Police Oral Board – Ace Your Police Oral Board Interview

Police Oral Board – Ace Your Police Oral Board Interview

Hi Jeff, how are things?
You look worried. Everything OK? Hi Mark.
I’ve got my police oral board interview coming up soon.
Its always been a dream of mine to be a cop. But now I’m getting worried.
They’re lots of candidates applying for the job.
And many of them are more qualified than I am. Listen, Jeff.
As a police officer and police oral board rater myself for many years,
I can tell you that the job doesn’t always go to the applicant with the best qualifications.
It quite often goes to the one who INTERVIEWS the best.
And you know what? You can actually improve your interview performance
simply by preparing for it. By studying, researching and practicing for
it. Hey, man. That’s unfair.
You could lie in the interview and get ahead! Yeah, that may be a little unfair.
But that’s how the game is played, Jeff. And you NEED to play along.
The department isn’t hiring paper qualifications. They’re hiring people.
And if you are not preparing for the interview, you can sure bet other applicants are.
And you can’t lie your way in. You have to tell the truth.
Be honest in your answers. After all, the folks interviewing you are
police officers. And they can tell if your lying.
Also, Jeff, no “hey mans” in your interview. You’ll need to use proper language. Thank you for the tip, sir.
I’ll remember that. So how do you prepare for the interview?
I’ve got no idea. I was just going to walk into the interview
cold turkey. And wing it.
Just, you know, just go with the flow. Now that I know better, I’m willing to do
what it takes to get the job. I like your attitude, Jeff.
Your a smart guy and I know you can do this. The first thing is to understand what the
oral board is looking for. They’re going to assess you during the interview
in different areas. They’re going to score you on things such
as your motivation, communication and interpersonal skills,
problem solving ability and knowledge of police work.
A written test really doesn’t tell them this information.
They need to meet you in person, to talk to you and hear you.
To sense whether you’ll make a good cop or not.
So that’s the reason for the interview. So what happens when I enter that interview
room, Mark? Will they eat me up? No, Jeff. On the contrary, they want to help
you. After all, they do want to hire new police
officers. So they’ll usually start off by putting you
at ease . They’ll ask you an easy ice breaker question.
Such as “tell us about yourself”. You know, something easy to get you talking.
Its natural to be a little nervous at the start.
But, it’ll soon fade. Believe me.
Especially if you’ve got lots of preparation under your belt.
You might even start enjoying answering questions. And engaging the board with confidence.
That will score you points. Well I sure hope so.
To be honest, I’m a bit scared right now. But the more I listen to you, the more excited
I am I can do this. So tell me more.
How else can I prepare? Well, the oral board will be looking for someone
who’s not just after another job, but a career.
A career in law enforcement. So they’ll likely ask you “why do you want
to be a police officer?” So here is where your preparation can begin.
You need to think about this. And work out in your mind why you want to
be a police officer. Are you applying because the work is rewarding
and exciting? Because of the advancement opportunities?
Or the chance to serve the community where you live?
Perhaps it’s a career you can be proud of? A job you can look forward to every day.
They’ll also ask you “what have you done up till now that prepares you for a career in
law enforcement?” And listen up here.
The more information you can give them, the better.
As it shows your motivated and enthusiastic. And you’ll stand out against the other applicants
who have less to say here. Maybe you’ve worked in a service industry
and have lots of customer service experience? Police officers deal with people every day,
and any experience here helps. For example, you could say “I work in a
busy store and deal with the public every day. I’m often in stressful situations as
I handle customer complaints and unhappy clients. I’ve learned to develop patience and empathy
because of it. I’m good with people. I believe that will carry over and help me be a better
police officer.” You could also tell the police oral board
how you’re working out at the gym and running. Being in good shape is a must for police work.
Let the oral board know you understand this. That the work of a police officer is physically
demanding. And how you’ve been preparing for this by
lifting weights and running. That will impress the board.
And score you more points. Thanks, Mark.
I would’ve forgotten to mention that altogether. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to let them
know. What you don’t tell them, they won’t know
Jeff. And that loses you points.
So remember this. And its all part of the preparation; you can’t
just go in and wing it. You HAVE to prepare beforehand and know what
the oral board is looking for. Another thing, Jeff.
Have you taken any courses recently? No, I haven’t.
Will taking courses help me? If you have time, enroll in a criminal justice
course. That tells the board you’re serious about
becoming a police officer. And you’re genuinely interested in the field
of law enforcement. Take online classes if that’s easier for you.
That will also impress the board and score points.
Another thing. Call the department your applying to and ask
if they allow ride alongs. Go on a ride along.
Go on two or three if you can. This will give you a first hand idea of what
police work is really like. And let the board know about it.
So they know you’ve taken the initiative to really find out about police work.
Again, more points for you. Ride alongs?
Can I do that? Sure.
Ask the department. Call them up.
You won’t know unless you ask. Tell them your applying to be a police officer
and they’ll even be more sympathetic. Oh, and I almost forgot.
If you have time, volunteer at your local police department if you can.
You get to know the members of the department and learn a lot about the agency.
And there’s one more thing you gotta know, Jeff.
You must know what the duties and responsibilities of the job you’re applying for.
You must know what’s in the police officer job announcement.
It’ll make you look stupid if they ask you “what exactly will your duties and responsibilities
be?” And you can’t tell them for sure.
Not knowing this can fail you, Jeff. I’ve seen lots of applicants stumble here.
So be warned. Know it well. I’m excited.
Keep it coming. Give me more.
Don’t stop. Sorry, Jeff.
I’ve gotta go. Lets continue this conversation later on in
another video. I’ve got so much more information I can help
you with. But in the meantime, I’ve got a guide that
covers what we’ve been talking about. About how to have a successful police oral
board interview. Its got all the information I’ve covered here,
but in more detail. And lots more.
Including more of the kind of questions they’ll be likely asking you.
To get my interview guide, just click the link below this video.
That’s the blue link underneath this video. Good luck with your preparation, Jeff.
Being a police officer is one of the best jobs in the world.
And I’m really proud of you. Your badge could be just one good interview
performance away. Thanks, Mark.
I’ll start preparing for the interview right now.
And I’ll talk to you in another video. Thanks again!
I’m real excited now. I’m so happy I can dance!
Oh yeah! Oh yeah!
Aha ehh ehh ehh.

