Producers HATE ME for Revealing these 10 Secrets

Producers HATE ME for Revealing these 10 Secrets

all right so this is a video I never
really wanted to have to do it’s not a necessity but there’s just something
speaking to me that tells me I have to reveal this stuff to you so if you don’t
know who I am I’m game from busy works beats calm
I’ve been training over half-a-million producers and artists around the world
we’ve helped millions around the world I’m just giving you the YouTube stats
we’re close to 600,000 trainees around the world it’s it’s a very insane thing
to think about so thank you if you’re one of those folks that we got to help
let me know in the comments below actually and please like this video
because if it weren’t for you we wouldn’t have had this moment right now
so this is something I never truly wanted to dig into because I’m not one
for controversy I’m not one for conflict I’m not one for beef I’m not one to
create tension within a community and create disassociation but today I want
to reveal the ten secrets that these producers are gonna hate me for
revealing but I feel like you need to know so that we can all move forward as
a culture okay so I have them written down so I don’t lose track but these are
10 things I really thought about and said what is it that producers don’t
want me to reveal I’m talking about top producers now just a quick little list
of what I’m up to I’ve been working with a billion dollar company raiser okay
their laptop company gaming laptop company I’ve been on that label for two
years which is longer than you know I think if not the longest person on their
campaigns you know for example other people in that campaign was Metro boomin
murder beats sunny Digital was on that campaign who else was on there
I’m slipping my mind of the other folks on their deadmau5 and more okay and I
was on there for two years the other guys were only on there for one so it
just shows you like how much you know how much these companies respect busy
works beats and it’s not an ego thing it’s because I create value for these
companies they want somebody who can create tons of value long story short we
work with a billion-dollar company razor we work with the top companies in the
audio community I’m talking about like isotope I just happened to be wearing
this shirt this is not product placement I just award the shirt because I don’t
want to wear a gym shirt outside earlier when I went to go see somebody but we
work with isida we work with Arturia Native Instruments Universal Audio
who else Sweetwater image line all the top guys we work with because we want to
associate with the the best of the best we don’t want to just randomly work with
random companies but I say that to say this is that I have a lot of insight
about the music industry where it’s going and the key players I’ve been
around Grammy producers I’ve been around Grammy winning songwriters Grammy
winning producers platinum plaque winning producers I’ve seen their
process from start to finish and here’s the secrets okay without further ado so
please like the video so you can give me some energy and some air to my oxygen to
my lungs so I can spit through these ten and I’ll try to edit edit this video to
chop it down as much as I can so the first secret they really do not want you
to know and that probably hate me for revealing this is that you don’t need
thousands of plugins now this seems obvious to the person without a lot of
money to even buy plugins but for somebody like me I’ve spent tens of
thousands of dollars on plugins just because I thought oh maybe this next
thing has the greatest thing in it or this next plugin will teach me how to do
whatever I’m going through the trial and error and I can tell you I use about 10
to 20 plugins max maybe if I had to count I’d say 10 to 20 max I don’t use
any more than 10 to 20 and I have I have hundreds of plugins I have near a
thousand if not a thousand I have 800 less time I remember counting near a
thousand you don’t need thousands of plugins now I’m saying this because we
get caught up in this culture of trying to always get the new whatever and
that’s cool you one thing I will say is that when you get new plugins and new
ways of doing things if things it inspires you that’s one hidden moment of
inspiration if you’re looking for inspiration get some new plugins it will
just help you feel like you’re onto something new it’s gonna change your
mindset but you don’t need a thousand of those plugins so I want you to reinvest
your money a little bit differently so you can grow a lot faster instead of not
throwing it down the drain with plugins but you just don’t need a ton of plugins
I don’t want you to get stifled thinking that you have to have all this stuff to
get started now the second secret here that they probably really don’t they
this is something they really really really do not want you to understand is
that they use the fruity soft clipper as their secret sauce for the drums now I
have a whole video on the video on this below I’ll be sure to link
the video but maybe I’ll edit in like a clip of me explaining what this is and
I’ll let this be the area where it magically pops up hopefully I remember
to edit that point but the fruity soft clipper is essentially a limiter and
it’s a certain limiter that doesn’t have a sound to it it’s very transparent and
it anyway they basically they crank the gain of their kicks and snares so that
it’s hitting this limiter okay so imagine your snares down here and the
limiter is here and you turn up your snare more and more and more until it
starts chopping off the top of your snare and the snare becomes louder and
louder without any other plugins and it’s a default plugin right inside of FL
Studio and as long as you keep turning those gain knobs up it goes through that
fruity soft clipper and it makes your drums hit crazy hard okay super crazy
hard now the next secret they don’t want you to know is that they use Melodyne to
steal chord progressions now I say steal with quotations around it because
technically you can’t I don’t know the laws law but from everybody’s
understanding you can’t copyright chord progressions now there’s a deep earnest
