• Engage,Persuade and inform are the three elements of VR, by using VR the consumers can able to design spaces and be able to test at a much lower cost.

  • Australia’s Food system played a significant role for the country’s economic growth which is in a risk due to over demand from Asian consumers and this can be tackled by facilitating Australian food producer to deliver supplementary.

  • Australian food system has played vital role in Australia's economic prosperity ,now it is the time when it should expand across nations, and deliver its promises and target Asians mid income group market.

  • When digital technology is important for economical benefits , its aspects for acceptance are compared on the scale of Information and Technology and ITU which is nothing but access , use, skills with respect to ICT.

  • Mass education is now leading us with problems like stress, loosing intellectual independence their is no space for new thought,idea's to our mind, to avoid this and get best of our brain we need to change the universal system of education.

  • In order to achieve best customer experience we should focus on engagement,persuading , and information delivery of the product, also we have seen that AR and VR provides vital role to achieve this.

  • In an ever changing world, need of test, immerse and validate ideas with customer with a reasonable cost has now became paramount and this can be achieved with the usage of VR and AR which has three core elements namely Engage, Persuade and Inform.

  • Australia's food system is increasing and changing for more than a century because of growing concerns on food consumption in Asian middle class consumers,furthermore the Australian food producers are fulfilling the demands of its consumer in order to give value to its consumer.

  • Digital technology is playing a significant role in developing counrtry's economy by providing various benefits due to
    latest innovations as well as by combining effort of individual,government in practicing digital methods.

  • Australian food industry is currently in danger; however, it remained the cause of economic well-being for centuries and served the middle class consumers, our effort is to aid this market again reaches to standards which it promised, and make products available to consumers.

  • Technology can enormously change the various spheres of society but involvement of masses with it is pivotal, moreover, there is no certain explanation of degree of participation but NRI and ITU are two major indicator of technology involvement currently.

  • Australia food system which has helped economy massively is at risk of food fraud;Australia should focus on food based economy keeping growing Asian middle class in mind and it's value should not be compromised.

  • The food system of Australia has risen and developed which serve Australians as well as growing Asia middle-class consumer, by which, it has become the great support of economic success, but this system is at risk in the field of food fraud.

  • In order to change the economies and societies dramatically, digital technology plays a vital role thus digital engagement is needed to grab the benefits that technology offers and NRI and ITU are two of the most wide-ranging indices that are used to measure the different parts of digital engagement. (49 words)

  • Although the current system of mass education makes child how to obey, it has many defects such as child do not have control on themselves, loses moral and intellectual independence, therefore, we need a system of individual education which is suitable not only for the child but also for older boys and girls.(53 words)

  • For customer experience journey, VR and AR are used at lower cost and quicker turnaround as such, by using this we can provide a mixture of three core elements namely engage, persuade and inform. (34 words)

  • Accelerating technology and changing customer preferences in financial services leads to the development of fintech, which challenged traditional financial institutions, as a result, regulators are required to focus on re-stabilizing the financial system, which has become more difficult for FS worldwide to cope with. (45 words)

  • Under a mess education system, over-teaching style and uninterested content not only cost a child intellectual independence but also doesnt teach him to behave themself and as such, new universal education with modification for individual is an alternative.

    Under the increasing need for testing, immersion and validation of idees to customer, VR and AR contribute three fundamental factors that helps customer to engage in ideas before its existence, inform stakehold by visualizing the concept, and train stakeholder to fit in a new work practices.

  • Legacy Australian food system evolved over the period of time and given economic prosperity to the country, now Australia's food system is at risk due to food fraud, this need to achieve higher value for the growing Asian consumer and we want to help Australian food producers to deliver the value of its promise within and outside the border.

  • Digital technology engagement is key to economic and social prosperity and there are many indices to measure the aspects of digital engagement in which primarily there are two indices widely used and they are NRI to measure the ICT to boost competitiveness, innovation, wellbeing, and ITU development index is based on access, use, and sub-indices to ICT.

  • Under the present system of mass education is more of teaching than active learning by the children and this causes child to rapidly forgotten and child's mind is unoccupied of ideas, this leads to loss of moral and intellectual independence; However, we need a new system similar to proven training of detectives and infants would be suitable for mass education.

