out what's right. The Democrats are what's wrong – so says the majority.

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