to it with the whole Katy Perry issue and the whole blurred line scenario
that’s like hot topic right now I’m not a lawyer ask a lawyer about that but the
point is they take chord progressions from old ninety songs old eighty songs
old seventy songs and they ripped them using Melodyne because Melodyne can
interpret the harmonies individually and it’s a very advanced software and
basically they just they take all that MIDI and they put it into the piano roll
and they take out the notes that are wrong or that they don’t like they
change the timing of the notes and boom they have a chord progression to build
their new pop song on that’s really how these pros are doing it they’re not you
know going through all these motions to get that result they’re literally using
a plug-in okay and we went over how people take vocals from tracks in our
isotope video a while ago now here’s another secret that the pros
probably really don’t want me to tell you because this kind of shatters the
the glory around being a music producer the pros use loops okay now that’s a
smart concept to the pro because the pro is trying to eliminate time it’s trying
to eliminate frustration it’s trying to eliminate guessing
because when you’re in a studio with a high-level artist and there they want
you to make beats from scratch you can’t be sitting there trying to figure out
which snare goes with the kick which you know Bell you’re gonna use you can’t sit
there for 30 minutes wasting studio time paid studio time and somebody else’s
time you can’t sit there obsessing over something that’s not worth obsessing
over so they use the loops okay and that speeds up the process there’s like
templates they think of their production as templatized but they can customize
wherever they want to customize but they don’t sit there experimenting trying to
say oh will this work well this would not work they have a folder of stuff
that works and they’ll bring it in and just kind of see what the artist is
vibing with as they go along the pros use loops it’s it makes sense to the pro
because their job is to save time now for somebody who’s not on paid time and
not in the studio with high-level artists or whatever or just wants to do
all the hard work those folks don’t use loops and that’s that’s probably gonna
cause a lot of controversy because there’s this thing about doing
everything by yourself in a music production you got to make the sounds
you got to make all the melodies you got to make the chords you got to do
everything by yourself but in a business sense that makes absolutely no sense in
business you do not do everything by yourself or else you’re not gonna get
the highest value for your time but that’s a different conversation that’s
why the pros are different than you know average folks the fifth secret they do
not want me to tell you is that there is a songwriting formula there is a
complete songwriting formula we go over this in our premium section at busy
works beats calm slash premium it’s the exact Mike Karon formula okay from
Atlantic Records is known to have a formula for hit songs and I break it
down and we use examples from certain hit songs and reveal all the parameters
that make that song a hit song and once you know this stuff you learn it once
and you can apply to anything it’s extremely powerful and there is a
songwriting formula just understand there’s there’s ways to go about this
just like in music production there’s a songwriting process you don’t just
randomly grab a keyboard and just start making a song you know there’s a
step-by-step process just like there’s a step-by-step process at McDonald’s to
make a hamburger there’s first I don’t know the process
I’m just guessing first take the stuff out the freezer I’m assuming that might
be a shot to them I forget who says their meats not frozen but whatever I
they take stuff out the freezer or get inventory I should say they got to get
the bun at some point they got to put the condiments on there like mustard and
all that type of stuff mayonnaise they got to put lettuce on that thing they
got to cook the burger they got to put the burger on there they got it so
there’s a step-by-step process same thing goes with music and music
production there’s a step-by-step way of creating a song if you want a song to be
your end result and result every single time and your end goal there’s a
step-by-step process and you have to learn that process if you want to get to
that end point this is the reason why you’re stuck all the time making beats
and having you know writer’s block beat block it’s because you don’t have the
process and we illustrate that process in thorough detail at busy works beats
calm / premium so not only do we show you the songwriting secrets that pros
like Mike Caron would use in Atlantic and other songwriting geniuses but we
also show you the step by step songwriting process all in a premium
section so next up is the pros used templates now this is not as risky to
say as that they use loops but templates it’s a little bit easier understood in
the engineering world because when you have an artist come in and you don’t
know who the artist is and you don’t know their style you have to have at
least a bare standard for something that they can enjoy now engineers will
understand this a little bit more and let me know in the comments if you’re an
engineer because I respect engineers because they just have to deal with so
many subjective perspectives so for example if a random artist comes in your
studio one day and you know they want auto-tune and all these things they want
their voice to sound a certain way they might be mailed it might be female
engineers who are smart have templates before the artist even comes in so they
have a male template they have a female template they have a hip-hop template
they have an RnB template because all those templates have to have different
things change like our MV might not have as much auto-tune because it’ll make the
vocal sound fake whereas hip-hop would have a lot of auto-tune and you know
there’s a billion different things they could change about it but the main thing