  • We want to support Australian Food Producers to augment the food economy of the country which we believe can be obtained by giving special attention towards growing Asian consumers.

  • Since, the digital technology is very important innovation to boost up the economy on any country, the two indices NRI and ITU helps in measuring the participation of the governments, business personals and also individuals in digital technology taking myriad aspects into consideration.

  • Mass education classes must be replaced by new educating methods or systems of individual education because these traditional methods are leading student lose their intellectual independence and hence resulting in myriad negative effects in their behavior.

  • By employing VR and AR technologies, along with their core values,we would be able to test process and enhance the task, minimizing cost as well as time and hence immediately share views with the customers.

  • For every human being food is needed, and to grown in australia it is so economic and in risk so, hunter valley was laying to deliver the food for middle class consumers and borders.

  • Australia's food system has contributed to the economic growth of Australia, However, it has risk due to food fraud when it should be creating the food economy by delivering food to the Asian middle-class consumers and
    We want to help the food producer to deliver food to its consumers beyond Australia.

  • 1. Australian food system, which has been a backbone of Australia's economy, is struggling with cheating in food sector, and requires help to deliver quality products within and beyond the country's border and make considerable profits.

    3. The issues of mass education, including children losing intellect and original ideas due to more stress on teaching than active participation of students, can be fixed by an individual education system.

    4. In a world where customer review is crucial for any project, VR provides a better alternative to physical prototypes in terms of cost saving, hands on experience and design demo.

    5. Fintech sector, created by adoption of technology in financial services, avoided the traditional financial regulations, but struggled due to the change in regulations after the 2008 crisis and the major issues include maintaining granular customer data, managing duplicate data across states and owning responsibility to stick to the regulations.

  • Australia's food has rich history but now it is in danger and the only way to save is that exporter deliver it out of countries with promise of it's quality.

  • Australia's food plays a vital role in economic contribution but due to food fraud it's at high risk it requires help to serve beyond borders and close end consumption so it can achieve higher value in mind of Asian middle-class consumer.

    Digital technology is an essential component of changing life economically and socially but the involvement of government and an individual plays a vital role and there are 2 indices NRI and ITU measure different aspects of digital engagement.

  • digital technology can chnage economices and societies but everyone should participate to get the benefits which can be measured by The world Economic forum's networked readiness index and united nationas indices.

  • Present system of mass education has many defects which are making children less active and they lose moral as well as intellectual independence but individual education can be the solution.

  • Design space and experiences for customers virtually are the major use of VR but Mixture of three core elements of VR help organizations to test, immerse and validate their ideas.

  • Fintech is responsible for growth of technology and changing customer preferences in financial services after filling the gaps left by traditional financial institutes.

  • Earlier Australian food system has grown and evolved but now it is in the food fraud at that time Australia lying on foundations for food economy that achieve higher values of middle class customer stomachs anyway we want to help Australian food producers deliver on and capture the value of its promises.

    Digital technology evolved all over the world even in governments, businesses and individuals it happens to varying globally moreover there are many indices which measure different aspects of digital engagement there are network readiness index and information and communications technologies are two most comprehensive indices to boost and well-being.

    The main defect of mass education in classes is much stress and to little on active learning and child is not encouraged though he present in the class his mind would absent with unoccupied of ideas in mind and finally he loses intellectual independence so forth new system of universal education system proved itself and successful both older boys and girls

  • Australia's food system has grown over hundred of years. Australia well and underpinned much of our economic prosperity. But it's system domain of food fraud. Due to Australia promises the survives beyond our borders and end consumption of the product as possible.

  • Australia's food system has contributed enormously to the Australian economy but is at risk because of the fraud in food industry which needs to be discouraged by helping food producers delivering promising quality foods in Australia and beyond the borders.

    Digital technology has the potential to change the economies and societies astronomically which can be enhanced through the digital technology involvement and is measured by two indices namely NRI and CST.

    Current system of mass education that makes people intellectually dependent and larger focus is given on teaching rather than on active learning needs to be replaced by solid individual education system which has proved to be successful in the training of individuals and infants.