48 thoughts on “Police Oral Board – Ace Your Police Oral Board Interview

  • im 16 and i really want to be a police officer really bad and i want to know as much as possible before i apply

  • @skategod17412 How about you just stay in very good shape until you're old enough to apply? This will give you an edge over many people who cram to get in shape towards the end. Also, don't get in trouble with the law.

  • LOL this is awful! if you're interviewing to be a police officer and you've never even been on a ride along, you'd get laughed out of the room around here…Also, seeing as many states are requiring two and four year degrees, it would be equally as laughable if you took a single course in criminal justice…what a joke!!!

  • You are very wrong in your statements. I know a lot of people who have been hired by Orange County Sheriffs without a single Criminal Justice class. You could have a four year degree in criminal justice and not land the job. Some agency's require two year degrees but a lot of them just require you to have a high school diploma or GED.

  • It takes a special kind of coward to be a cop. They are a collection of some of the worst human beings in the world. The people they arrest couldn't in 3 life times do as much damage to the community as these heartless, lawless thugs. Watch the video of Hawthorne pigs kill a man's dog July 1, 2013 Because the law states it is a crime to video cops while they are committing felonies. The dog owner was arrested for gathering evidence, killing his dog was an unexpected pleasure for the cops.

  • The first question you want to ask Jeff is: Given the lawless thugs that are the average cop, sort of begs the question-Who the hell are they turning away Jeff? There's not a great deal of screening taking place. Do you have a pulse? Do you fantasize about torturing people with taser once they're handcuffed? Then your in. The job of the academy is to weed out those who cannot stomach kicking a woman in the ribs for an hour after she's been handcuffed. If that bothers you then law enf. is not 4 U

  • I tried volunteering at my local department I went through the security academy have all my permits I have intense customer service skills twice as fit as all their officers and they denied me to volunteer because I live 6 miles away from the department said I live to far.. what a load of horse shit.

  • What an excellent video. This was very intuitive. I hope it helps me for my interview coming up next week. Can I MSG you with a few questions I have?

  • I aced my oral board on the first time. The trick is being confident. I walked in and knew I'm what they are looking for. Never seem hesitant

  • oral boards don't mean squat because you will be disqualified during the background investigation so the candidates that know someone in the dept can get the job. law enforcement hiring is a freaking joke. when they stop hiring based on who you know but who you are, these rogue cops will continue to reak havoc

  • But if they ask you why do u wanna be a cop they will expect u to say oh because u know I wanna help people but that's a lie the truth is u need money but if u tell that to them they won't hire you so what should I do

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  • Demonstrate your ability and willingness to lie about everything and the pigs will embrace you as a fellow thug and thieving piece of schit.

  • I didn’t realize my local pd had started hiring again when I accepted a job at the prison. But I’ve made the commitment so I’ll be a CO for a couple years at least then apply for the department.

    Think it will help having corrections experience?

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  • Dont get a degree in criminal justice!!!! Everyone who qqnte to be a police officer does, it doesn't set you apart. Everything you.need to know about law they will teach you at academy. The reason behind getting a degree is because if you get injured in the job you'll have something to fall back on. It looks better to relate something like welding to police work than it does to get q degree in criminal justice.

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