is that when you’re recording to into a da W of your choice you naturally want
to hear like effects on voice like reverb auto-tune delay those
things make you more animated while you’re singing so you get to hear back
the effects of your voice and that’s something that engineers set up most the
time ahead of the time if they template eyes so using templates is key and this
also stems to music producers who use templates
I know top music producers that we’ve helped with our templates from the
ultimate producer bundle and the ultimate producer bundle you have
templates and this is the same exact thing except this template not only
gives you the mixing presets and mixing templates but it also gives you the
sound templates the sounds that work together the songwriting structures that
work you know we have the all the plugins arranged everything is properly
routed so it’s pre-made for you and you can customize anything you want that’s
the power of a template why waste a bunch of time trying to figure out what
works with what you know you’re gonna be experimenting for days and days and days
it’s unnecessary it’s just like science experiments that’s why they call it the
lab we’re literally experimenting if we do not use templates now the next secret
here is that the pros use analog sounds and when I say analog I mean generally
speaking Hardware sounds okay and with hardware it’s a lot different sees not
just hardware because analog you can have hardware digital sounds I don’t
want to get into the whole science of it the point is analog sound is more rich
in my opinion you could feel it more like in the center of your head it has a
depth that other digital plugins and synthesizers don’t have and analog just
you could feel it okay and the reason I’m telling you that is because they may
be doing videos online showing you that they use omnisphere for example or Nexus
or what’s another plugin people love that’s a digital synth what else is a
plug-in somebody help me in the comments below I’m going black but XYZ plug-in
they’ll show you that plug-in and chances are the plug-in has a digital
sound let’s say yeah so I’m not here throw shots but let’s say it’s whatever
plugin it is it has a digital sound to it and they’re showing you the digital
stuff but they’re not showing you the real depth to their sound comes from
analog hardware like behind me I have a prophet oh eight from Dave Smith
instruments I the Moog up there I don’t know if you
can see it but chances are you can I have to my right another prophet six you
can’t see it it’s off cam okay so the sounds from these synthesizers are way
more in-depth than anything digital way more in-depth another thing is that you
have to understand is that the pros use expensive microphones now I was watching
a video which was kind of hilarious on the SSL where’s the SSL six a little
small mixing console a mix mixer I forget the exact name for forgive me but
the SSL new mix mixer that came out now somebody may in the comments they were
like oh you know casually using a Sony C 800 mic and that might cost $8,000 okay
and they’re in a studio that has acoustically treated walls chances are
your room is like my room you don’t have a bunch of stuff on the walls chances
are you know you’re not using a $1,000 microphone you’re using a $400 shure
sm7b microphone so with that difference you’re hearing that quality that you
hear on a young thug album or who else just came out Chris Brown or who else is
popped up with a drink okay that’s the quality they get because they spend the
money and invested in that and it’s a dramatic difference than me just
speaking on the shure sm7b in an untreated room with my door open where
you can hear my hallway okay now when you’re in a treated environment with
acoustic treatment and high very expensive microphones and you have all
the electricity stuff that engineers know who build studios that gets rid of
all the buzz and everything of course your vocals are gonna sound crisp
without any plugins because all that stuff people spent tens of thousands of
dollars getting that quality now I want I’m saying this because the pros don’t
want you to understand that there’s a huge difference and you can only max out
your potential on the computer to a certain degree your mix can only go to
about 70% and that extra 30% that you hear on Drake’s album Chris Brown’s
album whoever’s album that’s super crisp that’s because they have all those
hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and signal flow and all
this type of stuff you just can’t get that at home and I’m not going to sit
here and lie to you anymore and I’m not that I was lying to
you in the first place but I mean as far as on behalf of the producer community I
can’t sit here and let people lie to you saying that you can get the most crisp
of crisp of mixes in your home studio that’s not possible in the realm of your
perspective of what a crisp crisp mix is I’m not saying it’s impossible I’m not
saying that putting up acoustic treatment on your walls won’t help I’m
not saying that your microphone can do a decent job I’m saying when you have all
these high level things you don’t need an EQ you don’t need a compressor when
you have all that stuff that sounds perfect from the gate and I’ve
experienced it I’ve been to a studio a million-dollar facility and I’ve heard
the difference it’s light-years different and that’s what I’m trying to
illustrate in this point it’s a long point but it’s something you need to
understand is that the quality difference you can only get by so much
on a computer I don’t want you wasting tons and tons of dollars on plugins that
will never get you that analog hardware you know a very expensive microphone
sound I just don’t want you wasting your money on crap that will never fix the
computer problem okay next up is that a lot of producers who will hate me for
saying this they recycle drums from old drum machines like the majority of the
drums you love not the majority because someone new some have new
characteristics but the majority of the drums you love come from old drum
machines just edit it in a different way now I do respect producers who edit mix