  • Given that proper engagement is provided, digital technology can undoubtedly change economies and societies, the indices such as NRI and ITU DI measures the characteristics of digital engagements to ensure its uniformity across the globe.

  • Although, Australian food industry had played a pivotal role in its economy, it’s at risk due to food frauds, and Asian middle class is a good market for its food producers.
    Although, Digital technology can augment the economy of a country, there isn’t any global definition or ranking system for digital technology, and only two indices contributes which are NRI and ICT.
    Today’s education system is enriched with stress instead of active learning which has taught the students to obey, not to control themselves and there is a need to modify such system for both genders.
    Although, the major use of VR is to provide the design at lower cost, it can use to predict the impact of design, and the core elements for VR and AR are; engage, persuade and inform.

  • Australia's food system has risen and developed over centuries but now it's at hazard, so we want to help Australian food producers to dispel doubts and fulfill the demands of Asian middle-class consumers.

  • Answer 31 words –> People are called to help Australian food producers to combat food fraud and protect the country’s food system which has improved and transformed over several centuries and help grow its economy.

    Answer 33 words -> The Word Economic Forum's Network Readiness Index and the United Nations' ITU Development Index, are two of the most comprehensive indices that can measure various aspects of digital engagement for ranking countries worldwide.

    Answer 33 words -> Engage, Persuade, and Inform are three main elements employed when using Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to customers when testing and enhancing prototypes at a fraction of the cost and time.

  • Although the Australian food system has grown but it is at risk because of domain of food fraud but in the minds and stomachs of growing consumer helps the producers to deliver and capture the value of its promise.

  • Digital engagement potential to change the economies but it is critical to reap the benefits that technology offers and which measures with network readiness index, communications technologies as well as development index to boost innovation.

  • Mass education puts the stress on teaching as well as learning also but advertising believing propaganda children loses moral and intellectual independence as we need a individual education system.

    The ability to design spaces and experiences for customers virtually or test, refine and enhance testing for validate our ideas using engagement, persuade or inform allow the impact of our designs.

    The lines between finance and technology is fintech and it causes regulatory focus on financial system for collecting granular customer data or to creates huge regulatory overlap for requirements and unique regulatory process.

  • Australia food system was in risk for the economic growth of the nation due to food damages however it has established the belief among the middle class people to delivery the organic food with the help of Albany.

  • Digital technology has change the world economically ,socially and globally but NRI index and ITU development index are the two major indices of its.
    The main drawbacks of mass education system is loosing the intellectual independence and not encourage to develop the power however the private universities are being success for training for detective and infants so, individual education system is essential.

  • Australian's food system plays a vital role in the achievement of higher value in a food economy which can help in economic growth but it is facing problems of large food fraud and there is no food consumption due to less number of consumers due to which people want to help to deliver on its promises.

  • Digital technology can play a vital role to reshape the economies and digital world and the two main indices including NRI and ITU which can calculate economies from different aspects.

  • Although the Australian food economy is in danger, exporting foods overseas especially targeting Asian middle-class market can reduce the risk in the food market and help food producers to give value for their products.

  • To address the threat of collapse of several financial institutions which was caused by the popularity of the fintech sector and the 2008 financial crisis, various regulations were imposed.

  • Example 1:

    We want to help Australia's food System to fight threat in food fraud domain and achieve high value among growing Asian middle class consumers.

    Example 2:

    Engagement in Digital technology which can be measured by indices like NRI, ITU Development index have potential in changing economics and societies dramatically.

    Please share thoughts on above.

  • Example 3: Individual education system is needed since Mass education system is defected as result of which children are losing intellectual independence as well as their moral.

  • To reap the benefits that technology offers, governments, businesses and individuals needs to work in coalition for this digital engagement which will be messured by NRI and ITU Development index.

  • There is a need for new individual education system as current system of mass education leads to too much stress on teaching and less encouragement that eventually leads children to loose their moral and intellectual independence.

  • Australian food system has contributed to economic growth but the system is now at risk due to food fraud and we want to make sure that it will deliver and provide value to Asian middle class consumers.