and try to change the sound but a lot of folks just copy and paste the sound from
old drum machines and call it call it a day now that’s fine as far as curating
sound I get that too I’m not here to bash anybody with a drum kit I’m saying
that the majority of those sounds come from the retro drum machines whether you
knew it or not now that’s all I’m going to say on that but we can get to the
debate but I do respect designers who take us down they EQ it they make the
kick the thump e’er because a lot of kicks in those drum machines and not
thumpy they’re just like boom boom you know what producers nowadays not a mix
so they make it go boom you know it’s a lot different you’re changing the kick
so I do respect producers who understand that but I just want to show you that a
lot of the drum sounds come from those old retro drum machines that’s all I’m
here to really illustrate not here to bash anybody’s business
because I respect everybody and lastly I want to say that I respect people who
curate just as much as people who excuse me delve into pure design from
the ground up curation is a skill as well all right so the ninth secret here
is that engineers do most the work that all the pro producers like take credit
for like if you watch a lot of pro producers they can’t even explain half
the stuff because one they don’t know it too they hire pro mixing engineers to
mix their tracks so it takes it from sounding like a track you might make it
home to something that Kanye might make because the mixing engineer does the
real work and I don’t mean realism to belittle the idea of the concept of the
song I mean the reason the 808 hit so hard is because the mixing engineer the
reason the drum sounds so separated and sound sound separated is the mixing
engineer like it could have been a jumbled mess before you just don’t know
because they weren’t the person to have the final hand on the record most of the
time and the engineer deserves a lot more credit because producers are
getting all the shine right now which is great and I think it they should get
more credit or shine I should say and engineers are starting to get more shine
as well and just understand the power of an engineer can literally transform a
whole entire song to make it sound way harder and I’ve shown you hopefully on
this channel how we remix one of our tracks somebody else made and made it
sound harder and yeah the engineers do most the work so that’s all I got to say
I’m not gonna harp on that one that’s something that you probably didn’t
understand though and here’s the last one is the last secret that these
producers will really hate me for saying is that they really don’t know their
craft now this is sounds like I’m bashing in blasphemy to the gods of
music production but what I’m saying is that your top favorite producers
probably don’t know everything about music theory mixing sound design
arrangement sound sourcing they don’t know all this stuff and that’s not a
good or a bad thing because at their level of competency there’s four levels
of competency I’ll keep it short there’s unconscious incompetence which means
that you don’t know that you don’t know there’s conscious incompetence which
means you know that you don’t know there’s a third level which is conscious
competence which is that you know that you know something which is
a level that we try to bring you to because we want you to understand this
stuff from the ground up we want to understand music theory mixing sound
design how to sample how to make beats in FL Studio how to use other da WS how
to record how to master we teach you all this stuff to take you to that conscious
competence level and once you practice there at the conscious competence once
you know that you know it becomes a matter of back of hand some people call
it okay back of hand or habit and this is called
the unconscious competence this is where you don’t know that you know something
and this is where the majority of professionals are there so in the flow
of what they’re doing they don’t even know why they’re good they don’t even
know what they’re doing they don’t even know why they made that decision and
that’s what we’re here to do a busy works beats calm break it all down make
it super easy for you to understand what these pros are doing because the pros
don’t even know what they’re doing I had a whole biology degree at Villanova
University and all you do in biology is observe patterns and that’s all I do and
I bring it to you in the music production space because the pros don’t
even know what makes them great and I’m sure you can watch any master class
right now I’m not bashing any other companies or anything like that but I’m
sure you can watch interviews YouTube videos master classes and you’ll be like
wow they’re literally saying nothing they don’t even know their own craft you
probably know more than the person you’re listening to so I say that in not
an arrogant way but in a way to understand that you have more tools now
at the fingertips than ever before so I hope to help you in this journey as a
music producer I may or may not edit this we’ll see but thank you for
watching today please like the video if you like these style videos it’s busy
works beats dot-com

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  • I hear all those "secrets" in modern Hip Hop…been hearing the lazy derivativeness for years. I can barely listen to this genre because of it. Sad

  • Well Said, i am a music producer as well and i never believe their lies, you know why because i lived the Analogue hard time era and i know exactly what i am doing , Thank you for this video, bless you

  • Thanks a bunch for the insight, mate.

    Also, there's another thing I've always wondered about the synth sounds.

    You say they mostly work on analog devices but do they just use the presets or do they buy soundbanks from sound designers in order to make their tracks a bit more unique ?? ( I mean some kind of sound designers who sell their banks to pros only )

    Knowing that time is money, I assume they don't waste it on creating new sounds by tweaking knobs for hours…

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