  • Digital technology has a great impact on economies and societies globally but it is very important to have active engagement of various entities(governments,businesses,individuals) and this engagement is measured by indices such as NRI and ITU.

  • Presently, children are subject to mass education with mechanical learning that is quickly forgotten and hence it is necessary to introduce a new system of universal education that will help the child retain his intellectual independence.

  • Since Australia's food system is an active part of the Australia economy and the prosperity, to survive beyond borders or grow their Asian middle-class consumers, risks or food frauds we can control through producers deliver on and capture the value of its promise.

    Since Digital Technology can change economies and societies, different aspects of digital engagement measured in various indices and the most comprehensive indices are the world economic forums Networked Readiness Index (NRI) and the United Nations ITU Development Index.

    There is a need to change the current mass education system to individual education system while considering the children capabilities such as discipline, moral status, and intellectual independence.

    While VR and AR provides a mixture of 3 core elements such as Engage Technology, persuade stakeholders, and inform new concepts to clients, Robbie Robertson, a lead partner in the spatial and Brand team says “In our ever-changing world the need to test, immerse and validate our ideas with customers has become paramount.

    While fintech challenged the traditional models of regulations, financial crises in 2008 have made many financial institutions tightened the requirements for regulations such as data requirements, overlapping regulatory requirements, and outcome-based regulations have become complex to adhere.

  • Australian food system, which has been developed for more than a century and a main contributor of economy, is at risk due to fraudulent activities, and needs assistance for addressing the needs of consumers and achieving its targets.

    Digital technology, which has great potential to boost business and economy drastically, seeks involvement of stakeholders that can be assessed by two indices, which are based on impacts of digital technology.

    Prevalent mass education system that eats up the creativity and intellectual ability of individual by mechanical over teaching, needs to be revised with radical, more pro-active, creative, flexible and individual focused system of learning.

    VR and AR technology that enables customers’ to properly plan and design a space, and helps them to visualize before-hand of actual construction with best possible outcomes according the need and desires of the customers with greater flexibility.

    With the advent of fintech in the financial sector, the weaknesses of traditional financial institutions has been addressed, and the financial crisis triggering more stringent and strict reform demanding higher capital ratios, leading to burdensome database, outcome based regulations and multiple discrete sets of regulatory requirements.

  • Australia's food industry, which evolved over 100 years, is at risk because of food fraud and we want to help Australian food producers to keep their promises by delivering quality food to the increasing Asian middle-class consumers.

  • Example 1

    Under threat food system of Australia, needs to lay down its foundation for a food economy and we can help them to deliver on its promises across the borders.

    Example 2
    Engagement is critical for Digital technology but due to several factors involved in measuring engagement, there is no agreed definition or global ranking, World Economic Forum’s NRI and United Nations’ ITU are two most comprehensive indices.

    Example 3
    The pre-structured and formal education system is ruining intellectual capabilities of young minds and they follow what is taught in classroom irrespective of their interest, which should be changed to the individual education system, covering defects of the existing system.

    Example 4
    With virtual experience through VR, the process of testing and refining has become cheaper with quicker turnaround time and with these technologies it has become easier; to engage with customers, persuade stakeholders by training and testing, and visualize new ideas or concepts.

    Example 5

    Evolving technology and customer demand have led fintech sector to grow with innovative products but that have challenged new complex regulations introduced after 2008 crisis, including; Data requirement, overlapping regulatory requirement, and outcome-based regulation rather process-based.

  • Australia’s food system which served Australians and economic prosperity is at risk and people desire to aid any type of Australian food to deliver on its promises that can survives beyond the borders and as near to the end use of the product as possible.

  • The World Economic Forum’s Networked Readiness Index and The United Nations’ ITU Development index are two most comprehensive indices in the digital technological world which can alter economies and societies dramatically.

  • Australia's food system evolved over hundered of years and has contributed much to economic properity however, this system is at risk now and that too when it should be feeding growing Asian middle-class consumer so now the goal is to help Australian food producers deliver products beyond its borders.

  • Participating in digital technology is necessary to reap its benefits such as economic and social boost yet there are no set standards to measure digital participation globally however, the most acceptable standard is the Network Readiness and ITU development index.

  • The current education system emphasize on mechanical learning rather than inducing a child with traits such as self learning and making them come up with new ideas so for this reason, a completely revolutionised and a universal education system is the need to the hour that focuses on individual's education and gives them intellectual independence that they need.

  • VR and AR has three core elements of Engage, Persuade and Inform that improves customer experience as these provides ability to prototype, test, enhance, quick turnaround time and validate ideas with the customers even before a final product is delivered to the them.

  • Fintech, a name given to combination of finance and technology helped small firms to innovate and deliver new financial services to their clients but regulators took note of existing financial institutions and imposed new regulations such as high capital ratios which was difficult to adhere and prompted FIs to remain complaint with data, regulatory and outcome based regulations.

  • Economically viable Australia's food system is under the risk of food fraud which can be minimised and also achieve higher value among Asian middle class consumer by delivering and keeping its promise.

    Socio-economic reforms through digital engagement can be possible if concerned body like governments actively get involved in the digitalization and the indices to measure it are NRI ( Networked Readiness Index) and ITU Development Index.

    Some of the demerits of Mass education, includes loosing intellectual independence, morals, unoccupied or superficially preoccupied ideas and it can be overcome if universal or individual education system is implemented.

    VR and AR allows customer to experience, test, refine and enhance the physical prototypes virtually as it will help the customer to Experience, Adopt and visualize the design.

    Finance and technology move towards financial services to fulfill the gap left by financial institutions has caused tight regulations and some of the requirements are complex Data collection, Multiple Regulatory overlapping and outcome-based Regulations.

  • Australia's food system which has grown immensely over hundreds of years is under a threat of food fraud and the time has come to help Australian food industry survive beyond its borders, mainly amongst Asian middle-class consumers.

    To change the economies and societies in a positive way, digital technology usage plays a key role which can be enhanced when governments, businesses and individuals participate actively and this digital engagement is measured by indices NRI and ITU.

    To overcome the problems of current mass education system which has many flaws such as absence of active learning, loss of intellectual independence among kids, we need a new individual learning system which is suitable for kids of all age groups.

    With the help of three important components engage, persuade and inform, VR and AR are proven to be very useful in testing and validating any idea virtually at a lower cost which is the current need in this fact paced world.

    Fintech, which is combination of finance and technology has proven to be very beneficial in filling gaps left by traditional financial institutions by introducing new innovations in financial products and sectors.

  • network readiness index (NRI) and ITU development index that introduced by wold economic forum and united nations
    for measure digital engagement in government, business and individuals

  • Australias food system is very fruitful for the nation with providing higher revenue generate with on time delivery of food promising to consumer at high risk with less food fraud.

  • Food system in Australia has main role in its economic prosperity, however, it now at risk, so it should take action including demands of the growing Asians, and hence we want to help Australia to accomplish this.

  • To improve economies and societies, everyone needs to use digital technology and the different aspects of digital engagement is measured by two indices: NRI and ITU Development Index

  • Mass education is focusing more on teaching rather than active learning which makes child only superficially occupied in class and loses his intellectual independence so we need to replace this universal education system by individual teaching.

  • Australian food industry needs help to save its century old system from online fraud by delivering the production from Australian producers to Asian consumers with quality and care.

  • With VR and AR, customer experience has reached to a new height of prototype testing by giving close to real feel in short turnaround time and in much decreased cost.

  • After 2008 financial crisis, regulators have tighten the norms like data requirements, overlapping regulatory requirements and outcome based regulations to save many well known financial institutions from crashing.

  • A new universal education system is required to save the intellectual and moral independence of the children, where they can learn on individual basis as per their interest and try to control themselves by keeping occupied for new learning.

  • Australian food system played a vital role in its economy which is at great risk just because of the unsatisfied system which could be overtaken by the supply of organic and healthy food like hunter beef or native jarrah .

  • Only Digital technilogies have capability to change economics and socities but its involvement is difficult to keep as per several indices such as BRI and ITU.

  • Current academic system have several anomilies including extra ordinary workload on teaching staff as well as students
    and their is a great deficiency of new system of individual education.

  • VR and AR deliver high-class prototype testing modules which give closer look to reality in order to enhance customer experience within minimum cost and time.

  • Australia’s existing food system has come a long way serving millions across its journey, however, the system is at risk majorly due to food fraudulence, hence it is the need of time to lay foundations for an improved food economy addressing the taste needs of extended consumer base by setting an even higher bench mark of performance and delivery.

  • Digitalization has a lot to offer to emerging economies but it is significantly dependent on the participation of individuals and organization to take full advantage of this technology, however, there is no globally accepted definition to quantify the engagement phenomenon and the only available statistics are by NRI.

  • Existing system of mass education is failing to enhance the active learning within students and despite attending the class students seems unoccupied of ideas and tends to lose their intellectuality and independent approach, hence, it seems pertinent to develop a new and effective education system addressing the needs of every individual just like the way detectives are trained.

  • AR and VR have enabled Spatial team to virtually develop, test, enhance and modify as per their customers’ requirements in a relatively lower cost and short time which was not achievable with physical prototypes, additionally, their customers can get familiarize with new processes on virtual grounds.

  • Australian food system served well to its natives from an economic point of view, but now it is at risk; they need to produce food which can satisfy the minds and stomachs of Asian middle-class consumers.

  • Digital technology can play a vital role in changing the economies and societies dramatically but for this, government, businesses and individuals have to play their part by actively using digital technology; moreover, NRI and ITX are 2 indices which measure the digital involvement of different sectors.

  • There are myriad of disadvantages of mass education, but few majors are, it fails to instil students an in-depth subject knowledge and broadening their horizons and further, students usually loose moral and intellectual skills and so, there is need of such system which can focus on individual education.

  • VR is very beneficial technology for customers because it has the capability to design spaces, provide virtual experience to users and design can be customised at a lower cost if the customer wants some changes; moreover, three core elements of AR and VR are Engage, Persuade and Inform.

  • The growth of Fintech industry plays a vital role in solving issues such as Data requirement, Overlapping regulatory needs and Outcome-based regulation; because new techniques provide small, agile firms the capability to deliver innovative new financial products and services to consumers.

  • Participation in digital technology by governments, businesses, and people that is an essential element can be accurately measured through two indices namely: NRI which is measured by the performance of 139 nations' financial aspects and ITU which is measured as a subset of NRI.

  • Australian food system is at risk due to the domain of food fraud, so it needs to strong their foundations of food economy to achieve the minds and stomachs of developing Asian mid state consumers where they promised to deliver, therefore Australian food producers want some help to accomplish their promise . (45words)

    The two most significant indices , which measures the heterogeneous forms of digital engagement globally are Networked Readiness Index and America’s development index, both records the information and communication technologies of 139 economies to energize innovation and competitiveness.(37 words)

    Children’s need new system of individual education when compared to present system ,because current system of teaching results stressed, not active, forced , lose their curiosity and intellectual independence while they over-taught. (33 words)

    Experience team says, combining VR and AR in customer management can mingle the core elements to allow, test, train ,visualize the new ideas and concept to incline the customers experiences and validate ideas.(33 words)

  • Australia's food system has played a vital role in the development of it's economy, however, we want to help Australia's food producers to keep his promise.

  • Example 5:
    Advancements in technology and changing customer preferences led to the growth of Fin tech sector which challenged the traditional model by delivering innovative products and services to clients,however the economic reforms in FS industry after economic crisis of 2008 were complex and difficult to adhere to with pain points such as overlapping regulatory and outcome based regulatory.

  • VR plays pivotal role in immersive technology and helps to identify customer experience via three core elements which includes: engage,persuade and inform.

  • example one answer: Australian food system developed over the centuries which had
    the possibility to get higher value from the growing Asian-middle
    class consumers; however, it is at risk because of food fraud.

  • Australian food system developed over the centuries which had
    the possibility to get higher value from the growing Asian-middle
    class consumers; however, it is at risk because of food fraud and to alleviate the crisis it needs help from cross border food producers.

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